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d100 Draconic Loot

When dragons become commonplace during a swarm or plague or planned invasion, draconic items become more commonplace and mostly cheaper. Except anti dragon relics and items they become more expensive. This is a list of the kind of crap in magic shops during such a event. Feel free to increase costs when dragons not under every rock or behind every cloud. Price varies from size and breed also. Prices here for shop price, they only pay about a third at best for dragon giblets and gore. Many Items are fit to be enchanted as if mithril or adamantine or meteoric steel. You might have a shop specializing in dragon gimmick stuff too. Some of these goods are actually from dragon cultists. Of course that guy has a dragon cult robe he bought it as a curio from the dragon shop, honest.

Will do draconic mutations, spells and missions yet as Im still feeling out my warzone tables concept more.

d10 Quick Dragon Item Types
01 Fresh body parts
02 Dragon taxidermy
03 Arms
04 Armour & Clothing
05 Dragon Fluids
06 Cult Items
07 Dragon artworks
08 Dragon texts
09 Draconic potions
10 Dragonbane relics 

 Draconic Loot
01 Dragon Scales - a common souvenir 1sp-1gp depending on size and breed 
02 Dragon Tooth - on a leather cord, polished 40-200gp depending on size
03 Dragon Eye - pickled in fluid, eaten to cure eye disease or in see invisible potion 100gp
04 Dragon Penis - dried used as aphrodisiac powder or fertility charm 100gp
05 Dragon Skin - useful for leathercraft, clothes, +1 save vs dragon breath type 5gp/foot
06 Dragon Bones - make delicious soup or good for divination 10-25gp
07 Dragon Flesh - delicious rich meat, heals 1HP 20gp a meal or pound
08 Dragon Heart - if eaten makes consumer immune to fear 400gp
09 Dragon Brain - used in dragon control potions from 100gp depending on type
10 Dragonfoot umbrella stand - tasteless decor item 75gp also good for staves, wands, etc

11 Mounted Dragon Head - 300gp+ depending on type, popular in taverns or noble houses
12 Dragonclaw - often gripping a glass ball or a rail 75gp

13 Dragon Beard - in display box some think they have magic power 75gp
14 Dragon Tail - often used as door stopper or hung from roof 100gp
15 Dragon Horn - horns mounted on wood or used as military signal horn 100gp
16 Dragon Egg - insides removed, often decorated or carved by craftsmen 100gp 
17 Pickled Dragon Guts - leftovers from stuffing pickled in vinegar or brine 60gp
18 Stuffed Dragon Man -  often posed in various ways 100gp
19 Stuffed Baby Dragon - often posed in various ways 100gp
20 Stuffed Dragon -  will leave plenty of organs and meat to sell 100gp/HD
21 Dragon Claw Knife  - ornamental curved knife d3 30gp
22 Dragon Claw Dagger - ornamental curved dagger d4 45gp
23 Dragon Tooth Short Sword - ornate carved tooth with hilt d6 100gp
24 Dragon Tooth Spear - bone haft and carved tooth d8 250gp
25 Dragon Bone Light Mace - with carved head d6 100gp
26 Dragon Bone Heavy Mace - with imbedded teeth in bone d8 200gp
27 Dragon Tooth Arrow - made from bone and small tooth +1 hit and damage 25gp 
28 Dragonskin Shield - skin over wood and bone +1 vs dragon breath type 100gp
29 Dragonbone Axe - with dragon sinew fixed steel blade d8 200gp
30 Dragonbone Composite Bow - take several years with skilled crafter d8 1000gp
31 Dragon Skin Cloak - gives +1 save vs dragon breeds breath type 200gp
32 Dragon Shirt - attractive shirt or vest 85gp
33 Dragonskin Codpiece - hit with ladies, frowned by priests 75gp
34 Dragonskin Gloves - comfortable and durable 45gp 
35 Dragon Hide Belt - impressive strong belt for equipment 85gp
36 Dragon Hide Boots - durable, comfortable 100gp 
37 Dragon Trewes - comfortable dragon trousers 150gp
38 Dragon Helm - from head of small dragon +1AC & save vs dragon breath type 500gp
39 Dragon Scale Armour - AC+4 +1 save vs dragon breeds breath type 400gp
40 Dragon Bone Armour - AC+6 Mv9" +1 save vs dragon breeds breath type 650gp
41 Dragon Blood - various properties for potions or causes mutations 10gp bottle
42 Dragon Venom - causes disease if gets in open wounds as blade venom 50gp
43 Dragon Bile - stains flesh and stinks, toxic organ destroying ingested poison 100gp
44 Dragon Urine - smelly highly corrosive acid in glass bottle d6 damage 25gp 
45 Dragon Semen - preserved in chemicals can create dragon hybrids 100gp
46 Dragon Oil - rendered from fat and high quality lamp oil that is hard to put out 30gp47 Dragon Tears - makes drinker feel melancholy of dragon race, addictive 20gp 
48 Dragon Spittle - high quality lubricant 15gp
49 Dragon Ambergris - makes sweet smelling perfume 45gp
50 Dragon Sweat - feels stimulating sensation on skin 15gp
51 Dragon Cultist Cape - various colors one side, black on other 10gp
52 Dragon Cult Mask - various colours made of dyed leather 15gp
53 Dragon Lord Helm - worn by dragon cult warriors 25gp
54 Dragon Cult Prayer Scroll - illuminated vellum chant, various sects 10gp 
55 Dragon Cult Holy Text - illuminated vellum book, various sects 100gp 
56 Dragon Dung - highly flammable but smell, on a stick burns as torch 6 hours 10gp
57 Dragon Cult Coin - gold coin of ancient dragon empire used to identify members 5gp
58 Dragon Unguent - rubbed all over +1 save vs one type of dragon breath one hour 30gp
59 Dragon Oil Candle - scrapped off oil from dragon burns for 4 hours 20pg
60 Dragon Snot - in nugget or liquid form, must have some use 10gp
61 Tapestry - of a dragon fighting knights 30 foot long by 3 foot 100gp
62 Miniature Painting - fits in pocket 30gp
63 Oil Painting of Dragon - menacing chained naked youth 100gp
64 Wooden Dragon Collectible Statuette - wood or clay, fits in pocket 3gp
65 Dragon Anatomy Chart - butchery guide shows uses for body parts 50gp
66 Dragon Identification Chart - shows scouts how to tell types apart 10gp
67 Dragon Gold Pendant - decorative holding a crystal 100gp
68 Dragon Marionette - popular with the children, wooden and painted 12gp
69 Dragon Kite - popular with the children made from silk paper 5gp
70 Dragon Plush Dolly - popular with younger children, cloth and straw 1gp
71 Dragon Recipe Book - features recipes for cooking and utility 100gp
72 Dragon Fighting Manual - instructing one in combat methods 100gp
73 Dragon Language Text - from ancient times or dragon cult 100gp
74 Draconomicon - natural history of dragons by ancient scholar 100gp
75 Annals of the Dragons - history of last time dragons swarmed 100gp
76 Chronicle of Tiamat - story of dragon mothers war with  the gods 100gp
77 How to Serve Dragons - how to keep your dragon master happy 100gp
78 Lineage of the Reptilian Races -  natural history of reptiles and dragons 100gp
79 Vile Book of Dragons - stories and lewd pictures of dragon sex 100gp
80 Keeping Your Dragon - how to keep a imprisoned dragon in good health 100gp
81 Potion of Invisibility to Dragons - masks your scent from dragons not magical 100gp
82 Potion of Dragon Bait - smells delicious used to trap or on sacrifices 100gp
83 Potion of Dragon Bane - possibly smells revolting to dragons when burned 100gp
84 Potion of Bad Dragon Taste - possibly makes you taste unpleasant to dragons 100gp
85 Potion of Dragon Sleep - makes dragons feel like a nap after eaten 300gp
86 Potion of Dragon Detection - sense dragons within 300 yards (not in human form) 400gp
87 Potion of Dragon Speech - allows you to converse with dragons but not read 400gp
88 Oil of Dragon Breath Resistance - types for each breed of dragon 400gp
89 Potion of Dragon Breath - breath 2d6 dragon breath within 1" per round for a turn 400gp
90 Potion of Dragon Control - various types per breed of dragon for a 5d4 rounds 5000+gp
91 Lance of the Dragon - +1 vs dragons and draconic beings 1000gp
92 Lance of the Dragon Killer - +1+3vs dragons* 4000gp
93 Sword of Reptiles - +1 Sword +4 vs reptiles and dragons 4000gp
94 Shield of the Dragon Slayer - +1+4 vs dragons and +4 save vs dragon breathe 6000gp
95 Girdle of Dragon Friend - wearer can speak dragon and get positive reactions 4000gp 
96 Holy Symbol of Dragon Turning - lets a priest turn a dragon once per day 3000gp
97 Arrow of Dragon Slaying - kills one type of dragon once if it hits 2500gp
98 Dragon Blade - +2 and +d4 dam as if from type of dragon breath** 6000gp
99 Spear of Dragon Slaying - +2 +4 vs Dragons, double dam vs one colour* 4000gp
100 Sword of Dragon Slaying - +2 +4 vs Dragons, double dam vs one colour* 4500gp
*Intelligent, holds souls of fanatic dragon slayer who gives often unwanted advice
**Intelligent with soul of a dragon which might lie or advise depending on dragon type alignment


  1. I have got a 1d200 table that would go along nicely with the above table.


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