Sunday, 2 January 2022

Crocodog Attack!

Nuetral Modified Animal
AC+5 HD3 Bite d8 Mov 15 Swim 9
Can hold breath for ten minutes

Intelligent trainable creatures with pack hunting and aquatic ambushes 
Able to track through even marsh and in water if prey bleeding

Made by magical breeding initially and over the years some have gotten loose. The prehuman magic of serpent folk and lizard folk wizards may be the first to have made these beasts. They lay eggs and can be bred in farms by lizard folk warbands.

1in6 has tail slap extra attack d6 that bipeds must save or be tripped if struck
1in6 very smart and loyal understands spoken instructions like a child
1in8 has a thagomiser spiked tail attack 2d4 damage
1in10 has an armoured spiked carapace AC +8
1in12 are hexocrocodog with 6 legs can Mov 18 on land and Swim 12
1in12 has spines and can fire a d4 shots a round for a d6 Range 12
1in12 has shoulder tentacles an extra 2 attacks d6 each
1in12 has shoulder tentacles cause d4 rounds paralasys save to resist
1in12 can walk on water for one round every second round
1in12 have scorpion tails d6 damage stinger and 2d6 venom save halves
1in12 giant crocodog 5HD d12 bite and can be ridden by a huge person
1in12 crocodogotaur has a centaur-like body configuration with a human torso and arms +1HD and are intelligent and speak reptilian languages, can use weapons live javelins, spears and clubs,1in12 of these are 4th Lv spell casters also
1in12 are deep sea crocodogs with a glowing lure like an angler fish and they come up at night to hunt on land and nest on coasts
1in20 has bat wings
1in20 have horns like a giraffe or stag that can shoot a 3d6 lightning bolt three times a day
1in20 centicrocodog with dozens of leg and a flexible snakelike torso 
Mov 24 on land and Swim 15, with 8-12 HD with four legs per HD
1in20 are two headed crocodogs with +1 bite attack and double the appetite
1in100 gargantuan crocodog 50 HD 12d6 bite

d12 Crocodog Adventures
1 Children secretly kept a crocodile and now it has got big and more hungry than kids can steal
2 Charlie the talking crocodog (he can say "sausage") is a local favorite and locals feed him in his under the bridge home. An alchemist supplier has kidnapped charlie and village wants him back
3 A vindictive lizard man hero on his giant crocodog mount is angry his swamp was drained, he has been bothering settlers on the former marshland. He plans to use giant beavers to reflood the plain and  
4 A wizard was eaten by his crocodog experiments and villagers want tower cleared out so they can sell to a new wizard for 10000gp
5 River bandits stole crocodog eggs from the lizard folk and if they can rear them they will be a menace to river trade 
6 An alien hive mind fell from overspace and colonised wild crocodogs who now act with a mysterious purpose. The mind parasites can leap to who slays the crocodog
7 Crocodog Bob a foul mouthed foreigner is an expert crocodog catcher and he has special wrestling holds and tricks and traps. But he has been seduced and captured by a werecroc witch who controls the pack
8 Swamp goblins trading with lizard folk now have a crocodog goblin cavalry and live in the old marsh farm
9 A wicked necromancer found the crocodog graveyard and now he has a fighting force of undead crocodogs and demands the town pay him with human corpses and wine and silk clothing
10 A strange crocodog has been drawing strange letters in the mud and looking mournfully at travellers and not eating them. In reality, the crocodog ate a magic jar of a wizard in the form of an idol. How old the wizard is or if they were even human is a mystery. Many seek to help the odd critter
11 A centicrocodog has escaped from the sewer and is eating locals, it has eaten the sewer workers and nightwatch and residents want it gone
12 A gargantuan crocodog has crawled from the sea and attacked the kingdom. The ruler forces adventurers to lead 2 dozen of troops (players choose speciality) and destroy the beast

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