Saturday 7 July 2018

Review Time and some projects

I got This awesome review thanks
Probably not my favorite work and least likely to be revised plus I think i forgot to number pages. I guess all my books are unfinished fan works in progress. Most I intend to revise with more content and if possible kickstart the better ones to pay for editing and artwork.

Most of the books take 1-2 days to layout. Editing for me is slower than writing the damn thing and not really pleasant and in some cases makes me not want to write. I have not returned to writing like I did before 4 days correcting some errors in Psychon. If anyone does foolishly feel the urge to edit for me the best way is to mark up a pdf. Page numbers doesn't work as with a big book some edits will throw out page and line numbers. I worked for three newspapers and a uni marketing dept making journals and we used pdfs.

Proper content pages fairly high priority for future revisions

I don't mind repeating some content in books as I might have several books open at the same time for different things at the table.

My Patreon Page is a few books ahead of what is on my downloads page here and several one sheet dungeon zines at the moment. Because of patrons at certain tiers im making a dungeon zine and a book a month at the moment. Still thinking of a suitably $5 reward as Ive had one patron request for content. Polls seem best way of sourcing what ppl want there. Space book and Redbrick dungeon book are available on Patreon now.

Will be doing a mutant manual with all my revised mutation tables and mutant class this month. Hopefully one on beastmen abhumans in future too if I get some more beastmen descriptions done (they are work take 3x longer than most blogs)

Id like to revise my treasure book, gothic book (needs gothic geomorphs which sounds like work) and my murder hobo book as I have lots of new murder hobo content and drew some lady murder hobos. Goatquest still a hopeful. Hoping on a zine of lairs too. A zine of villages might be nice. I wanna do a big map of post ruin Broken Hill too soon.

Im about 12 posts away from making something for general release again.

My other dungeon zones need more work so might start writing to focus on one of my planned dozen books on this, will probably do a poll. Should start some zines on my rule system i can compile together later.

I have goals of using LuLu but the hardcovers are in US inches and not sure If I want to rework book or need to? Nobody offered anything useful on this. I could just experiment. I struggle to afford hard copies which helps editing alot so will buy more Ink and get some test prints.

Will be paying for completion space book cover then will commission a new cover possibly for Xor or psychon. Meeting a artist I hope to copy his sketchbook and possibly colour in Sydney.

More interested in writing some cthulhu stuff but it is more research driven and slow now I have 7th ed and mostly buying and playing CoC now. I'm lucky to get dnd a few games a quarter.

Im away working for 2 weeks shortly so mostly writing in that time.

Current to do list of blogs:
Lizardmen breeds
Mythos museum fillers
Meat mages
Global villains for modern era

As always requests welcome.


  1. Maybe I didn't search for the right thing but could you do a d100 list of wizard/sorcerer appearance? I like my evil wizards to all look different and one of your great lists would be helpful! Sorry if you did one and I missed it.


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