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Leveling Up - basics for all classes

This is the second part of my section 3 EMO rules - basics of what every class get per level. Its a mashup of Bx DnD, 2nd and 3.5 ed adnd.

Leveling Up - basics for all classes

Level    XP         Healing Rate - Title and reputation
-1 Lv     -            1/week    Typical peasant -1 Lv 1d4 hp            -
0 Lv      -500      1/week Typical Man-at-arms at arms 0 Lv 1d6 hp
1st         0           1/day Beginning adventurer
Locals smile at you slightly amused
2             2000    1/day Green adventurer
Villagers look impressed
3             4000    1d3/day    Promising adventurer
Townsfolk heard of the new punk
4             8000    1d4/day    Bloodied adventurer
Dangerous to mess with
5             1600    1d6/day    Veteran adventurer
A respected and successful hero
6             3200    1d6/day    Master adventurer
A fearsome reputation in the city
7             6400    1d6/day    Elite adventurer
A regionally renown champion to be reckoned with
8           12500    1d8/day    Might Adventurer
A mighty leader and famous hero of the nation
9             25000   1d8/day    Lord adventurer
Your presence commands respect from the mighty
10         50000    1d10/day Legendary adventurer
Your songs will be sung forever!

-5% if prime 15
-10% if prime is 18
-5% if study under a private tutors at least 4lv higher, can pick any proficiency or language they have
-10% if study at the university, can pick any proficiency or language available

At 5th Lv gain+1 attribute point then again at 10th Lv  then again at at 15th and 20th
Healing doesn’t improve much after 10th, d12 at 12th and 1d20 at 20th.
no more HD after 10th lv but get 1 + con bonus per lv
NWP success bonus Add +1 Lv 4-6, +2 7-10 then every 3 Lv get +1
At 20th level you are a mighty hero-saint of the age - may join the gods

Self Training
No cost, learn class standard proficiencies only, 24 hrs contemplation after being well rested and fed per Lv. Wizards need some means to gain new spells – books or another wizard still or perhaps scraps of many burned spell books. It is assumed the character is always studying and training for their next new skill.

Cross Training
Learn non class skill or exotic language off another hero or hired tutor part time.

Tutor Trained

A paid teacher of 4 lv higher than you can also reduce xps required to advance by -5% but you need to pay and take time. One week per lv x500gp/week cost. Separate tutors for separate skills and languages may be need to be found but all ends up same cost – a fantastic role playing opportunity seeking teachers to find weird Proficiencies. A DM might choose to make a teacher rare and or unreasonable.

Book Study
Certain books can act as tutors for 1d3 proficiencies. You need to have right read skill or a servant to read for you for twice the time requirement. They are valued items starting from 1000x number of proficiencies with more expensive versions in rare languages, or some are great art works or contain rare or forbidden lore. Some are illegal.

Skullport U
Not recognized in the empire, Skullport U was funded by pirates who wanted to educate their children and advance science of navigation and magic to aid their piracy. Learn from professional teachers and get any class proficiencies including armour and shields and weapons normally forbidden to you and -10% off XP cost to go up also. Takes Lv x 1000gp per week, one week per lv. Wizard towers of every order, every temple and shrine, martial artist schools, circus troupes, student brawls, carousing, artisans, assassins, libraries all play their role in a good education at skullport. Go roll on carousing table on graduation unless you make a Wis check or are a priest of Law.

XP Goals
+50-100 Good Idea
+100-500 Party saving idea
+100-200 Role-play Well – alignment extremism, heroic sacrifice, 
+100-200 Encourage other players
+xp value Single combat with enemy
+10% Victory Bonus
+1 per 1gp spent on training and other specific class expenses
+1 per mile traveled on foot or horse (+1 per 7 miles at sea)
 each class has its own list too

i have a hit save table for all but ill put in as a graphic later                 

ill start on my classes later but basically:

primary classes


secondary classes

Tako - octopus folk
still thinking about these

 tertiary classes
Paladin - holy champion of the gods
Ranger - ancient hunters and wood lords
Shaman - has hybrid spell list cast at will, spirit travel
(psion or yogi if civilized)
Berserker - bestial shape shifting barbarian champion

secondry non humans
Spirit Folk - shapes shifters connected to primal powers (beast, nature, elemental, divine)
Beast Folk - various sentient animal human hybrids (boar, dog, reptile and goat common)
Giant - young giant growing up among little folk until detected
Mutant - hideous freaks with strange powers - random powers and looks

Tertiary non human (goblinoids)
Kobold - sneaky trap building swarming hordes
Goblin - sneaky, thieving, skulking, magic loving
Hobgoblin - effective warrior men at arms
Bugbear - heavy elite stealth infantry


  1. This system of yours is very appealing.
    I noticed that there is an error in leveling table. It says that one needs 1600 xp for level 5, but it's probably 16 000? It's the same for every level after 5th. Multiply by 10? :)
    I really like your posts, makes life of a lvl 2 DM so easier. Thank you!

    1. you are welcome
      i have for moment just scrapped xp with players going up every second or so game depending on if they are cowardly and ineffective or proactive and thorough. Im just keen to test classes and spells ore than xp mechanic for moment

  2. also modded some classes to be more even - like rogue


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