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Barbarian Tribes of the Elder Wastes

These are for my new setting. Fluff for barbarian tribes and some notes of races and stuff.

Just to give some proportions of peoples in the world.
That show humans are not no1
That civilized humans are a minority
Influences of animal and elemental and humanoid cults

d100 Races of the Wastes
01-30 Human
31-35 Halfling
36-40 Gnome
41-50 Dwarf
51-60 Elf

61-70 Orc
71-72 Troll

73-77 Ogre
78-80 Giant
81-90 Goblinoids
91-87 Beastmen Abhumans
98-99 Elemental Abhumans
00 Spiritfolk Changelings

In this setting humans are expanding territory and clashing with other races who are doing  the same. Since the fall of two magical empires ruling for most of history, huge frontiers are being opened. City states, wizard kingdoms and barbarians all hate each other. The city states are theocracies and local wizards have to be affiliated with a temple.

Humans Types
01-10 Cavemen Tribes, barely vocal, worship beasts and giants
11-60 Barbarian Great Tribes, kingdoms of clan chieftains one of the great tribes
61-70 Wizard kingdoms subjugated by wizard overlords
71-90 Warlord Kingdoms, mostly based around a fort and a major settlement
91-100 City States, each with a patron god, bronze age, massive army proof walls

d100 Great Tribes

01-05 Bright Kingdom
6-10 Shadow Kingdom
11-25 Spirit Kingdom Tribes
26-35 Death Kingdom Tribes
36-39 Dragon Land Tribes
40-60 Beast Tribes (Any)
61-65 Plant Tribes
66-72 Ancestral Tribes
73-77 Earth Tribes
78-82 Air Tribes
83-87 Fire Tribes
98-92 Water Tribes
93-95 Hell Kingdom
96-98 Abyssal Kingdom
99-90 Tribes of Paradise
91-93 Arcadian Tribes
94-86 Nightmare Kingdom
87-90 Dream Kingdom
91-95 Tribes of Chaos
96-00 Tribes of Law

1 Bright Kingdom Tribes (Lawful Good) Land of Light
Clans d4 1=Lords of Radience 2=Bright Ones 3=Shadow Breakers 4=Dawn Tribes
Custom d4 1=Chastity 2=Never lie 3=Obey Marriage Vows 4=Don't Start a Fight
Worship a pantheon of sun and light gods obsessed with purity and hunting the wicked
Descended from the gods to wage war on darkness and evil
Kingdoms are herdsmen with a fortress palaces built by nobility, use chariots

2 Shadow Kingdom Tribes (Lawful Evil) Darklands
Clans d4 1=Shadow Ones 2=The Moon Children 3=Night Lords 4=
Custom d4 1=Kleptomania 2=Curious 3=Prankster 4=Twist the truth
Worship a pantheon of mysterious nocturnal powers of darkness and the night
Descended from the gods to elude and evade bad destinies
Kingdoms are rainy cold mountains where mining, weapons and assassination

3 Spirit Kingdom Tribes (Any) Spirit Clans
Clans d4 1=Ghost Speakers 2=Ancestral Sons/Daughters 3=Lords of Limbo 4=Spirit Lords
Custom d4 1=praise local spirits 2=talk to dead 3=enter trances 4=talk to local spirits
Worship spirits of local land or dead or nature for advice and help
Descended from the spirits of nature and local petty divinities
Great misty lands of herdsmen and hunters deal in furs and horn and amber

4 Death Kingdom Tribes (Any) Doombringers
Clans d4 1=Doom Lords 2=Slayers 3=Death Hammers 4=Grimfangs
Custom d4 1=execute the wicked 2=bury the dead 3=protect graves 4=kill necromancers
Worship the grim reaper and objects to unnatural powers interfering with death
Kingdom of ancient necromancer ruins planning to destroy all who don't worship death

5 Dragon Land 
Tribes (Any) Dragon Kings
Clans based on draconic colours and linked to climate eg d4 1=white 2=red 3=black 4=blue
Customs d4 1=feed dragons 2=protect dragons 3=kill dragon foes 4=give dragons gifts
Worship a local dragon probably for many generations
Descended from dragons, dragon beast men and other creatures
Remnants of a draconian empire that flourished at the end of the age of darkness

6 Beast 
Tribes (Any) Beast Lords
Clans based on species in area eg d6 1=fish 2=lion 3=wolf 4=horse 5=hyena 6=ox
Customs d4 1=eat humans 2=give gifts to beastmen 3=aid injured animals 4=shun cities
Worship a animal type and various magical forms, spirits and related humanoid hybrids
Descended from the totem animals allied with magical beasts and beastmen
Actually one on the most widespread and common tribes allied to various local animals

7 Plant Tribes (Any) Tree Lords
Clans based on plant species eg 1=Oak Tree 2=Grass or grain 3=flower 4=Mushroom
Customs d4 1=avoid harming trees 2=only eat plants 3=avoid fire 4=plant seeds
Worship the great cosmic world tree that holds up the sky and supports all kinds of beings
Descended from a totem plant spirits of grass, trees, seaweed and other plant types
Live off land in wilderness areas richly seeded in fruit and animal attracting plants

8 Ancestral Tribes (Any) The cults of man
Worship ancestral humanoids d6 1=dwarfs 2=giants 3=
elves 4=titans 5=trolls 6=gods 
Custom d4 1=boast superiority 2=brotherly to humanoids 3=shun iron 4=always know best
Worship the original proper humanoid ancestor who parented your race
Descended from a prehistoric supernatural humanoid race worshiped as ancestors
Many of these tribes live near ruins of previous ancestors they worship

9 Earth 
Tribes (Any) Lords of the Eastern Mountains
Clans d4 1=Cave kin 2=Mountain Kin 3=Stone kin 4=Crystal Kin
Customs d4 1=don't defile soil 2=plant trees 3=collect rocks 4=crafting
Worship all manner of minerals, land formations, the cosmic mountain, the source of life
Descended from 
Subterranean earth and mineral abhumans in deep caverns
Agrarian tribes in great mountain chain with huge hill forts and cattleherds

10 Air 
Tribes (Any) Lords on the Frozen North
Clans d4 1=Sky Clan 2-Storm Clan 3=Wind Clan 4=Lightning Clan
Custom d4 1=scream madly at foes 2=hurl wicked into pits 3=sing often 4=use perfume
Worship all manner of atmospheric and sky gods and the gulfs between things
Descended from peoples who came from kingdoms of the sky
Tribes of the frozen lands who sail by ship and sled and raid the southern civilizations

11 Fire 
Tribes (Any) Lords of the Burning South
Clans d4 1=Sacred Flame 2=Burning Embers 3=Blessed Hearth 4=Flaming Blades
Customs 1=burn the wicked 2=burn sacrifices 3=burn incense 4=burn the dead
Worship all kinds of fires and flaming spirits including salamanders and elementals
Descended from peoples who came from the fiery hearts of mountains in the depths
Tribes of the great desert wasted who raid the river valley cities and farmers

12 Water 
Tribes (Any) Lords of the Western Ocean
Clans d4 1=Sea People 2=Lake People 3=River People 4=Marsh People
Customs d4 1=drown the wicked 2=bathe often 3=dont pollute water 4=throw first fish back
Worship marine and water creatures and gods and spirits
Descended from water spirits, fish folk and other species who came to fight on the surface
Tribes of the great oceans and lakes of the west, great fishermen and traders

13 Hell Kingdom 
Tribes (LE) Devilspawn
Clans d4 1=Devils Legion 2=Hell Lords 3=Hounds of Hell 4=The Fallen
Customs d4 1=praise devils 2=give tithe to devils 3=give blood to hell 4=obey contracts
Worship devils and the nobility of hell who govern and torment the dead
Descended from devils called from hell to end the last age of chaos
Live in ruins of hellish fortifications, scheming to control neighbors with trade and war

14 Abyssal Kingdom 
Tribes (CE) Demonspawn
Clans d4 1=Screaming Swarm 2=Madmen Horde 3=Lords of the Abyss 4=Demon Brothers
Customs d4 1=grab for power 2=kill the weak 3=torture prisoners 4=always lie and deceive
Worship demons and their nobility and evil alied gods who dwell in the shattered realms
Descended from demons, failed hell spawn and slaves brought from the abyss
Survivors of chaos warbands who live in the foulest places others dare not

 Tribes of Paradise (LG) Heavenly Hosts
Clans d4 1=Golden Legion 2=Fire from Heaven 3=Celestial Horde 4=Heavens Guard
Customs d4 1=never lie 2=punish the wicked 3=help the poor 4=give tithe to the gods
Worship the gods and spirits who maintain the celestial city at the centre of creation
Descended from angels and minions of heavens who were sent to save creation
Survivors of the hosts of heaven who married mortals and guard ancient relics from evil

Arcadian Tribes (CG) The Mistlands
Clans d4 1=Eternal Feasters 2=Guards of Unearthly Delight 3=Victory Horde 4=Revellers
Customs d4 1=celebrate with feasts 2=accept gambles 3=attend orgies 4=get drunk lots
Worship the gods, spirits and animals in the gardens, forests and feast halls of the heavens
Descended from guardians and virtuous dead returned to help the living long ago
Hedonistic who folk who tolerate mixing of all kinds of wild beings celebrating life together

Nightmare Kingdom Tribes (CE) 
Clans d4 1=Laughing Maniacs 2=Nightmare Lords 3=The Null Horde 4=The Gloom Guard
Customs d4 1=dress creepily 2=stalk victims 3=gloomy 4=moody
Live in fear of nightmare realm beings haunting them, entities feed from your fear
Descendants from people ruled by nightmare beings and spirits and demons
A kingdom of warring kingdoms that produces a surplus of heartless mercenaries

 Dream Kingdom Tribes (CG)
Clans d4 1=Phantasmal Horde 2=Dream Lords 3=Somnambulists 4=Spectral Legion
Customs d4 1=tell wild stories 2=reward the worthy 3=pretend to be happy 4=hide things
Live in contact with illusionary dream lands where anything imaginative can happen
Descended from people that came from dreamlands to re settle the barren earth
A Idyllic kingdom of wonders where magic is tolerated, feared by neighboring kingdoms

 Tribes of Chaos (C) The Hordes of Disorder
Clans d4 1=Cosmic Cancers 2=Lords of Entropy 3=Primal Spawn 4=Old Ones
Customs d4 1=break things 2=burn books 3=respect nothing 4=anarchic
Worship the bubbling mass of primal chaos and holy disorder
Descended from chaos warbands unleashed on the world ocasionaly raise a hoa

20 Tribes of Law (L) The Infinite Legions
Clans d4 1=Singularity Horde 2=Lords of Order 3=Unitarians 4=Eternal Stasis
Customs d4 1=document everything 2=lots of meetings 3=keep schedules 4=never lie
Worship the brilliant arrow of time and stop time unfolding in eternal stasis
Descended from champions of law that came to earth to fight

Default is woven grass sandals and skimpy loincloth
Roll once on each of these

01 Huge beards and moustaches, well cared for
02 Headband of leather, cloth or metal denoting rank
03 Torc of metal and ornate, denotes status
04 Collar, neck bands, locked manacle ring, necklaces
05 Facial scarification, tattoos or facial pant for various occasions
06 Cover face with cloth especially in public
07 Cap helm with totem symbol, beast or horns
08 Ornate tribal hat identifying your tribe, all peoples have a distinctive hat
09 Mask often fearsome but possibly different ones for occasions
10 Full helmet often decorated with face of beast, creature or skull

Arm Gear

01 Rings on fingers 
02 Metal arm bands or bracers
03 Arm rings or bracelets
04 Gloves hands or up to forearms
05 Leather armbands with hidden small knife or stash
06 Tattoos or scaring on arms
07 Long sleeves
08 Spiked or edged arm bands
09 Armbands with pouches or dagger
10 Wristband with compass design for navigation and telling the time

Leg Gear

01 Strap on chaps or legging
02 Armoured greaves
03 Dagger strapped to leg or thigh

04 Sandals woven from grass or hair
05 Leather moccasins or shoes
06 Knee high boots or thigh high boots
07 Tattoos or ritual scarification
08 Strap on spurs or spiked boots
09 Pouches strapped to legs
10 Trousers

01 Hero harness straps across chest with pouches and weapons
02 Breastplate, ornate or moulded to muscle tone or with face or beast design
03 Tattoos or scarification
04 Cloth or hide or woven coat or jacket +1AC
05 Cloak light or heavy furs +1AC
06 Belt with pouches, weapons and equipment
07 Backpack loaded with equipment
08 Chainmail shirt +3AC
09 Light cloth or woven shirt
10 Large ornate necklaces of trophies like ears, fingers, teeth, coins

d20 Weapons Materials
1-10 Most weapons are stone or animal teeth with wooden hafts and break on a roll of 1
, can be magic up to +111-14 Obsidian weapons break like stone but can be magic up to +2
15-17 City people use bronze
 and can be magic up to +2
18-19 Wizards use Iron, it harms some supernatural creatures and can be  magic up to +2
20 Steel comes from star stones and can be magic up to +3
Only semiprecious stones can be cut by most people but ancients had better gems
Most hafts made or wood or bone, good wood is rare in the wasteland

d10 Best Primary Weapon
01 Pole Axe d10 2H
02 Great Sword d10 2H
03 Battle Axe d8
05 Sword d8
06 Spear d8
07 Composite Bow d8
08 Lance d10 from mounted or 2H on foot
09 Mace d8
10 Maul or Great Hammer d10 2H

d10 Secondary Weapon 
01 Shortsword d6 1in6 chance you have x2
02 Handaxe d6 1in6 chance you have x2
03 Sling d4 or staff sling d8
04 Javelin d6 4 or Darts d3 x2d4
05 Shortbow d6 x20 shots
06 Lasso or Net or Whip or bolo
07 Knives d3 x2d3 or Dagger d4
08 War Club d6 or sticks d4 xd4
09 Hammer d6 or War Hammer d8 or flail d6 or warflail 2d4
10 Shuriken d3 xd4 or Chakra d6

d10 Best Tribal Armour

1 Leather suit AC+1
2 Hide suit and cap AC+3
3 Naked with heavy cloak, cap and shield +3
4 Naked with shield, leg greaves and cap +3
5 Boiled Leather chest plate and cap and shield+3
6 Scale, Studded or Scale vest with cap and shield +5
Scale shirt, full hem, shield +5
8 Boiled leather suit and shield and cap +5
Naked with greaves, bracers, cap, chest plate, shield +6
10 Chain Shirt, full hem, shield +6

d10 Customs

01 Forbid an animal they will not touch or eat or risk impurity
02 Have a traditional enemy they are obligated to kill
03 Have a traditional sacred beast they will not harrm
04 Killing wizards is the greatest honour
05 Killing monsters is the most heroic deed
06 Leading a army to pillage and destroy is best
07 The strong must conquer and enslave the weak
08 Magic is always dangerous and suspicious
09 Shun gods and those who worship their cults
10 Must always welcome travellers with hospitality

d10 Magical Thing

01 Magic hand weapon +1 with name and a gory history
02 Bundle of 12 arrows or sling stones +1
03 Potion of Strength 1d4 uses +d4 STR for one hour
04 Potion of Healing 1d4 uses 2d4 HP
05 Ancestral Fetish Idol +1 Saving throws
06 Magical piercing +d3 HP
07 Potion of Shapeshifting into tribal totem animal species for one hour
08 Magic flint ignites fires first try
09 Pelt of Animal Totem (one species) speech for ten minutes a day
10 Ancestral fragment, once a month can ask ancestor spirit a question in a ritual

d10 Favorite 
01 Totem figurine of the tribe proving your divine chieftain bloodline
02 Satchel with survival kit, water skin, week dry food, knife, flints
03 Pet animal like a mount or pack beast or guard as bonus follower
04 Follower like a slave, lover, friend or vassal as a bonus follower
05 Exorcist set of ancient holy symbol, holy water, garlic, wolvesbane, silver knife
06 Ancient hide showing where a guarded treasure buried
07 Shirt made of wizard beards collected over generations
08 Stone head from a statue seized by a grandparent sacking a city
09 Ancient crown of your clan wanted by enemies worth 500gp, was hidden in a tomb
10 Iron Sword or axe 2d4 damage, in ancient style of your clan (magic with no +)


  1. You know, it's the little things, like Air Tribes using perfume, that I love about your content. Some amazingly cool detail there, as always.


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