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EMO DnD Classes pt 3: Wizard

From look and Learn magazine http://www.lookandlearn.com/

I use a few Oriental Adventures 1st ed spells and filled in a few others. Lots of magical NWP and lore skills to help out too.

Mysterious scholars of forbidden magical arts 

HD: 1d4+1 
Prime Stat: Int
1  lv(+1/4th Lv)
NWP: 6 (+1/Lv)
No-WP mod: -4
Languages: 2d4 (+1/2nd lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: Wizard
NWP: Wizard and Common Caster
Shield: None
Armour: None
Club, Staff, Dart, Dagger, any Crossbow, Sling, Hatchet, Club, Sickle, Scythe, any Gun  
Fight as: Wizard
Save as: Wizard

Scholar magicians who learn spells from books and enchanted objects and spend all their time at study of obscure languages and lore. They are the worst  of all fighters. Wizards learn esoteric lore to help them plunder knowledge and trades crafts to make magic items. They study dead languages and seek lost spell books and magic items. Learn spells from studying teachers and books.
May search for old books, ancient carvings in dead languages and even cave pictograms. Professional schools act like sects and brotherhoods, aiding members with labs, aid, skills and spells.

-Must nominate which spells memorized for day during 8 hr study period from book
-Spells materials require 1gp/lv squared in gold 1st = 1x1=1gp, 2nd = 2x2=4, etc
-Get 4 x 0 and 1st lv spells from student book +1d3 per new lv, can learn from other wizards books and scrolls
. Beginners book AC6 20HP. 1 page = 1 spell lv or 4 0 lv cantrips = 30gp materials to make
-learning new found spells takes int check or you never comprehend the spell +4 if school spell
- At 6th lv the wizard can have one 1st lv apprentice or 1d4 students with 1 x 0 lv spell each
10th he may establish a tower and attract 1d4 more followers plus one more per lv after

Specialist Wizard Schools

Common schools of magic provide access to training for wizards and offer research materials, spell components, labs, brotherhood aid and other benefits. They also offer unique spells to attract and keep members. Your school supplies you with school themed spells to learn.

Example weapon proficiencies
Example Non weapon proficiencies
Example first spell book

Example Languages

Specialists in dealing with powers of death
Sickle or Scythe
Necromantic Lore, Mortician, Anatomy, Undead Lore, First Aid, Summoning Mastery
Corpse Link, Feign death, Ghost Light, Unseen Servant
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient W, Deathlord W

Specialists in illusion and disguise
Dagger or Staff
Illusionist Lore, Sleight of Hands, Illumination, Carousing, Etiquette, Hypnotism
Mask, Ghost Light, Ventriloquism, Sleep
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Specialists in conjuring servants to serve them
Whip or Staff
Summoning Lore, Summoning Mastery, Monster Lore, Animal Lore, Animal Handling, Animal Husbandry
Floating Disc, Friends, Mount, Summon Monster 1
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Arcane Smith
Specialists in making magic items
Staff or Dagger
Use Focus, Artisan, Repair, Treasure Lore, Trap Lore, Jeweler and one preferred craft
Bless Weapon, Identify, Hold Portal, Magic Missile
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Specialist in charming others wills
Club or Staff
Charm Lore, Iron Will, Carousing, Story Teller, Etiquette, Play Instrument or dance or sing or poetry
Charm person, Friends, Taunt, Sleep
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient SW

Fire Elementalist
Specialists in fire magic and elementals
Dagger or Dart
Fire Lore, Extra Damage 1, Alchemy Lore, Cooking, Incediaries, Black powder
Burning Hands, Fiery Eyes, Light, Elemental Burst
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient W, Fire  Elemental W

Air Elementalist
Specialists in Air magic and elementals
Dart or Dagger
Air Lore, Extra Range, Song Lore, Story Teller, Carousing, Play Instrument or dance or sing or poetry
Fog Cloud, Cloud Ladder, Shocking Grasp, Elemental Burst
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient W, Air  Elemental

Earth Elementalist
Specialists in Earth magic and elementals
Staff or Sling
Earth Lore, Herbalist, Brewing, First Aid Lore, Extra Duration 1, Mining or Kingdom Lore or Mineral Lore
Shield, Floating Disc, Elemental Burst, Spider climb
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient W, Earth  Elemental W

Water Elementalist
Specialists in Water magic and elementals
Water Lore, Swim, Boating, Fishing, Extra Area 1, Navigation Lore
Dagger or Sling
Elemental Burst, Swim, Charm Person, Fog Cloud
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient W, Water Elemental W 

Specialists in potions and chemical weapons
Staff or Dagger
Alchemical Lore, Poison Lore, Herbalist, Scribe, Glass Blowing, Jeweler
Bless Weapon, Wizard Mark, Chromatic Orb, Fog Cloud
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient W, Alchemical Code W

Specialists in academic study of lore
Staff or Dagger
Divination Lore, Observation, Astrology Lore, Meditation, Ancient Lore, Research
Know History, Sleep, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile
Empire Common SW, Common SW, Ancient W, Astrological Code W

Order of folk magicians retaining elder lore in backward places
Dagger or staff
Elder Lore, Plane Lore, Astrology Lore, Familiar, Herbalist, First Aid
Charm Person, Mask, Know History, Sleep
Empire Common S, Common SW, Ancient W, Astrological Code, Elder W

ilitant warrior wizards who dominate the battlefield
Dagger or Staff
Elder Lore, Kingdom Lore, Trap Lore, Focus, Incendiaries, Blackpowder
Burning Hands, Sleep, Magic Missile, Mage Armour
Empire Common S, Common SW, Ancient W, Astrological Code, Elder W

Sewer Wizard
Mad drain dwellers who teach wizardry to the poor
and scribe spells on rat skins

Club or Staff
Animal Lore, Animal Trainer, City Lore, Trap Lore, Familiar, Tatoo
Hold Portal, Sleep, Fog Cloud, Reduce
Empire Common S, Common SW, Ancient W, Rat S, Elder W

+1 per 1gp spent on books, teachers, libraries, laboratories, building a sanctum, exotic magical materials, magical implements, artifacts, incense pleasing to outsiders,  donations to libraries and universities.
+100/lv casting spells to win victory
+100 xp for reading books, studying libraries and deciphering documents
Double XP for dueling another spell caster

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