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EMO DnD Classes pt 1: Warrior

From look and Learn magazine

EMO (Elfmaids & Octopi) DnD classes
So im going to start going through my versions of character classes. Ill do my warrior first then the other big 3. Ill do my language and proficiencies after the big four. The point of my WP and NWP system is that exotic, culturally specific and other classes are irreverent. As are feats which many appear as NWP. Im thinking of a basic list for beginners so as to not distract them with too many choices (but wizards dont complain if you offer them too many spells). Core classes have a specific NWP list but Int derived skills can be from any weapon or NWP. In play classes can learn non class NWP after first but need a teacher.

In my game players mostly are spell casters. Using proficiencies is what make characters stand out and gives every lv gained a thrill. Have made some very impressive horsemen, archers and barbarians in play. But an old fashioned damage sponge with shield specialties up front is nice too.

Penultimate champion of martial struggle

HD: 1d10
Prime Stat: Str
WP: 4 (+1/Lv)
NWP: 3 (+1/3rd Lv)
No-WP mod: -2
Languages: 1d4+1 (+1/3rdlv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: None
NWP: Warrior
Shield: Any
Armour: Any
Weapon: Any
Fight as: Warrior
Save as: Warrior

Versatile professional soldiers who depends on combat skills to dominate the battle field.  Specialist in fighting and martial arts proficiencies. Warriors are trained in many styles from many teachers and experiences. They have a natural mastery and dedication to the arts of war. The adaptable warrior can change his style during his career cross training to become a holy fighter, a wizard killer or sneaky bandit. Warriors are experienced campaigners and are more often skilled in outdoor travel and survival. They become leaders of armies and embroiled in the great struggles of power between lords.

-Can inflict critical hits as per weapon , can buy extra weapon proficiency slots to raise this chance (other must pay for this skill)
-Can take weapon specializations higher than other classes (up to 3 slots in specialization instead of +1 max)
-If battling 1HD or less creatures get one Att per Lv
-Xtra +1 attack at 5th lv then +2 at 10th etc
-lv 3 use next larger damage dice vs larger than human creatures on one dice
- lv 5 attract either a 1st 1v follower, a loyal warhorse or other pet like a war dog or wolf
-Warriors attract followers as above or +1d6 men at arms per every lv after 5th - can save these for specialty followers - chariot team = 2d6 or longboat = 3d6
-lv8 Warriors can use next dice up with any weapon vs any target eg d8 sword becomes d10, only effects one dice so 2d4 becomes 1d4+1d6
-May create a stronghold at 10th (or establish a horde or ship or dungeon or other base of operations)
-After 10th can select exotic creatures or mounts instead of 1d6 followers - ogre, winged horse, take d6 as HD instead numbers - could be a young specimen and be allocated more HD when you next lv up - eg griffon or giant

Specialist Warrior Schools

Example weapon proficiencies
Example exotic weapon proficiencies
Example Non weapon proficiencies
Example Languages

Example weapon proficiencies may be considered a group for a weapon group proficiencies (2 slots - 4 basic weapons) – leaves most starting warriors with 2 more slots for exotic martial skills like brawl or weapon expert. Other weapons and NWP can be chosen - these are just typical.

Empire  Knight:
Noble cavalry from the heartland of the empire
Long sword, Lance, Dagger, Short bow
Long Sword Expert +1, Ride by Attack
Ride Horse, Etiquette, Heraldry
Empire S, Common S, Trade S, Ancient W, Battle Signals

Forest Hunter
Scouts, explorers and protectors of game
Long Sword, Dagger, Long bow, Hand Axe
2 weapon attack, Shoot into Melee
Track, Scout, Hunting
Wild Man S, Common S, Ranger Signs W, Old S, Goblin S

Old Ways Barbarian
Tribal beserkers from the Wilderness beyond the Empire
Battle Axe, Short Spear, Sabre, Dagger
Toughness, Berserk Frenzy
Survival, Fire Making, Improvise Weapons
Old S Common S, Wild Man S, Elfish S, Horde Tongue S, 

Fearsome Viking
Fearsome warriors and traders from the frozen north sea
Battle Axe, Short Spear, Long Sword, Hand Axe
Sea Legs, Berserk Frenzy
Sailing or Boating, Swim, Trade
Northern S, Common S, Ancient Runes W, Dwarf S, Elf S

Empire Guardsman
Alert city watchmen of the Empires cities
Short Spear, Long sword, Crossbow, Dagger
All round Defense, Reflexes
Spot, Guard, Alertness
Empire SW, Common SW, Old S

Fearless Amazon
Savage all women tribe who defy the Emperor
Short Spear, Short bow, Dagger, Javelin
Fast Draw Spear, Short Spear Expert +1
Ride Horse, Boyer-Fletcher
Sea tongues S, Common S, Ancient W,  Horde tongue S, Easterner S

Seafaring Mariner
Seafaring marines and pirates
Crossbow, Dagger, Sabre, Short Spear
(the ancient version would have trident, net, short sword, dagger)
Sea legs, 2 weapon attack
Swim, Boating, Rope Use
Sea Tongue S, Common SW, Easterner S, Northern S

Horde Horse Archer
Plainsmen archers of the great plains who menace the Empire
Composite Short Bow, Sabre, Lance, Spear
Ride by Attack, Shoot to move
Ride Horse, Ride Quickmount, Animal handling
Horde tongue S, Common S, Easterner S, Orc S, Old S

Stout Yeoman
A landed class of  farmer independent of lords on land granted by king
Staff,  2h Sword,  Longbow,  Dagger or short bow and short sword if weaker
Longbow Expert+1, Shoot Extra Range
Bowyer-Fletcher,  Farm Lore, Animal Handling
Empire SW, Common SW,  Old S

Doomed Gladiator
A sport fighter for slaughter in the Empires arenas
Trident, Net, Short Sword, Dagger
2weapon attack, Brawling
Improvised weapons, Carousing, Drive Chariot
Empire S, Common S, Old S, Wildman S, Orc S

Cocky Musketeer
A gun and powder wielder from most modern battlefronts
Any Musket, Any Pistol, Dagger, Sabre
2weapon attack, fast draw ammo
Run Away, Black powder, Gunnery

Empire SW, Common SW, Old S

Career Duelist
A career duelist for money
Sabre, Rapier, Dagger, Dirk
Fast Draw, Choice blade Sword Expert +1
Etiquette, Grooming, Ride

+1 per 1gp spent on territory, battle manuals, weapons, armour, fortifications, soldiers, status symbols, mounts, gifts,hospitality, feasts, combat schools, gladiator spectacles, war
+10/HD defeated in battle
+100 for declaring victory or defeating any famous name foe or commanding a conquering force
Double XP for single combat, including jousts, gladiatorial matches or duels or even other contests

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