Friday 5 December 2014

More d100 Off Duty Monsters Antics

Previous post on this a unexpected runaway success that took 15 minutes on bus to write (and a lil help from Richard Grenville on G+). Hopefully because it was simple and funny not just because of bodily humour.

Ok so next few days revised redbrick a-z coming out here, blood magic (thanks to my 9 year old helpers) and some finalized rules on my roadwar game.

Been nice to get back to basics. Lots of requests for more Psychon stuff but im a bit stumped for ideas which might be why i stopped it. I aIso rn most of my Gammworld Modules I got as teen in UK 1984. I do like has done with Yellow planet and his Carcosa mods. I guess I could finish my robot rules and mutation lists and mutant character class, all big projects. Any requests for more Planet Psychon let me know.

d100 More off duty monster barracks antics
01 Picking nose
02 Piercing each other with jewelery (safest way to save your treasure)
03 Farting or belching contest
04 Eating beans
05 Ransacking comrades trunks
06 Drinking contest
07 Sitting on chamberpot d4 1=whistling 2=straining 3=reading 4=twiddling thumbs
08 Trying to start a fire
09 Chasing a rat
10 Fishing in a drain hole for something they saw move
11 Threading finger and ear necklaces
12 Swatting insects
13 Making shrunken heads and teaching beginners
14 Writing or dictating a letter home
15 Being warned by superior to be alert for adventurers
16 Teaching young comrade how to resist torture
17 Teaching bird in cage to swear
18 Chortling over rude shaped turnip or fungus
19 Playing with dire wolf puppy
20 Talking about inter tribe sport teams
21 Kicking around a d4 1=kobold 2=gremlin 3=goblin 4=baby orc
22 Eating a pickled hog head
23 Shooting fish in a barrel with crossbow
24 Talking about feelings
25 Taking turns to snatch scorpion or snake from bowl
26 Teasing stupidest monster in barracks with tricks
27 Picking on comrade for reading a book
28 Chasing a moth
29 Discussing poetry
30Gossiping about love life of boss
31 Boasting who has killed most humans
32 Giving each other leech therapy
33 Complaining how uniforms make them look fat
34 Eating honey comb
35 Eating a bucket of garlic buttered snails and frog legs
36 Having a pissing contest
37 Making crude costumes to scare intruders or a prank
38 Playing cup and ball, complaining "it's my turn next"
39 Taunting each other
40 Inventing a new battle cry and discussing merits of each
41 Plotting to run away from dungeon and boss before caught for treason
42 Fighting over who cleans d4 1=dishes 2=latrines 3=mops dorm 4=laundry
43 Discussing investments and savings tips
44 Gutting fish for snack
45 Hitting frogs from a bucket for stew with mallets
46 Carving pumpkin lanterns to scare other monsters for a prank
47 Practicing latest dance moves
48 Preparing for a graffiti spree (paint, charcoal, posters, paste)
49 Trying to tempt parasite from comrades head with piece of bacon
50 Monsters confronting comrade about problem d4 1=drinking 2=not drinking 3=blasphemy 4=beserking
51 Testing home remedies for worms on comrade
52 Fighting over candy
53 Playing handball
54 Holy man warning about VD
55 Shaving a comatose drunk buddy
56 Sharing tips on love making
57 Helping junior compose love poem
58 Building a scale model
59 Drawing on walls with charcoal
60 Making a slug smoothie
61 Watching monkey trainers adult only show
62 Running a sly casino
63 Running a sly grog shop
64 Selling stolen goods
65 Selling drugs
66 Selling stolen wheels and animals
67 Rat racing for money in a maze
68 Viewing erotic prints from city
69 Having a grog and cheese tasting party
70 Monsters copying letter on chalkboard, scenting with perfume and applying lipstick kisses for love letter scam
71 Having a seance to talk to dead buddy
72 Worshiping ancestral spirits
73 Crab racing for money
74 Licking toads, frogs, newts and salamanders for best high
75 Riding a greased pig contest
76 Trading rude shaped vegetables or fungi for collections
77 Watching puppet or ventriloquist show
78 Wondering what to do with boxed nest of angry wasps
79 Bee keepers club working on hives before taking back outside
80 Training flea circus and dreaming of touring the continent
81 Amputating a comrades limb
82 Treating comrades VD with mercury
83 Quarantined with plague
84 Testing mystery potions on new recruit
85 Bring your kids to work day
86 Making fake healing potions to replace dungeon supplies and sell for quick cash
87 Discussing how to make the dungeon better for everyone
88 Discussing if new spell caster better than old one or not
89 Talking about body building secrets
90 Talking abut treasures they have lost from misfortune
91 Discussing how awesome it is to be the master race and wondering why other races disagree
92 Feeding pet hidden d4 1=under bed 2=in drain 3=in secret panel 4=in trunk
93 Discussing why humans are murder hobo jerks and assume monsters up to no good
94 Arguing if stone, bronze or iron is best for weapons
95 Complaining how training scenarios not simulationist enough and too much story
96 Blaming women for all their problems and whining about their pathetic failed lives
97 Talking about medical problems and how witch doctors not know anything
98 Consoling bunk mate whining why girls not like him yet again
99 Discussing how wizards & dwarves grow beards to overcompensate for small genitals
100 Discussing how to tell gender of elves and how embarrassing to get it confused


  1. Good stuff indeed, dungeon boss table was good too.

  2. I can't get over the pic? Where is that kinkiness from?

    1. er lots of stuff like this about - Charlie White for cherry mag awesome - same rubber alien appears in lots of so called true videos

      tree porn is the only rarity left


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