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d100 Feral kids for Murder Highway

These are stray children to find in the wasteland of my roadwar game. Aparently i did too many urchins for my dnd game so here is my apocalyptic roadwar cult game take.
Did see an anime where half crew of a sub were feral kids recruited by captain.

d10 Greatest Problem
1 Getting day to day food or water

2 Slavers or gangs
3 Cannibals or undead
4 Missionaries or state welfare do gooder scum
5 Dangerous mutant animals
6 Trying to find family or lost friends
7 Suffering from trauma from past abuse
8 Ignorant, problems with basic communication
9 Wants revenge on someone who wronged them
10 Seeks a safe home or shelter

d10 Favorite Thing
1 Gun or knife in good condition

2 Scrap built or rusty pipegun or shotgun
3 Hand grenade or pipebomb
4 Bags of meds
5 Doll or other common toy
6 Hat or clothing item
7 Electronic game or watch
8 Lucky charm
9 Tourist attraction merchandise or sport memorabilia
10 Photo of loved one or other loved ones item

Bonus Blood Type Table
01-38 O-positive 
39-45 O-negative 
46-79 A-positive 
80-85 A-negative 
86-94 B-positive 
95-96 B-negative 
97-99 AB-positive 
00 AB-negative

Handy for organ legging (see 49) or japanese romance

 Feral kids for Murder Highway
01 Emil Twisty, feral kid with dingo and razor boomerang, unable to speak except in growls
02 Lorna Dune, sole survivor of sprawling abandoned bunker complex, desperate for food 
03 Tweedle Cruize, lives in buried cargo pod of military drone parts he controls toll choke point on local roads
04 Lyrol Sin, roams wastes with grenade launcher looking for gangs to purge for Jesus
05 Elly Comal, lives with mutant dingoes in wrecked burred schoolbus
06 Barney Googler sells data he hacks, lives in ruined mobile phone tower
07 Zora Katar, ex gang brat runaway pretends to be needy to infiltrate others for her crew
08 Minga Zin, mutant prodigy with weird powers but no visible afflictions, hunted by corps
09 Carter Halo, vigilante kid gang leader, kills ppl who hurt kids or comunities
10 Zero Thule, collects scrap from gang battles and building own motorbike, wannabe street samurai 
11 Gogal Sokolov, runs a communist youth gang in a sewer system, dreams of world wide revolutionary utopia
12 Mindy Keller, sickly girl needs meds, infected with necrovirus will zombify on death
13 Billy Zan, Scrap dealer lives in trash heap, sells parts and grilled rats to travellers
14 Sunny Klaw, trying to grow crops in the waste to survive, needs corp seed stock
15 Vinny Shanker, wants to be a trashside pimp and fixer, offers to hook travellers up with dealers and traders
16 John Prester, leads a youth gang in a ruined underground carpark, claims is the promised land foretold  
17 Eggbert Dodger, fat kid sells fried dough to travellers with various sauces and jams
18 Patty Melon. bitter sour faced kid with knack for finding food in wastes
19 Gilbert Drake, good at fixing things and helps local mechanics for food scraps
20 Karen Gleaner, has a knack for finding lost sheep and collects wool scraps from wire fences and vegetables from abandoned fields
21 Arnold Scrap-King, ride a bike, wears cool glasses, smokes cigars, sells guns and ammo found after gang battles
22 Kim Mindaburra, collects fuel left from wrecks or abandoned cars or anything parked too long she sells for food
23 Katie Flax, rides a sail powered trike across the waste she built herself looking for her family
24 Bindi Gundaburra, lives with mutant crocs she lures travellers into their billabong to feed them
25 Steve Gnasher, young cannibal collects dead from battles, barley talk and hates adults
26 Fanny Hill, wants to lead kids revolt against everyone over 12 who broke the world
27 Corky Screama, lives with mutant emus in wastes and raids farmers grain and crops 
28 Fatty Chumbucket, cooks best rat stew and other waste delights, a gifted cook, dreams of owning a roadhouse
29 Elise Fourfiveone, escaped corporate clone suspicious of anyone clean or with a job 
30 Pricilla Davenport, lost socialite brate with huge reward for finding when parents VIP airship crashed
31 Manny Flange, lives with feral goats and sells milk to travellers
32 Petey Liar, likes to tell big lies to get attention but sometimes he is right ut nobody believes him. Will tell at least two huge lies before a lucrative truth
33 Troy The Invincible, a unnaturally lucky mutant lots of people want to keep around but they cant catch him
34 Glory Jones, devoutly religious cult survivor likes to preach but is a good medic
35 Porky Cutler, expert at fishing knows best spots and how to avoid mutants and ghouls
36 Arkala Gibbara, lives with her mutant bull terrier Ripper, big enough for her to ride
37 Soma Tailor, sells chems and has her own drug lab after her gang was killed by cops
38 Villi Scar, ex gang tough, needs a new gang as old ones are gutless losers
39 Simon Granita, will do anything for sweets and get into all kinds of terrible adventures
40 Frankie Ray, wants to be a cyborg but is too young, wants to hang around with any borgs and has some scrap limbs they found already
41 Harriet Placebo, escaped from lab carrying a valuable antibody in blood, all she knows is corps out to cannibalise her
42 Violet Creasy, 
43 Bingo McGuffin, carries a chip stole off a suit and wants someone to help sell to the corp who will kill to get it back
44 Elfin Squeeze, cave clan kid from sewers, leads rag tag gang into the deep to avoid adults
45 Bunny Nguyen, lives in ruined van with various animatronic plush toys some she has programmed to kill
46 Vance Cleaver, sells bushmeat and expert hunter, skinner and haggler
47 Prettyboy Cutler, expert with knife throwing and climbing gets into all kinds of trouble and follows interesting troublemakers
48 Flash Pyro, loves arson and likes to burn parked cars and houses, nobody wants him around
49 Johnny Heart, has become a organlegger and has a secret fridge hidden in a ruin. Likes to DNA test travellers and check market value for organs
50 Plucky Johnson, rich brat ran away from home to catch and train mutant pets, robs travellers with pets for food
51 Albert Juicepig, makes goon, grog and hooch for gangs from rotten garbage

52 Chip Raffle, runs gambling den and has hired several huge morons to be body guards
53 Albert Tanner, has evidence of cult leaders crimes and on the run, wants someone to help him destroy the cult
54 Finn the Tunnel Rat, knows secret entrance to local settlement but charges
55 Lloyd Green, knows a secret fertile area were he communes with mutant plants 
56 Percy Chickenlegs, catches wild birds and sells cooked as bush chicken in various forms
57 Plucky Boner, collects roadkill and scraps for a hidden biofuel converter and sells food, carries a hatchet, cleaver and butchers tools and filthy sacks
58 Clag Pasteface, mutant child with hideous face wants cosmetic surgery and dreams of schemes like heists to afford or to blackmail or hack a automed station
59 Sally Crumb, hears alien voices that guide her uncannily and when near people see all kinds of strange lights since she disappeared and returned
60 Alfie Stabber, lil gang punk threatens everybody and harasses women even though only  years old
61 Yoruba Abdalla, escaped African war by boat thinks the Oz wasteland is easy living, wears necklace of severed hands and carries machete, assumes cops would kill or recruit him
62 Squealer McGreggor, sells info to the cops and hated by gangs but secretly they all use him for info on rivals and nobody touches him
63 Pauli Scrag, loves explosives and has been miking own gelignite and molitovs and pipe bombs he can use to blow up cars
64 Miranda Fontaine, used by a corp hitman for years before he was killed, she has money, high tech guns and some cyborg implants and is looking for a new father figure as the last few she had too kill
65 Keeble Biafra, raised by underground freedom fighters and now revolutionary propaganda 
graffiti but dreams of hijacking a radio station to get word out
66 Oscar MacKosh, likes to club loners and rob them and has it down to a fine art, always has escape route and huge bag of weed
67 Gloria Fang, carries a machete and has a pet feral cat as big as a pitbull, her humpy is decorated with rotting severed heads
68 Corinda Haffenfatner, carries a shotgun and wears a tophat and loves magic tricks
69 Zanr Gregor, a gothic mutant people shoot at thinking he is a zombie, he is a talented all round artist and poet and his lair has amazing decor
70 Ludvig Crane, a child with rare vampire strain of necrovirus but only in early stages. Phobic of sunlight and starting to drink blood, strong for age
71 Abe Skull Kicker, has invented a new wasteland sport all the kids in area playing and network tv interested in buying him

72 Ola Pavlova, makes amazing clothes from trash and the mutants in the local dump are extraordinarily stylish
73 Pan Fiddler, plays lots of instruments and even charms wild animals so he can shoot and eat them
74 Corey Mirrorshades, is the coolest kid ever on his bike with leather jacket and snappy one liners. He expects to rule the wastes one day but for now he will follow any cool adults to learn
75 Smeghead, hideous kid eats garbage, rats and stray dogs. Barley speaks but knows location of a underground airforce base but nobody listens
76 Laura Gumby, good natured kindly child saved several people from burning wrecks so locals feed her and look out for her
77 Binny Matabunga 
78 Donny Turtlestien, wants to be a mutant ninja tortoise and lives in sewer with home made weapons and armour but he might follow a new hero if meets one
79 Billy Blag, plays the guitar and sings revolutionary folk songs urging commoners to rise up and burn civilization down
80 Wolfy Jones, expert tracker, hunter and hooligan for hire, terrified of school and baths, wears dog furs
81 Stinky Pukefinger, brews foul concoctions that keep mutants and gangs away from his treasure trash heap
82 Sarah Manly, actually has memories of elderly billionaire in a failed immortality scheme but family dumped in the desert and scammed all the money. Needs dupes to help get money back and pretends to be nice and helpless
83 Cara Klanley, bosses around a hopless mutant clan who would starve without her guidance but she is getting sick of them, good planner and problem solver
84 Barron Gordon, rich brat dumped in wastes in failed kidnapping and awaiting rescue that will never come because family killed in corporate wars
85 Silky Catspaw, expert thief trained by a gang but has run away to wastes to start her own gang or find own opportunities
86 Bullfrog Barnes, a mutant warty kid who ex cells at swimming and diving and has found a airforce bomber in a salt lake bed he hopes to loot one day with help
87 Patsy Blaze, pyrokinetic escaped from corp psionics lab and on the run
88 Pandora Corman, has an entity from ovrspace inhabiting her and on occasion it leaves her body to massacre dozens of people. She seems nice and harmless and clean and doesn't remember her protector
89 Ripper McGaw, has a high tech hand chainsaw and like to chop stuff up for fun including anyone who crosses him
90 Clarrissa Peeble, a witches daughter who has been developing her own powers and has been been contacting her matriarchal spirits for training. She wants a protector and is subtle with her powers to avoid her mothers fate at the hands of an angry mob
91 Earnie Kurana, had his tribe killed but has started working as a guide and tracker and can look after himself. He is suspicious of white folk but likes to charge them money
92 Rex Cars, as a feral kid explored closed dinosaur parks and has several hand raised dinosaurs hidden in a secret wilderness location
93 Adolf Gruber, was raised by Nazis in a vault and was sole survivor from a mould outbreak. Ignorant of normal social codes but has many useful skills and is willing to adapt to reality outside and change for better or worse depending on influences

94 Jenny Keneally, wants to be a deathracer and is eager to join up with any she meets to learn the trade. She has made her own racing jumpsuit. 
95 Clive VanDorf, escapee from Rhodesia before the Zone Wars, and has been relaxing in the wastelands. Having been looked after by hippy commune he has become kinder to others and over his racist and violent past. Tries to help the weak and is huge for age
96 Percy Grimly. a hacker and child serial killer from the city fleeing an investigation. Having faked his death he pretends badly to be a wasteland survivor but wants some adults to protect him and provide access to high tech. He has an advanced military grade combat cyberdeck
97 Melanie Plover, a gifted athlete who escaped her mobster parents. Stranded in the outback she wants a new identity and revenge. She stands out with her language and speech and outback scum are circling her like predictors
98 Anton Tucker, raised by satanists tries to find victims he can lure to occult sites and haunted houses. Utterly evil and despicable but can be charming. Tries to summon demons and collect evil books
99 Sophia Marks, psionic healer who was attracted all kinds of unwanted attention from gangs and black ops from corp psi labs. She has been on the run and needs a break
100 Devlin Morris, half demon and plans to hasten the apocalypse which is going much too slow. Suspiciously cool and talented but will assume demon form when sick of adults and craves murder

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  1. Blood Type table? Yoink. This will be put to good use in my Cyberpunk 2020 Campaigns.


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