Sunday 26 November 2017

d100 Mysterious Enemy Hooks

Some art for my next publication. Will do some original art and redo all my murder hobo posts in one spot. Meet Rarg the barbarian, Father Happy, Stabby and Zippo. Once they were typical nice adventurers but years of drinking, sleeping in dungeons and mass murder have changed them.

Also have a vote on G+ for next war zone and faeries winning so far....

So Mysterious patrons got some kind comments from readers so this is the inverse. A secret jerk is doing stuff to cause the party trouble. Blatantly and deliberately.

d10 Means of secrecy and delivery

01 Urchin messenger throws items through window or at head
02 Thrown off passing vehichle so almost hits character
03 Wrapped like gift delivered by cheerful courier
04 Theives guild agents deliver by sneaking into bedroom
05 Delivered by plague carrying beggar
06 Dagger with note stuck in bedhead or house in morning
07 Dropped through room with a crash
08 Found with a corpse in lodgings
09 Robe wearing fanatic agent fights to death if stopped
10 Clerk from a law firm who knows nothing

d10 Enemy Goals

01 To ruin adventurers lives
02 To slander adventurers and publicly shame them
03 To stp party interfering in schemes of plotting villains
04 To stop upstarts with sudden wealth disrupting social order
05 To protect secretive cults from interference
06 To prevent humankind from discovering long lost secrets
07 To prevent the economy becoming enriched with treasure
08 To get revenge for stoping some villains past scheme
09 To prevent part becoming successful or wealthy
10 To please other planar force of wickedness

d10 Enemy is...
01 A scheming cult leader
02 A shapeshifting creature in disguise
03 A noble scheming against upstarts
04 A wealthy sadistic merchant
05 A corrupt government official
06 A pre human monster boss
07 A former adventurer hoping to toughen party up
08 A powerful evil high priest
09 A criminal mastermind
10 A wizard who hates everything that party does

d100 Mysterious Enemy Hooks
01 Dead animal in bed
02 Headless chicken and blood nailed to door
03 Dead stray dog or cat you were friiendly to
04 Corpse of some commoner you talked to earlier
05 Picture of a loved one stuck with dagger on wall
06 Poison fruit basket
07 Pickled human head in jar
08 Gallons of blood in bed
09 Childs corpse, mother nearby calling
10 Youth noble corpse in bed, baillff knocking at door

11 Spirit trapped in bottle released in lodgings
12 Invisible creature bites character in home

13 Stirge nest in attic
14 Rats swarm through floor attacking in home
15 Monster bursts through floor
16 Hit by poison needle in public place
17 Shot with arrow by sniper
18 Targeted with destructive spell
19 Succubi or incubi sent to seduce character
20 Giant spider enters house at night
21 Someone releases giant snake into house
22 Gang of hired thugs attack party in public
23 Tax man investigates party for fraud or evasion
24 Militia investigate party for murder
25 Tribe of monsters swear to kill party
26 Assassins try to kill in house at night
27 Someone leaves a seige mine on party residence at night
28 Someone releases green slime inty privy chamber
29 Some one slips adictive drugs into characters food and drink
30 Noble house given evidence party murdered a kinsman
31 Evil cult given information party out to get them
32 Dark elf treehouse destroyed in fire, party blamed by fake evidence
33 Party accused of drug trafficking
34 Church investigate party for heresey
35 Witchunter had anonymous tip party up to no good
36 Party reported to espionage, papers hidden in party acomidation
37 Witness tells secret police party plotting treason
38 Lodgings set on fire
39 Assassins await party outside next dungeon
40 Bandit group give parties name during heists
41 Wanted cultist robes, masks and bloody daggers left in party house
42 Someone puts plague tainted goods in party house
43 Characters horse or pe attacked
44 Characters follower beaten
45 Party recieve death threats
46 Someone writing slander about party on city walls
47 Terrible gossip spread about party
48 Bard composing lampoon about characters adventures
49 Duelist provokes fight with party in public with abuse
50 Play being performed about party scandalous cowardice and incompetence 
51 Comedic puppet show popular about characters being awful people
52 Someone in neighborhood spreading gossip party killing missing people
53 Knight told character acused him of being coward
54 Popular comedy song about party is a hit
55 Spellbook delivered with contact poison on pages
56 Treasure Map delivered directing party to trap
57 Treasure Map to lair of impoverished vampire lair
58 Witches hired to curse party
59 Someone murdering elves or dwarves leaving fake hateful note from party
60 Someone tries to trick party into kidnapping someones family member
61 Sewer workers bribed to flood party hangout with human waste
62 Someone told a dragon party killed it's son
63 Dangerous traps placed in party residence
64 Dangerous spores put in roof and basement of residence
65 Horse and cart try to run character down
66 idol wanted by cult hidden on characters possetions
67 Family member of character threatened
68 family member of party assaulted
69 Rabid dog attacks in street
70 Theives guild robbed, party blamed
71 Assasin guild members murdered party blamed
72 Cursed magic items sent as gifts
73 Given deed of haunted house
74 Hobbit village raided and burned left clues naming party
75 Someone burned orphanage and blamed party
76 Seduced by diseased prostitute sent by enemy
77 Investigation into kidnapping cult party blamed by victim
78 Shadows sent by witch attack party in sleep
79 Water weird released in characters privy
80 Elemental attacks and destroys lodging
81 Devil in disguise tries to trich character into selling soul
82 Devil tempts character with desires
83 Gremlins set loose in character lodgings who follow party
84 Imp invisibly harrasses party with pranks
85 Demon attacks party while at home
86 Party find treasure island map, ship abandons them 
87 Party of doppelgangers copy party and behave badly
88 Mimic let into party house
89 Evicted from house, landlord threatened with death
90 Exile from city or kingdom because ruler told lies
91 Next place travelled to have heard party trouble
92 Find wanted posters with outrageous reward for party
93 Friend polymorphed into a medusa
94 Next dungeon entered has entry collapsed by workers
95 Next place characters attack is prewarned
96 Next place character attack has extra mercenaries
97 Suicide bomber charges party shouting "death to evil ones"
98 Church burned down anf priests killed, party investigated
99 Party cloned in secret, clones awake to hunt and kill originals
100 Golem attacks party home from sewers

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