Thursday 25 November 2021

Psionics Revision Lv Two

Ongoing spell list revisions. I did have schools for psionics but I have abandoned it as rules limiting people that take lots of space and fiddling for bugger all benefit or enjoyment is out. My current conception of these is a mix of illusionist, druidic, shaman, bardic kind of stuff but basically a bunch of spells taken from cleric, druid and wizard lists that could fit. Is designed to work in say a dnd setting, a victorian supernatural setting or SF. It ought to be the main spell list in my Psychon games, especially for some classes. Entering all these into a table is kinda slow too but probably needed. Also jiggling how many spells exist per spell level but probably priest magic with lots of reversible spells is handy. When this is done I will put it in a booklet and then go onto robot spells/apps. 

Second Level Psionic Spells

1 Alter Self [RT][DT][SN] illusionary disguise +or-5%/Lv larger or smaller, if form a specific person their friends spot flaw with Illusion on a Talent save

2 Animate Item [R6][DT] bring an inanimate object to life so it may attack or labour AC+4 HDd4/Lv Att d6 Mov 6 (may swap Mov points for more AC if use more solid materials)

3 Animate Rope [RT][DR][SN] control 3m/Lv rope by touch, entangle a victim per round

4 Bless (Attribute)* [R6][DT][SN] each attribute is a separate spell, increases ability score +d4 Break (Attribute) ray drains -d4 on one ability score (half if saving)

5 Blur [RT][DT] +2 AC if wear armour and +4 if wearing none, subjects identity is unclear

6 Conjure Petty Spirit 
[R6][DR] Conjure a violent spirit manifestation AC+4 2HD Att 1 Ram d6 Mov12 levitates and can pass through normal walls or earth while screaming or moaning

7 Commune With Spirits [RS][D1H] hour ritual to contact local spirits. With good reactions spirit is helpful, neutral desires service or sacrifice, hostile will attack

8 Curse Metal [R9][DR] metal weapon per level or one suit of metal armour turns hot or cold a round/level in 6 range. Victims touching take d3/round, removing armour round per AC point. Magic items get a save to resist usually 12+bonus if any

9 Displacement [RT][DT] caster 1m away from apparent visual location +2 AC, a first missile from attack an enemy always misses, other forms of ambush or a surprise attack might also fail

10 Dream Gaze [R3][DH][SN] see into dreams of one sleeping being touched

11 Detect Traps [R6][DT] detects a deliberate trap, hazardous crossing or risky footing

12 Elan [RT][DT] +1/Lv points they may spend to add to any save or to hit dice rolls

13 Enthrall [RS][A3][DR][SN] one HD or less speaking beings in range save or listen to caster speak for duration. Used to preach, trap a crowd, distract or get an audience

14 ESP [R6][DR][SN] read surface thoughts of one person at a time who fails Will save

15 Enfeebling Ray [R9][DR][SN] victim failing Vigour halves Might and Mov

 Guffaw [R9][DR][SN] target gets a Will save per round if fail laughs heartily for the remaining duration which can be difficult for spell casters or people who should not be laughing. Victim struggles to communicate anything but can fight at -2 to hit while effected 

17 Hawk SIght [RT][DT] Can see distances as if you had a telescope or can enhance your ability to find clues or hidden things

18 Hex [R12][DR][SN] target struck by malignant effect, make a Will save or -4 all success or skill or save rolls for the duration

19 Hold Person* [R9][A3][DR][SN] paralyze targets round per Lv, 1 target only -4 save, 2 targets get -2 save each, 3-4 foes normal save Unhold Person reverses paralysis on up to four targets

20 Infravision [RT][DT] subject can see 12 range in darkness with black and white heat vision and can detect invisible creatures with body temperatures, or strong hot or cold spots

21 Invisibility [RT] subject unseen till makes attacks, uses spells, drops or grabs an object

22 Levitate [RS][DR] float Mov1 across or Mov3 up each round while concentrating or can float in position while casting a spell or some other action like using a missile attack

23 Mindflail [R12][DI][SH] Lv+2d8 mental damage save vs will for half, can harm any being with a mentality including spirits, and any undead but not inanimate objects

24 Mindfort [RT][DT] Resist fear, sleep or charm spells for the duration

25 Mindlink [RT][DT][SN] can link to the mind of a sentient being or magical device and communicate silently which can be useful with allies

 Mirror Image [RS][A3][DT] creates d4 illusionary duplicates for the duration or until attacked

27 Phantasm [R9][A2][DR][SN] advanced illusion with sounds like talking person or a mooing cow, if the reason to be suspicious viewers get a Talent save to notice something odd or if they touch the illusion

28 Regenerate Moderate Wounds* [RT][DI] heal one HP per round for Lv+2d6 rounds

29 Speak With Dead [RS][D1H][SN] hour ritual over a corpse or body part or tomb to answer questions a minimum of one word/Lv. If hostile spirit will get a save to resist

30 Thunder Strike [RS][DR] 4d extra damage per level on one successful hit made within duration with a loud crack sound


  1. Hmmm - Thunderstrike on a laser rifle...

    1. hmmm will amend
      7d6 max dam sounds bad and an energy mace does 10d6 hmmm

      thankyou for pointing out this abuse


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