Sunday, 18 November 2012

Gamma Evolution: Sources

Found some cute things online i will share here

firstly this kids toy concept that would fit in a gamma or superhero or gonzo SF game - a ship of uplifted animals vs hunters with cyborg body parts and more
I shared this on FB old school game group and someone commented it was silly
fair enough it wont float your traveller boat

Gordon Dixon did several cool monster source books
one was after man - zoology 50 millions years after humans
and he did one on alt dinosaurs as if they didn't die
the man after man volume has humans going to space and earth humans being modified and going feral after apocalypse. I was reminded of bryan aldiss and sure enough he did the intro
all Dixons books turn up on searches easily - whole man after man book here:

Gamma world consequences:
Many hominids from this book would fit in fine

Hive men who build structures and are ugly furry troll folk - only queen breeds

Aquamorphs - adapted to water in various degrees living in wrecks of ancients

Forest folk replacing apes

Hideous biological suits that grow food and have expendable limbs, bonded to humanoids who wander about eating stuff and growing fatter - fat giants

Symbiotic fast hunters who hide in fur of larger dumber animal

Symbiotics who feed from the food suits and cling to fat giants drinking fat straight from them

Gelatinous filter feeding humans inside a bubble of gel, easy to hunt and kill on land

Specialized hominids for eating termites, or fish

Sloth men - huge grazers too big to fear anything

Except spike tooth men who live off them

Then humans come back from the stars:

Space dwelling cyborg fetus men in exoskeletons come back - no FTL travel or communications has pushed them this far. Would make great Alien invaders. Dwell in sealed system machines and plan to terraform earth to have less oxygen.

They in turn adapt some life to be beasts of burden controlled by implants

Others like the fat giants are force grown to multi story building sized horrors, plumbed into nutrients and protein sucked right out of them for space men needs

Giants with atmospheric processors built in who are built/bred to terraform the atmosphere and possibly harvest protein

Aldiss and Lovecraft have devolved quadruped humans as beast of burden too

Aldiss in hot house has humans attached to trees by belly buttons in symbiosis

Engineered living houses part plant part flesh with human savages inside might be fun

His book Non Stop (possibly starship in usa - title ruins surprise yay!) is a prime source for metamorphosis alpha - also see film Pandorum

Barefoot in the head has psychoactive weapons and contamination zones where all inside have shared hallucinations and delusions

I already have plundered the night land by William Hope Hodgkinson

And Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad

Probably a bit of Judge Dredd and Nemesis the Warlock comics there too

This will all make a disturbing impact on my gamma game.

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