Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Patreon Launch

I've finally done it

Basicly to motivate me to do more compilations of stuff from here and make some money so i can buy art for future projects - Psychon and Xor need art to really shine

Im also minimise my use of modern living creators art on this blog now im becoming commercial so mostly wierd historic work stolen from poor museums and collections rather than living artists and possibly more of my terrible illos of octopus kids.

Will be adding buttons and updating links here too...

Next kids will have me twittering and instagramming...

Ive never read a tweet i cared for and seems mostly for propagating hatred and celeb gossip but i could be convinced. Instagram and deviant might be worth using i just don't wanna re upload my 32000 flickr pix. I could do a whole patreon on my non gaming stuff too but im still on holiday from art world.

Currently starting faerie war posts based on my 50 odd votes on G+

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