Monday, 2 July 2018

Great Werewolf

More Useborne supernatural inspired monster fun for lycanthrope month

Unrelated to the problem where a charitable person like i dunno Jesus bites you and you become a philanthrope or a mean selfish bastard bites you and you become a misanthrope.

Thinking i need to do a werewolfwars or beast wars
would beastmen get persecuted in werewolf war?
do they get along?
plus i have spirit animal folk changelings
and talking intelligent magic animals
so maybe a beastwars post
plants and mushrooms can have a go later
were direwolf size of an ogre anyone?
Or ogres that turn into Pleistocene monsters

Great Werewolf**

AC 17
HD 8+8
ATT d8 Claw x2 + 2d4 Bite + Beserk
MOV 18" (No Terrain penalties)
Can fight in negative HP up to -10HP during rage
+2 Hit and damage, no fear or moral checks during rage
Once enraged will kill till nobody is moving for ten rounds
Defensive Abilities

Regenerate 1HP per round any wound not caused with silver or holy weapon
+2 or better magic weapon to hit as non human form or silver or fire to hurt
Only silver severing spine or cutting out piercing heart or brain will kill

Bites cause lycanthropy if wounded victim fails save after surviving fight
Diseased victims become normal werewolves or die if demihumans
Its children are normal were wolves
Wolf Mastery

Charm up to 8 wolf beings by eye contact 
d8 companions present when unprepared
Includes wolves, werewolves, wolf beastmen, dire wolves, winter wolves
Can speak to any wolf like being
Human Form

They can change at will and use any transition they can imagine
They can use armour and weapons and have a bite attack for exampleThe can cast class spells if not beserk and semi humanoid bipedal at least
As humans they have Track, Listen, Survival, Smell, Listen skills
They live forever unless killed, many are cult or pack leaders
If killed and body intact they often arise as a wight or vampire the next night
All have same HP as human form and most are 8HD fighters or another class
Mostly they are genius and cunning so will avoid going beserk unless trapped and losing or in negative HP but once berserk last one turn or ten rounds. When berserk they are more vulnerable and cant use spells or effective tactics. They are willing to attack flee and return over time regenerating and infecting victims deliberately and wasting charmed allies then come back with more.

d10 Antics

1 Has taken a ruined castle as a lair with its horrible pack
 It came here to fight an ancient vampire enemy, we are just pawns 3 Taken over a cave complex which it returns too every few hundred years
4 Leads a coven of evil druids and promises to make the area a wilderness again
5 Has moved into the town as a merchant who deals with caravans mostly
6 Has been practicing necromancer in a local forgotten crypt
7 Has kidnapped a local attractive youth as a mate
8 Murders all the local militia, sheriff, bailiffs and anyone who could resit
9 Spreading lycanthropy so it can be ruler leader eventually
10 Here to kill everyone in town for killing it's loved one or child

d10 Gossip
1 Those greatest are chosen by evil gods or worshipped enough might evolve into bestial demons
2 Only the most wicked and heroic werewolves of divine bloodlines become great ones
3 These powers are granted by evil gods to spread lycanthropy
4 So many wolves and werewolves in the area now, something is leading them
5 They were created in wars against humans by fairy long ago
6 All the great werewolves alive were created thousands of years ago
7 Maybe whoever the beast is they are among us!
8 Lots of local dogs and horses are missing now wonder whats wrong
9 Someone needs to call for a priest to investigate all these murders
10 A god must be dipleased to have sent this horror amongst us

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