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d100 What is dungeon boss doing now?

Ok as my d100 Off Duty Monsters
was pretty popular i could probably do another one but while wandering monster guards are slacking off the boss monster has plenty to keep him busy.

Russ Nicholson is artist here and im mostly terrible at acknowleging artists or citing writers even though i am artist and a writer. Russ is probably one of visually most inspiring artists for my dungeon fantasy games.

I'm developing my blood wizard spell list with help of 9 year old girls. Working on revised A-Z dungeon key for redbrick zone. This and the d100 Off Duty Monsters are tangents of that process.

I mostly write half a table on a page of a4 graff paper on bus to work in about 15 minutes. Think about more waiting at bus and walking to work about another 25 minutes a day.

This table is handy to use if players attack the boss precinct of dungeon. Give a rough idea of where boss at any time if not alert to murder hobo raid close to him. Possibly

Once had party burst through a secret door and found bugbear boss and wife in bed passionately embracing. Party had a bugbear hoping to take over joint with them and struck king dead. Then recognised his mum. Happy times. "You mean those halflings were not my real parents?"

Old post here on more magical boss plans

More basic boss reams for middle manager monsters

d10 Quick version
1 Making legal judgements
2 Negotiations and diplomacy
3 Feasting and fellowship
4 Family Life
5 Policy and planing with advisers
6 Sports and games
7 Ceremonial and religious life
8 Relaxation and health
9 War and conflict
10 Self indulgence

d100 Boss Monster Work, Rest and Play
01 Making legal judgements over petty tribal quarrels
02 Whipping or punishing minion for some failure
03 Executing a minion for crime like treason
04 Judging minion quarrel
05 Documenting new rules
06 Distributing booty to heroes and bodyguards
07 Interrogating minions to find guilty to punish
08 Interrogating a heretic or alignment deviant with radical philosophy
09 Make minions undergo trial by ordeal
10 Banishing a former minion and stripping them of goods
11 Negotiations and diplomacy with local visiting boss monster
12 Meeting merchants or traders
13 Meeting bandits or criminal organization
14 Meeting a cult leader
15 Meeting human leader to negotiate ransom
16 Meeting spell users who wish to set up business in area
17 Trading for magic items with magician or merchant
18 Negotiating a marriage deal for offspring
19 Paying tithe to superior visiting boss monster or leader
20 Negotiating with evil humans who seek to control region
21 Feasting and fellowship with tribe to share good times or celebrating good event
22 Eating prisoner or naughty minion with bodyguards
23 Feasting with traitors and enemies so he can murder them
24 Entertaining a guest leader
25 Feasting after a magnificent hunt
26 Special holy day feast, extra jolly
27 In-laws over to freeload and gorge selves at feast
28 Witch visiting being given feast, all awkward and uncomfortable
29 Feast for magician who will be supporting tribe for a while as guest
30 Feast and monster dance party celebrating anniversary of boss rule
31 Enjoying family life with kin
32 Planning political marriage for self or child
33 Entertaining with consort
34 Passionate love making with consort
35 Spending quality time with children
36 Witnessing birth of child
37 Being nagged by wife
38 Mourning a lost minion or kinsman
39 Beating ungrateful children
40 Having adoption ceramony
41 Yearly policy and planing meeting with advisers
42 Counting treasure
43 Testing new magic items on low rank minion or prisoner
44 Talking to craftsmen about expanding dungeon and improvements
45 Commissioning artwork to celebrate rulership
46 Bossing genealogist into improving family tree
47 Discussing food stores and production
48 Discussing tribal skill shortages with advisers
49 Discussing trade shortages with advisers
50 Talks with holy folk to improve relations with dods, outer planes and elder evils
51 Sports and games with tribe competing in various events
52 Watching a pet torment minion or prisoner
53 Watching prisoners fight to death
54 Watching minions compete with weapons and unarmed combat
55 Playing chess with d4 1=spell caster 2=other boss 3=minion 4=wife
56 Gambling with d4 1=spell caster 2=other boss 3=minion 4=outer planes being
57 Demonstrating his superior combat skills on prisoners and terrified servants
58 Watching gladiators fight each other or other creatures
59 Making minion perform humiliating obstacles in fancy dress
60 Boss shooting at minions dressed crudely as birds
61 Planning ceremonial and religious event with experts
62 Talking to soothsayer or divination expert
63 Giving a stirring speech to minions
64 In prayer to gods
65 Leading community in important ceremony to gods
66 Appointing new adviser or champion or bodyguard
67 Performing sacrifice of human or beast with holy men
68 Blessing babies of community
69 Presenting minion with reward for good or long service
70 Assisting hags with fertility ceremony
71 Relaxation with a good book or admiring artwork
72 Discussing a health crisis with healers
73 Being shaved and groomed by wife and handmaidens
74 Sitting on royal chamber pot with privy councilor attending
75 Having makeup put on by servant
76 Hung over with attendant standing by with bucket
77 Being attended by healer over awful affliction
78 Receiving a massage and oiled up
79 Toothache with minions trying to remove from angry master
80 Witnessing healers trying to save kinfolk
81 Discussing possible territorial threats with war chiefs
82 Preparing raid on surface dwellers
83 Planning to catch out treasonous plotters
84 Planning lair or territory expansion
85 Planning to kill rival or upstart leader
86 Planning anti adventurer mission for elites
87 Planning war against rival monsters
88 Briefing elite squad to go on a quest
89 Torturing prisoners for information
90 Looking over territory maps with best warriors
91 Self indulgence with tasty treats
92 Abusing love slaves
93 Listening to shaman or bard epic poem
94 Getting horribly drunk or high
95 Watching jester
96 Watching acrobats
97 Watching musical performance
98 Watching love slaves perform erotic dance
99 Watching prisoner being eaten by some beast
100 Napping on throne


  1. I am sure you bugbear characterz birthday party went something like this 8-)

  2. having bugbear for a son has it's perks


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