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EMO DnD Classes pt 2: Priest

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Note my Alignment system is a bit different - ill do a piece on it later. My gods may have sects of different alignment who fight. Mortals may be Lawful Good but be really bad at it. An honorable LE might be better than a CN madman or mistaken lawful good. Supernatural outsiders judge these things far more seriously than most mortals. Priests are supposed to nudge people the right direction. Gods in my world dont usually intervene on individuals unless they are very pretty or high level or at least kings. They punish people clumsily and en mass. Monsters, demons, heroes and priests deal with individual enemies of gods.

Zealous Templars of the gods

HD: 1d8
Prime Stat: Wis
WP: 3 (+1/3rd Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/2nd Lv)
No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 1d6+1 (+1/2nd lv) S=spoken and W=written
Spells: Priest
NWP: Priest, Common Spell Caster
Shield: Any
Armour: Any
Weapon: Maul, Mace, Flail, Staff, any Crossbow, Dagger, Sling, Rock, Club, Hammer, any Gun
Fight as: Priest
Save as: Priest

Holy fighters for their gods and faith. Use holy prayers and gods miracles for spells. Competent soldiers and organized military fighters. They often study fields of interest to their god as well as esoteric lore, rituals and divination. Cult languages’ and dead languages help study holy texts. Missionaries and war priests learn language on their travels to help conversion and may use secret codes too. Priests often practice trades and even banking to support campaigns or maintain monasteries. Fit priests seek to be on the frontier of their faith or battling its enemies with constant warfare. Some stay home to guard sacred ground or seek hidden enemies from within like evil heretics. Priests may evoke various gods and spirits and saints and prophets or may specialize in one sect. Standard priests have power over the undead and unholy. Their order carry blunt weapons and against blades, spears and bows but more modern crossbows and guns are not mentioned in ancient holy books.

Priests are the authority on alignment matters and acknowledge the whole pantheon of good and evil gods and various abstract philosophical ideals, spirits, ancestors, saints and other forces. The typical player cleric or templar follows the sects with alignments of good and or law. Evil priests are mirror opposites causing harm with opposite spells, commanding undead and darkness. Druids are a specialist priest with a separate class who deal with the middle way and serving the balance or are just neutral. Priests follow and teach morality of alignment philosophy which may determine where souls goes when you die.

-Holy Power: Turn Undead effect 1d6 HD/lv, one use per lv per day, If undead has more HD than priest lv then they may save to resist. If HD rolled doubles the actual HD present and they have less HD than the priest they are destroyed. Specialist priests have a different holy power. Evil priests instead coerce undead to move where they direct and instead of destroying them gain voice control through the underworld powers.
-Spell casting from cult approved priest spells, must prey for 8 hrs to recover, learn prayers from cult prayer texts or other learning aids like strings of beads, scrolls or temple carvings
-Many priest spells reversible* but you must learn separately if available to you, tend to be more for evil like harming, maiming, disease, curses etc and invent an evil name for them.
-At 5th a 1st lv priest is sent to serve you and one more every lv after
-Build a shrine at 6th gain +1d6 followers, a temple at 10th gain +2d6 followers, a great temple at 15th gain +3d6 followers and a wondrous monument at 20th gain +4d6 followers

Specialist Priest Sects
-A starting priest is either a standard pantheon following one as above or a specialist following one being with its own weapon restrictions, extra spells, holy power, etc 
-A common Priests can join a particular specialist sect at any point he goes up a lv, worshiping one god instead or the generic pantheon and changing his holy power, weapons and abilities to accord with the new sect. A sect must accept your change of order but a gift of 1000gp/lv or some mighty service  helps. Changing from a specialist sect to another makes the old god angry and will earn you trouble into the next life. So wait till 10th.
-At 10th Lv you may get benefits of joining an additional specialty sect and another at 20th pick a third cult. Many gods have families or are married so this is fine to worship a triad of great gods, a married couple, siblings or even a balance of the single god with the forces of the whole pantheon like a standard priest. You must obey restrictions of all your priest types who grant you power.

specialist priest examples for Babylonian gods here:
ill have to amend the powers more to be inline with one here for HD and effect

+1 per 1gp spent on church tithes, missions, pilgrimages, charity, adding to church lands, conversions, scriptures, cult enhancing symbols, monuments, relics, artworks, holy crusades, destroying cult enemies, copying holy books
+100 using Holy power to win over cult enemies
+100/lv casting spells to win over cult enemies
+100 XP for visiting Places holy to the faith or recovering relics or lands.
Double XP for destroying undead or principle foes of the cult if dedicated to a god

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