Tuesday 3 July 2018

Were Mastadon

It's Lycanthropy month! and more Usborne children's illustrations
Plus below evil meat eating elephant beast men

AC 16
HD 12+6
Humanoid ATT 3d6 rock throw or 2d4 Claw x2 + trunk grapple or a 2d6 tusk

Elephant ATT d2d6 tusk x2 or trunk grapple or 4d6 trample
MOV 12"
Can fight in negative HP up to -10HP during rage
+2 Hit and damage, no fear or moral checks during rage
Once enraged will kill till nobody is moving for a ten round turn
Defencive Abilities

+1 or better magic weapon, silver or fire to hurt to hurt in monster form
Bites cause lycanthropy if wounded victim lost half HP in battle
Diseased victims become normal weremastadon or die if demihumans 

Elephant form will charge for double tusk damage or trample or grapple
As humanoids they use claws and tusk or grapple
If grappled automatically can trample or claw the next round or throw them 2"
They have 21 STR for trunk and some use weapons like mauls instead of claws

In human form they are large, hairy, hungry and grumpy with often red hair
In humanoid form they are hideous elephant like horrors
In mastodon form they look malevolent and angry
As humans they are a 10th level in a class and can cast spells as humanoids
Custom armour for each form is possible

d10 Antics
1 Blockade the village attacking any who come of go
2 Destroying houses with people in them at night
3 Destroying roads and blocking them with trees
4 Blockading a water crossing and attacking anyone who wants water
5 Murdering ivory collectors and hunters and ivory carvers
6 Has a fanatic cult of cavemen hunters who want to be mastodon too
7 Has studied wizardry from cave paintings in glacial cliffs
8 Raiding orchards and gardens eating everything good
9 Demands treasure food and mates or kills travellers
10 Throwing huge rocks at travellers, eating horses and people

d10 Gossip

1 They have found allot of crushed people on the highway of late
2 Several houses have collapsed by nigh of late killing all inside
3 The wizard has been in his tower for days I wonder why he wont come out?
4 The peanut nut stand was crushed and his store house robbed who dunnit?
5 They hate humans and are just plan nasty

6 On a murder spree against everyone human fo no reason!
7 They love the taste of human livers and hearts or just mashed up flesh and blood
8 Every full moon something hurls huge rocks at the church from the woods
9 I saw a hideous tentacled faced horror with huge bat wing ears and giant teeth
10 Something has been breaking into barns eating all the grain stores and the animals

d10 Variants

1 It is a depraved sorcerer born of beast ancestral spirit bloodlines
2 It is a pagan priest with beserker followers from some far off land
3 It is a Machiavellian assassin and spy sent to destabilise the nation

4 It is an important noble and any who defy them is killed by the beast
5 It wears plate armour for hybrid form, followers and arms of a warrior lord
6 A chaos tainted mutant has d4 minor and 1 major mutation in all forms 
7 If killed it returns as a spectre a d4 rounds later
8 This one is half troll and regenerates 1HP per round unless with fire or silver
9 It is now undead with the negative energy drain of a wight
10 It is also now a undead vampire with those abilities also 

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  1. "Ghosts became more unpleasant and dangerous the longer they were dead..."


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