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Gamma Gobblers

 As most of my readers are American Ive been bombed with thanksgiving cheer but luckily thanks to American TV lots of Australians know more about US traditions and history than our own. But i love turkeys and had some as my best pals growing up. Until we ate them.

I got Mutant Epoch bundle from rpg drivethrough and have bee digesting it. It has variation table for each species and lotsa goodies. Lots of really horrible mutants including bug size critters. It probably influenced me a bit from here say before I saw it. Probably will do so again. Good to see a really dense well illustrated game book after seeing too many over designed hardcovers with little content.

I hope to do some more DnD stuff but my players enjoying gamma gaming at the moment. Im tempted to do my own d1000 mutation table with ideas from Mutant epoch, 1st ed 40k, gammaworld and others. Still looking for my fantasy game maps from 80s-90s. So here is some Gamma Gobbler  goodness for now as im feeling lazy.

Name: Riding Gobblers
Number: Wild 2d6+5 flock
Morale: 6 (8 male)
HD: 8d8+4
Armour: 7

Land Speed: 12/900/18

MS 2d6+2    IN 1d4+2
DX 3d6+3    CH 2d4+1
CN 3d6+2    PS 4d4+10 (4d4+20 male)

Attacks: Peck or wing buffet 2d6 or Males can make Jumping Spur Charge 2d4+6 when closing

Mutations: see below

Description: Riding gobblers are stupid but domesticated riding birds mutated from turkeys usually white, ginger, grey or wild have black-brown brindle patterned. They are also delicious but eating lots is sleep inducing. They also lay tasty eggs. Wild ones tend to hang about human settlements and don't resist being fenced off and tamed like many other creatures. Different strains with various colours and mutations abound with local breed names. Most are too fat to fly but they can hop up to 30m and like to rest in trees. With a rider this is only 10m. May do notoriously stupid things like jump in a barrel to keep out of rain and drown. Seekers often ride and farm them as do many new tribes.

d50 Common variants - usually whole group has same and colours
1 Intelligent - +2d6 Int, 33% chance can talk
2 Shock Prone - if fail morale roll freezes till source of fear gone +1d20 minutes
3 Gas generation - if scared produce 2d6+3 tear gas - it is immune
4 Antlers - 2d8 extra horn attack
5 Gamma Eye - can KO enemies
6 Radiation Eyes - zap foes with radiation
7 Explodes on death like a chemax grenadier (seekers can kill them without this effect)
8 Contagious Wattles - close prolonged contact develops wattled red flesh bubbles on rider
9 Teleport - when failed morale teleport to safety with rider
10 Sonic Blast - super destructive gobbler noises
11 Fly - full wings
12 Extra Legs - 1d4+1 extra legs +10% speed per leg - grow back if amputated (yummy)
13 Metallic Feathers - AC4
14 Cyborg - thermagraphic vision, eye view radio up-link, 2 weapon mounts
15 Beserker - If threatened attacks +4 hit till foe or self dead
16 Laughter inducing poison lasts 1d4 hours after eating 2d6+6 intensity
17 Unigobbler - a single horn extra attack+1d10, poop cures 1d3 dam, lasts only 1 day (d6/day)
18 Sense Metal - gobbles and struts if walks over buried metal
19 Altered diet - eats 1d6 1=plastic, 2=metal, 3=flesh only, 4=concrete, 5-6=contaminated waste
20 Inflatable - gobbler if enraged inflates to 4 times size and floats away as gasbag mutation
21 Extra heads - 1d3 extra alert heads sleep in shifts, sometimes try run different directions
22 Luminous - glow various colours at night depending on strain
23 Tentacles - 1d4+2 wattle covered psuedopods used to feed and grapple attack
24 Cluster bomblets - shoot 1d6 explosive 2d6 dam pellets from wattles ahead if surprised
25 Fire breather 10m cone of 4d6 fire once a day if disturbed
26 Saw wings like biological chainsaws 3d6 dam
27 Forms telepathic bonds with kin or riders
28 Danger sense - start to cluck warnings if ambush or danger near
29 Turn invisible if fail morale roll
30 Poison beak intensity 13 paralysis venom on beak
31 Wings with functional hands - tool users
32 Build mounds or rotting vegetation to hatch young (Australian bush turkeys do this)
33 Chameleon feathers - aids in hiding and communication
34 Spits gobs of acid 2d6 ranged attack 25m range
35 Grows bigger, redder, beak glows with heat if mad +2d6 peck
36 Shoots black spines from bristly beard, 1d4 shots of 1d6 per round 18m range
37 Prehensile Snood (dangly thing on beak) uses as a hand - reach to 6m
38 X-ray vision - can see hidden weapons or enamies
39 Razor spurs - spur attack wounds bleed 1hp per round till treated
40 Elongating neck - can stretch to 5m to feed or spot danger
41 Has a bulgy single eye
42 Wattle covered - red fleshy lumps all over - hideous
43 Silence field 10m radius when nervous or can be trained to raise
44 Aquatic - webbed feet and can swim like a duck
45 No legs, floats by self inflation with gas, multiple self healing gas chambers
46 Larger +1d6 PS, CN and +4 HD
47 Radiation resistant but mildly radioactive poop 1d4 intensity
48 Fear aura - if startles activates fear cloak intensity 2d4+6 mental attack once per encounter
49 Extra delicious - addictive intensity 2d6+6 to resist lifelong cravings
50 Regenerates - 1hp per round, may surgically remove meat and will recover

Gamma gobblers take to untrained riders well but look to each other for morale - all rolling as a group. The may attack with mutations if surprised or spooked. A trained rider can make his gobblers jump,  attack, be silent, sit and can use their weapons unhindered from turkey back. A trained rider makes his gobbler follow his lead not the group. A trained gobbler rider can make a CHA check to sway all surrounding gobblers in the caravan to not panic. Wild gobblers sometimes follow people home and hang about till trapped. Tamed gobblers with missing riders head to any beings that dont look scary for help.

Mr Gobbles the Bonapartist ambassador is invited to dinner with the seekers as guest of honour. He will be sure to tell his kin of the friendly greeting he received.

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