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d100 Dungeon Prep School Encounters

I used last article mystery table for major party for a term, with one of these rolls for each player. Also see my d100 Magic School encounters and d100 secret doors could be handy. I used my articles on urns and barrels and boxes tables handy too for crap in school and stuffed in wardrobes, attic cells and other places about the school.

In my game school is co-ed with no differences made but rival schools could be interesting and some could be same sex or for one character class only. University in city handy also. There are secret and illegal schools also which is a good place for school rivals to go and be seen later using evil teachings. Partied from same school tend to be polite and gentlemanly resolving arguments with a duel or chess game or a small fee. Lots of murder hobos, monsters and other folk dislike anyone with a fancy school background. Students in the city should wear school robes and avoid conflict. City guard favours students in uniform over street scum thankfully. If the school has to collect you from the drunk prison or secret police cells students will be fined and given punishment.

City militia code has legit students special privileged status but police are allowed to castrate male students caught in public coitus, a tradition hundreds of years old. They in most cases lock up student and call the school.

Students are expected to defend school property and interests and should defend other students and staff in public. Abandoning a student to a rival school, gang or cult is the most shameful error. Students are taught to call for the militia and not be afraid of the secret police. There was a time though when a student asked police orcs for help and they killed the rival school students dead and everyone blamed the student for many years.

If students are expelled it is a big deal and shameful. Many end up bandits and murder hobos. Failure is considered respectable as is dying in school. Failures often get administrative jobs in the city or enter officer training for the military. Many even sit the secret police exam with favoured ones being awarded with bridging programs to enter secret police school immediate.

Students are invited to participate in the dungeon sport labyrinth under the city which attract adventurers from all over the world. The dungeon is maintained by an army of professional monsters and trappers and events are monitored by scrying relics and spell users. Some witness the games via illusions made by magicians but the most common see puppet show versions on the streets. Only the richest really see what happens and the survivors are usually offered jobs including with the Barron. Some become gladiators or murder hobos. A few school teams have been wiped out.

Graduates are monitored by the school and occasional by the secret police if tagged by the school as dangerous.

Former students 4-5th level may stay on as tutors if they get o well with staff. 6-7 may get positions as part time teachers with 8th level benig accepted as master teaching staff. Any literate ex student can possibly get admin, scribe or assistant duties. Occasional a teacher leaves and takes several students with them as followers.

d10 Quick Trouble Chart
1 Bullies
2 Teachers
3 Staff
4 Shenanigans
5 Mystery
6 Joke
7 Monsters
8 Dream
9 Kinfolk
10 Hi jinx

d100 Random School Events
01 Bullies looking for loner victim
02 Bullies seek slaves to work off their punishment duties
03 Bullies seek literate types to do their written reports
04 Bullies look for someone to get ball out of strange hole in grounds
05 Bullies offer test to join a secret society
06 Bullies have a gang war
07 Bullies robbing younger students
08 Bullies high or drunk having a bender
09 Bullies mistreat school pets
10 Bully cries for help, stuck in a deathtrap
11 Librarian hunting book thieves
12 Alchemist looking for taste testers
13 Master attacking students by surprise to teach them to be wary
14 Language proff trying to find copyists
15 Metaphysics proff needs help finding hat
16 Pugilism master seeks helpers to train students in ring
17 Teacher suspicious that some students are really murder hobos
18 Headmaster shooting at students with bow to keep lively
19 Teacher awards student with encouragement prize
20 Asked to move masters collection of blasphemous idols
21 Cookie offers good boys to lick clean her spoons and pots
22 Groundskeeper spying on students
23 Sport master thinks you look weak and takes you on a hike
24 Steward offers spare key if you do him a favour
25 Steward lost and drunk, will reward if helped to bed
26 Gardener filling in mysterious holes on garden
27 Gardener chasing school pet
28 Nurse fusses over you because you seem so sensitive
29 Seen sneezing and locked in sick room for a week
30 School councilor thinks you look disturbed, interviewed to assess if murder hobo
31 School pet or artwork being stolen by secret society or rival school
32 Hazing new students in bizarre manner
33 Students meet in secret with dungeon models, monster figures and dice
34 Students breaking into exam office
35 Students sneaking about with stash of booze
36 Students in nightclothes sneaking to kitchen for midnight feast
37 Student club actually cover for a make out session
38 Students hunting for secret hidden cache of allowances and candy
39 Students on scavenger hunt to impress secret societies
40 Students trying to hide a corpse (possibly biology assignment)
41 Phantom seen scratching at walls
42 Odd noises heard from outside by night
43 Student heard screaming but source never found
44 Disappearance from dorm only a few beds away
45 School pet fleeing something in terror and whimpering
46 Secret society in robes spotted gathering for ritual
47 Cult or secret society book found, they will want it back
48 Letter found mentioning secret black college of evil wizards of devil hill
49 Groundskeeper or students faking supernatural appearance
50 Missing apples has cook upset, can any one find the thief?
51 Someone sabotaged your potions in alchemy lab d6 damage
52 Frogs in your bed
53 Poop in your boots
54 Your underclothes are all missing
55 Gossip about you round school
56 Graffiti about you on toilet walls
57 Corpse under your bed d4 1=sheep 2=monster 3=student 4=tutor
58 Accused of crime by rival students, truth can be uncovered
59 Fake love letters sent to you supposed from staff or student
60 Fake invite and challenge from a non existent secret society
61 Imp in secret offers to help you join a secret society
62 Doppelganger among your dorm killing and eating students
63 Were rat seen in student robes squeezing in to crack in wall
64 Rats chew on you in sleep and scurry in wall or under floor near your bed
65 Giant centipede in footlocker or latrine
66 See a phantom of a past suicidal student in hall at ight
67 See ghoul dragging and snacking on corpse late one night
68 Gremlins torment you and your property, might make a deal
69 Strange croaking from latrine cistern while you are sitting on at night
70 Goblin scout sneaking in school house, flees if spotted
71 Dream of being tempted by dryads, nymphs and satyrs
72 Dream or encounter with incubus or succubus, feel tired next day
73 Dream of home and d4 1=trouble 2=beating from parents 3=disappointed grandma 4=family pet
74 Dream of tiny hairy men living in walls
75 Dream of nightmare entity inviting you to dreamland adventures
76 Dream of past student hiding something d4 1=3d6gp 2=love letter 3=map 4=past exam answers
77 Dream of fellow dorm mates torturing you
78 Dream of nice warm bath, wet your bed, 1gp fine for first offense
79 Dream of goblin ritual in their hidden lair in the hills
80 Dream of secret police questioning you about school life and other students
81 Mum or someone sends you desirable d4 1=ham 2=smoked fish 3=fruit cake 4=boiled lollies
82 Grandparents visit tell everyone embarrassing personal details about you
83 Mum visits and tells everyone your special and sensitive and better than them
84 Dad visits and disproves of your shameful wicked wasteful life
85 Sibling visits for entry exam, other students d4 1=tease 2=lust over 3=secretly initiate 4=make a slave
86 Kin visiting kidnapped by bullies who want d4 1=cash 2=food 3=public humiliation 4=homework done
87 Letter from home, family d4 1=all murdered 2=taken by monsters 3=in prison 4=got plague
88 Letter from home, kin d4 1=died 2=arrested by secret police 3=eaten by monster 4=lost everything
89 Grandma sends you a lovely vest with ducks and bunnies on it
90 Sibling comes to school joins bullies or hostile secret society
91 Midnight panty raid afoot, most garments of opposite gender wins
92 Midnight pantry raid afoot, most impressive stolen food items wins
93 Contest on to steal school mascot and keep hidden for a few days
94 Students trying to steal most blasphemous document race
95 Oportunity for secret amorous encounter with d4 1=student 2=tutor 3=professor 4=staff (dinner lady?)
96 Find a map of school in dorm with puzzles and secret doors, scavenger hunt is on
97 Find a secret door in school
98 Discover a secret society stash of robes, rings and documents but no real names found
99 Dorm plan to steal from the masters grog stash
100 Plans to brawl with one of other dorms or a rival school

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