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Gamma AEON game log

Went well - i need to make a gm folder and refine a few tables into each other to smooth up character Gen and fighting.

1st character has to be an oldschool pre-apokalips baseline human - then they can do a new one. One player has 3 stats below 9 asked can he retry a bad character. I said just be hero then you can play some other animal vegetable or mineral or weird character. He went along well and i can see him learning to like his character and play very well. One player felt the game offered more creative opportunities and most agreed crappy stats just dont really matter.

Players keen to meet sooner than monthly which is nice so fortnightly now. Players hung at my house over roast laaaaamb and rolled up back up characters. It is funny that more advanced people have no worthwhile skills but are familiar with most tech on sight.

 Fresh from the Bunker
(all tech savy but only about 25-30HP each and not genetically stable baseline humans)

Justin 6022 (Justin)
Awarded fair play badge, has knuckle duster and extra chocolate bar, has a light musket and ammo. He is fairly wary preferring to use gun and keep back. His every shot can attract more foes. He didn't get mutated in play and could return to the bunker if he wanted to.

Johnny 1111 (Mark)
Awarded Patriotism badge, has truncheon, how to spot communist book, a hatchet and a sling (he is skilled with this and never has to worry about ammo). Mark has drawn an awesome vault door on the back of his character sheet. A clumsy and weak hero who is being fairly cautious. He has become the expert rubbish prospector and finder of cool stuff. He developed golden eyes with a one per day no-save stun beam. He wears goggles to hide them.

Deathport 0002 (Matt)
The party cook and engineer. He is keen to bag every corpse and try and cook it or keep it. Is an expert of energy weapons and teleporter ops even though he came with a 303 vintage bolt action rifle with a bayonet and 6 empty cases (in other words a spear). He had been awarded a keeping the faith badge and had a micro book reader with a bible.  His mutation gained in play was bat wings, he covers it with a huge groundsheet cape.

Fishtank 2414 (Carolina)
Awarded keeping pure medal with safe abstinence manual and sanitary spray. Trained with bunker fire team to put out fires, make molotovs, brew napalm and burn forbidden books. Has been issued fire axe and riot shield. Is quick to gather fire wood, make torches and use flaming missiles. Her mutation gained is a single horn (+1d6 extra attack - or single charge 2d6). She started to wear a pointy wizard hat and now wants to be a unicorn.

The backup characters made later

Officer Hedge (Carolina) - mutant hedge bush (Mute but has hands). From a clan of brain sensing poison bushes who uphold local law. Have access to 20th century tech which they use to build fortifications and surveillance systems for whoever they protect. They learned this from humans who they kept safe.

Amelia Airgut (Carolina) - Animen goose high altitude pilot. From a nomadic race of goose headead and down covered humans designed to navigate and survive high altitudes. They have become adept at building airships and occasionaly get some ancient aircraft. Some ride giant winged geese. Amelia wears old leather flying helmet and carries a flare pistol. She probably needs a mechanic. She is a bit uppity and stuffy but a doo gooder.

Unnamed (Matt) - Human survivor. A black male cyborg (a interface jack) from a clan of arms dealers. A bit of a non fighter he is a good brawler and has text knuckle dusters. 19 Con. A tech expert who can do his own cyborging if he gets the parts and has a medic assistant.

Unnamed (Matt) - Mutant lemur (cannot speak human language). A small rapier wielding lemur from a clan of wizardly super hero time traveling teleporting mutant lemurs. They are trying to selectively breed themselves and time traveling to do so. A human voice box is the current breeding plan. They offer their time travel powers to those who serve them and use them to banish criminals to the superior justice of the pre-apocalypse. They are also looking for a space orbital they can port to so they can use it to spread across the world.

Ragon (me) - hideous mutant chimera of oozing flesh (knows no languages anymore). A horror who has lurked beneath a bridge for a hundred years and dimly remembers his life as a human from a mega city who kept his mutations hidden. You can tell because sometimes his old face or several form like ripples across his protoplasm. He has a whole heap of energy and psionic mutations and carries a rock and a stick. Fire and bowls are too advanced for Ragon. Grows tentacles if he wants hands.

David 621C (me) - Genetically Modified Human scout from the bunker of the Brain Lords. Genetically engineered homo superior grown by a colony ruled by brains in jars. Some brains have robotic fighting units but they prefer to use human clones to deal with outsiders. David Is a sneaky thief with 21 CON who is handy with knives and throwing weapons.

What Happened...

The characters awaken and a loud speaker briefs them their supply gathering mission. They grab their stuff and are driven outside by soldiers with a shopping list. The band staggered out and saw they were at the centre of a display home complex covered in rubble without a roof in sight. Fishtank climbed to the top of a headless monument to the shelter builders and the bright future and looked about. NE - increasingly warped forest with a wasteland beyond. NE - a bunker entrance surrounded by a barrier of bulldozed heaps and razorwire. Immaculate pavement inside the wall makes the party weary. to the SE she sees a bogy patch of rubble surrounded by woods on the shoreline and a giant 2m cricket. A gang scout saw her and ran to his base to tell all a new turkey shoot for bunker softies was on again.

The party want rubbish but take slow route through the ruins to scavenge for items they seek. They avoid the more direct durally road. The find some junk like tools and tape and Johnny found a buried car so Deathport the cook could extract the atomic fuel cell. Pleased the hid while a gang patrol moved on. The found the boggy trash strewn bunker entry and followed trail of slime and garbage lead inside. The stopped to poke about in the heap and Johnny found dogs stalking them. The parry pulled back while Fishtank lit a torch. The party was attacked by GM security dogs gone wild and desperate for food. They injured the leader and drove the dogs off eventually. Justin got the alpha with musket ball. Deathport butchered the dog while the others barfed at the first meat they had ever seen.

The party found some crap and lucky Jonny found a basic battery using hi-tech slug gun. It was dangerously blocked and he has since had it restored to poor condition from deathtrap. They looked about the filth covered bunkbeds and found a partially flooded overgrown garden room crawling with albino salamanders. A small child stood up and came at them. They were pretty receptive but Fishtank wondered what a kid was doing in the dark while Deathport though it was was wanting a hug that made him snap. A flying critical kick from Deathport knocked the kiddie into a pond where he exploded. Android land mine. All a bit shocked. Deathport collected a bag of dead salamanders. Johnny found a computer game and it exploded with a black-powder charge - a sleeth trap.

They found a portable generator that converts any flammable fuel to power for 40kg. Using aftermath for looting tables - very nice. Various others for extra flavour. A swarm of intelligent rats gathered but Fishtank scared them off with fire before they could form. Next room was the filter room where they got the parts home in heavenly haven bunker needed. The came across 2 sleeth snake people children playing with human dolls. Deathport offered them a dogleg each and the children impressed offered to get their parents.  The parents were grateful to the explorers for being good to their children and were taken to their lair in a classroom with operating power. They traded and drank some awful snakeman grog and were badly hungover. Sleeth said the salamanders were for adults to eat only. All but Justin ate dog while Justin heated his can of gruel with a pull chemical heat tab. Deathport, Fishtank and Johnny got mutated. The dogs were un-mutatable but were contaminated badly. This troubled them because now thew would never be let back home.

They stayed with the sleeth and went looting. They found a self inflating raft and memory plastic paddles, a sedgeway, a powered kid scooter and met a sleeth rat catcher who said the rat colony gets smarter every year. He told them how to find the sleeth village. Centipedes nipped a few players with radioactive venom to weak to hurt them. While finishing lunch (no more dog meat) roaches began to swarm. Deathport used the generator and serpentman grog to power the AI room door and the party hid inside. Someone found an ABC sealed suit in good nick. Deathport considered opening the door sealing the leaky reactor.

They got the AI on safe mode with no connection to systems but some research on bunkers. Guardian for the defence force, Greywood for the politicians and spymasters, Happy Harbour the maritime bunker (the one the players in) and Greenwood Meadows which the sleeth say if full of cannibal gang members. They dropped off some of their loot at their home bunker and got a tent and more food. They went out again unimpressed and trapped some zombies in a flaming pit for fun.

The party checked out the walled guardian bunker. Robots came out and told them to leave after Deathport flew over the fence. The players inflated their raft and followed the coast to where the human village the sleeth mentioned. They saw a gang of gun bunnies hopping along the beach looking for larks. They bypassed the gang forests and landed then made the rest of the way by foot.

The village welcomed them with open arms. Many of them were cloned dupes too, sent from the bunker before coming to the village. All their memoriesof life in the bunkers are fake. The party stay on for a season. Fishtank gets to be a fire person and brewer, Justin works in a robot foundry with a blacksmith, Deathport is a cook and learns how to detoxify horrors of the waste. He also trades with sleeth learns their tongue and practices flying every chance he can get. Johnny learns to prospect and learns about his power from the Shaman. They hear of beaver island and of life under the beaver paw, but also of great wealth and power.

Decide to have a last dig and killed some ghoul dogs. Deathport wanted to get a millitary id card and tried to get party to help him find one so the could open a sealed room. Went prospecting in ruins and a police robot demanded to know: "whats going on ere then?". John slipped of his shades and zapped the robot. While stunned the party covered it in polytape and rope then bashed its head till it stopped. The mighty hunters went back to the village and traded it for a laser pistol. The party also got a police id card from the deal (the mayor wants them coming back with loot).

So they looked on the detailed local map and found ruins of the police station. While digging Johnny found an electronic lock pick set which was a nice find. Meanwhile gunbunnies heard them and approached. Deathport was scouting and saw them. Johnny and Fishtank hid. While Deathpool and Justin tried to communicate. The bunnies demanded the parties guns. They saw a bunny had a light automatic rifle and another some kind of blaster. The party refused and ambushed the bunnies. Johnny zapped the leader into unconsciousness, Deathpool lazered the rifle wielder impressing all with its scorching power. Justin took potshots while Fishtank ineptly threw molotovs everywhere even setting her own feet alight. Bunnies fired back with muskets hurting everyone and pulled back a bit after the leader was lazered again. Johnny copped a second burst from the auto rifle and was badly harmed. Deathport swooped in and grabbed the blaster while the party hammered the rifle using bunny. The rabbits fled but the party gained a sonic blaster and restrained the paralyzed leader. They let him go. Fishtank gave him a sorry for robbing you letter. The party fairly fucked up went back to the village to lick their wounds.

They have a few tech toys and some rough goals. Nobody keen to drink the mutant shamans power potions yet.

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