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Gamma Winter on High Island

Some thoughts for Tuesday game.

Winter is coming and the Bunker survivors, clones and mutant folk of High Island village prepare in dread.

Their Sleeth allies are seasonally reclaiming the flooded bunker again and stockpiling.

The red death gang bunker of course have not prepared or done anything so they will be raiding and killing to fill their stores.

This year the village want to do something to seriously hamper the gang while they are weak.

The undead dont change their behavior at all but the more active warm ghouls do hibernate. Possible a good time to try something with them as well. The gangs will be sure to face undead being closer.

Mutant animals grow extra fur and adopt winter colors in some cases.

Many aquatic perils slow down and make water travel safer. Polar bear folk raiders sometimes come from the north on ice boats formed with cryrokinesis.

Many hostile plants like triffids sleep in season.

Gun bunnies hate the heroes who killed and robbed their cheif. They are great winter hunters. Many gamma world fights are more like skirmishes with most combatants fleeing while the most treasure ladened seem to die the most. Sure to leave many enemies alive.

Visibility for non camouflaged targets high. The woods are harder to hide in without leaves. Furs and fire are needed to live, but smoke attracts foes. The party are not exactly great woodsmen and may need some hired men to help and teach them what surface dwellers take for granted. One player has no mutations and could re enter the home bunker if needed.

The adventurers having earned a place in the village are offered recharges of their energy weapons if used in service of the village. Mayor Paul 2375 will encourage them to formulate a plan against the gangs or undead. The sleeth may help and certainly will warn the village from attacks but the village needs to maintain communication lines through gang turf. Their rubber raft only has made around gangs by luck so far.

I'm hoping players will help make a push to improve island life before they leave to serve the beaver king. Under the Beaver king - they will go on missions around the lakes and help the beaver space program. Or at least bring back some nice loot. Legion of gold, Albuquerque space port and Pittsburgh quests will fit in on the way.

I'll probably do an Australian based game soon - with Canetoads and gangs as the main villains. Queensland will be overrun by savage toad warriors in the name of their terrible toad king. Ill have to have some tastefully done indigenous beliefs and contemporary things to parody. Ive also considered merging gamma and DnD into a science and sorcery game. Plenty of time to decide. Baby eating dingoes, croc men hunting humans and humiliating them, kangaroos with pouch gunners, killer bower birds with artifact nests. Ive avoided monster making to date but this may get me going. A human centipede monster would be gross too. Maybe New Zealand really has hobbits living in middle earth theme park.

High Island Gang Member Table
3d3 per group - roll once per member d20
1-2 GM Human HD d8, former military, often leaders equip as tech IV
3-6 Survivor Human HD d8, former pirates equip as tech III
7-10 Old stock Human HD d4 =1d4 mutations, former cloned bunker folk gone bad, tech IV
11-12 Beaver folk ani-men renegade HD d8 - pagan vikings equip as tech II
11-15 Humanoid Mutant HD d6, red death gangers for life  equip as tech II
16 Cyborg - possible escaped or still serving legion of gold various tech possible
17-19 Mutant animals - crazed mascots of red death gang equip as tech I
20 Mutant Abomination mascot equip as tech 0

The gang are a chapter of the Red Death founded by Khan Redhand when he left his bunker on a secret mission with his future wife and a squad. Over the years he has abandoned his mission of seeking a viable starport or teleporter. He has some maps and notes from 20 years of searches in his cache. Most of his original squad died or deserted. He was captured by the Red death and killed their leader in single combat. His gang worked with pirates for a few years and were stranded on high island. They live by scavenging, slaving and trading with pirates. Undead are the main threat to them and they leave the Sleeth tribe alone as they cannot be surprised and they pick off gang leaders in battle. They regard the village as their legitimate prey. Anyone who survives the gangs torture well may be forced to join.

A few pregen gangs to keep my party busy - this is the bulk of the gang and if they are killed the gang is broken and will flee the island. A few other members in patrol and forrage groups exist too. Some run slave gangs and make them find food.

5 member ruin foraging group
this gang loot the town ruins and monitor bunker for anyone leaving. The ex bunker dwellers are weak but great scavengers. May have a pack slave,

Mad Mallard (The Drake) CON 12 HP 42
scarred mutant Muscovy Duck with 2 flintlocks and a hand axe
mutations: Shorter (90cm), Radiation eyes, Poor respiration, Time Distortion
Group leader, bitter, hateful and considers his gang expendable except Kalun who he loves

Kalun Farve CON 14 HP 70
Female survivor human with musket, machete, chain mail
Veteran scavenger who hates sissy bunker dwellers and likes to cut theyre hands off

Danno 5061 CON 17 HP 51
Old Stock Human with musket and frag grenade & jumpsuit
no mutations due to high CON
Wants to get out of gang if possible, may try and escape or switch sides

Francine 2067 (Fugly) CON 13 HP 27
Female Old Stock Human with 9mm automatic 8 shot mag, 12 bullets & jumpsuit
mutations: Anti Charisma, Bodily Control
Hates gang but everyone she meets starts shooting at her so she always comes back. Her mutation keeps unwanted lovers away at least.

Pete 4098 (Bighead) CON 10 HP 21
Old Stock Human with riot shield, truncheon, riot armour
mutations: Over sized head, skeletal enhancement, the gamma eye, insanity
Gone insane from mutations, believes should lead the group and seeks mutagens

4 member scout patrol group

this gang patrol the forest and near the Sleeth village

Daniel Fallingsky (Razor) CON 14 HP 69
GM human with sabre and laser pistol (full)
Gang leader and kahns son, wants advanced weapons and a wife, hates bunker weaklings

Karo Mac CON 13 HP 56
Survivor with battle axe, chain mail, flintlock pistol
Veteran survivalist, expert tracker and hunter, collects scalps and ears

Sandercock Nike (Red) CON 11 HP 45
Female humanoid mutant with musket, 2 clubs and shield
mutations: Heat reaction, Actual Metamorphosis, multiple arms, red skin, blue hair
Hates everyone except gang leader, likes to captures females for gang boys and watch

Batalia Krin (Quill-killa) CON 12 HP 39
Female animal mutant porcupine with 2-h flail natural armour and spines
mutations: Infravision, Electrical gen, Bodily control, heightened STR 21, Phobia (cats)
Likes to wrestle and use natural spines, STR and electrical powers

6 member raiding group
this gang patrol the zone near the High Island village. If they see a weakness they take it or report to base. They are careful to ambush travelers. May try arson or to blow up a wall section occasionally.

Kronn Radstorm CON 15 HP 71
Female survivor with 2d6 dynamite sticks, blunderbuss, axe, shield, leather
Radd is the leader and is looking out for long term gang needs like food thus the gang love her

Gelab Goodburger (Glub) CON 13 HP 46
Cyborg with Low light eyes, radio and data jack, IR Rifle, chain, dagger
Gelab report to base via radio and calls support if needed, he craves any tech. The rifle trigger has been replaced with a data jack he plugs into

Big-Tooth Logjam (Beevo) CON 16 HP 71
Beaver viking with chain mail, battle axe and shield, heavy crossbow
A bloodthirsty pagan berserker beaver who hates weak humans

Ralph Rotten CON 11 HP 48
Survivor with studded leather, poisoned crossbow, 2 shortswords style
A viscous life long punk and killer who often disobeys orders and attacks, compulsive gambler

Mag Ottkarl (Otto) CON 16 HP 46
mutant otter with fish leather, shorsword and poison blowpipe
mutations: Dual brain, repulsion field, telepathy, mental multiplier, mass mind, periodic amnesia, insanity, regeneration, planar travel
A scheming thief and silent back stabber whos planar travel stories are never believed

Samantha 2346 (Sammy Scrawnlegs) CON 15 HP 36
old stock female human with bolt action rifle, bayonet and jumpsuit
mutations: anti-life leech, illusion generation, sonar
Samantha still looks mostly human (albino) and might try to escape gang. She makes illusionary robots to back up gang in battle.

4 member guard group
this gang watch the entry to their ruined bunker hide out or near gang ruined excavations

Pepsee Kolan (Peppi) CON 14 HP 55
Survivor Human with heavy crossbow, 3 frag grenades, chain mail and battle axe
Hates being guard with these lame followers - will attack them if they flee

Wendee Hotdog (Hotdog) CON 14 HP 55
Humanoid Mutant with spear and 3 javelin, soft leather, arrow poison
mutations: Bat Wings, Phobia (fire), photosynthetic skin, hands of power (electrical)
She is looking for a boyfriend to raise her status but her leathery chamo pattern skin makes her hate herself and she likes to skin normal people to make her armour and uses scalps as wigs

Glaarg CON 11 HP 40
Mutant Abomination with a tree trunk club in his claw - crocodile-fish-cow hybrid
mutations: Radiation eyes, gills, teleportation, weight decrease, doubled pain, insanity, heat generation, hands of power
He is moronic psychopath who loves the gang since he joined as bunker dweller decades ago, he is chained to a rock by entrance of their lair

Harry Hellhop CON 13 HP
Mutant rabbit with automatic 5.56mm rifle 40 shot mag, 65 bullets and a spiked baseball bat
mutations: Narcolepsy, antlers, fat cell acumulationx2, confusion
Ex rabbit gang member, red death hope more rabbits will join gang as they eat grass and breed fast, and can be eaten if killed. Harry hops onto people and pins under his blubber if they get close, he is a small arms expert like most gun bunnies. When not fighting he is eating carrots (watsup doc?). He goes crazy if anyone dare call him fat.

3 member tracker gang
These guys cover gang territory looking for tracks they can report to others. If really tempted by weaklings like bunker dwellers they will attack. She hunts food also or helps other gangs hunt enemies. They have a separate lair away from the gang. They all have been lifeleached at start of day when encountered.

Tammy Two dogs
CON 16 HP 68 (-6 from life leach) 
GM Human with spiked club, flintlock pistol, whip, truncheon, leather armour
Tammy is an expert dog trainer and tracker and the khans daughter, nobody id pure enough for her but her parents hope on finding a GM human husband or at least a mate for her,

Laika CON 11 HP 41
(-6 from life leach) 
Mutant dog has no voice box, has no equipment but might grab a weapon on battlefield
mutations: sonic blast, body structure change (bipedal, hands) modified body parts (2d6 bite), fear generation, skin structure change (flammable)
Laika is a violent bitch who hates most other dogs if Tammy doesn't watch her. She obays Tammy who raised her from a pup. She has so far not allowed Boris to mate with her.

Boris CON 16 HP 68 (+2d10 more from life leach)
Mutant dog is quadruped, no hands, no voice box never uses tools just 1d8bite+STR bonus
mutations: Carapace, Heightened STR 21, Chameleon, Life Leech
Boris is jealous of beings who can talk or hold things so he likes to bite hands and throats most. He is made to keep away from gang and sleeps outdoors. He goes first ahead while Laika guards Tammy. He loves Laika and she is only reason he is in gang.

8 member elite guard gang and the Chief
They remain in the bunker but may lead attacks that are safe for them. Stay about the throne chamber looking at treasure and tormenting prisoners. Khan came from a military bunker with his wife 60 years ago.

Khan Redhand
CON 21 HP 106GM
Human in steel chest plate and leather, vibro sword and laser pistol, 2 flintlock pistols, chemax grenaide, type III ID, healing pills 12 x 1d6 each, old special forces beret

The ruthless chieftain who kills and eats enemies, old but strong and ruthless while preaching his superiority (think Ricardo Montalbán in original series star trek). Any GM women will be his brides, infuriating his wife and children). If Kahns children are harmed the whole gang go on war path.

Mother Redhand CON 17 HP 85
Wears chain, Chain sword (2d8 1hr power) sawn-off double barreled shotgun, frag grenade
His wife and second in charge, head of his guard (other GM Humans are their children)

CON 10 HP 40
Humanoid Mutant with battle axe, flintlock, duralloy garrotte, short bow with poisoned arrows
mutations:  energy absorption, precognition, Heat generation, wings, periodic amnesia
has white chalky pock marked skin, skinny, giant webbed toes
Skarr is the tribal seer who knows all but about himself. He used to be member of High Island village and could be again.

Dr Gordon 2138
(Doc Gordo) CON 10 HP 21
Old stock Human with duralloy claw, 9mm 8 shot pistol with 2 clips, medkit, 6 x 1d6 healing berries
mutations: empathy, beguiling, death feild generation
Dr gordo is the tribe medic who dreams of starting his own gang - he might use heroes in a scheme and will surrender or play dead if hurt

CON 16 HP 44
Mutant falcon uses no equipment but sometimes drops grenades
mutations: Seizures, physichal reflection, bodily control, hands of power, heightened precision, has wings beak and claws as an animal and extraordinary sight
Falco is a loyal pet and sometimes stops fighting to eat shreds of flesh torn off victims

Kazra Frieswiddat
(Kaz) CON 16 HP 89
Female survivor human with laser With Slug thrower type C with 3 clips, 2 frag grenades, a flaming hydrogen lance 3d8 extracts fuel from air 24hrs from hydrogen cell) 
Kazra loves the gang but is seeking a mate/slave to bear her children

Kolkut Hambone (Kol)
CON 16 HP 89
Humanoid mutant with baseball bat, riot shield, flintlock pistol
mutations: heightened STR 21, mental blast, colourblind, the gamma eye, regeneration, heat reaction,
has neon pink spotty skin with patches of grey hair, a bullet head, thickset neck on hunched torso
Kol is a fanatic follower and is first into battle - a canny fighter who uses his mutations well. He lusts after unmutated women and has been told by kahn he will die if touches a GM human woman..

CON 14 HP 53
Abomination stitched into studded and spiked armour, used a parking meter with concrete slab as weapon, not really able to use much else - looks like a hairless pink dog-gorilla-shark hybrid
mutations: duality, heightened STR 21, Insanity, heightened sense (hearing), planar travel
Blag has been the chiefs pet and baggage beast since he resembled a human decades ago. The gang use his planar travel as waste disposal and to banish gang traitors

Garn Metalfist CON 14 HP 51
Cyborg warrior with metalic carapace AC4, all built in - laser pistol (recharges daily), gieger counter, radio, garrotte,
hiden in body compartments: duralloy combat knife, frag grenaide 
Garn serves the legion of gold in secret but stays close to the khan so reaper can come and kidnap all the purest human stock one day. He offers khan advice and maintains most advanced tech in the bunker. He is looking for a spare atomic cell for the next year to keep him alive.

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