Sunday 12 November 2017

More human Than Human

Ive considered using a whole bunch of medieval races believed to exist by scholars from late roman times into the renaissance. Elves and dwarves are fine and all but these might ad some colour. Not really developed yet but I'm tempted to do most using my beastman class (which I use for orcs and barbarians too). The multi fingered men would be exception, I might use elves as a template instead as I like idea they are magical and skillful. Just a teaser for now.

Tribes of Man (Abhuman)
Most abhumans HD12/Lv
Night vision +1 foot Jump/lv AC9 Unarmed Attack d4
New ability at 3rd lv 5th level 7th

d20 Tribes of Strange Peoples
1 Cynocephalus - dog People -d4 bite +1jump/Lv track by scent, farm sheep ad trade
2 Ear People - naked use wings as ears 1st 1v featherfall 3rd lv glide 5th lv fly rnd/lv 7th fly at will
3 Mouthless People - lose mouth but superior scent often employed as sentries and scouts
4 Cyclops People - simple tech and simple robes but best goldsmiths, miners, at war with griffins
5 Headless People or Carnimen, face in chest, some have eyes on shoulders - chaos cannibal savages
6 Green People - Wild plant men who live off sunlight, leaves instead or hair, worship trees
7 Wild People- Wild fairy men covered in hair and worship nature dress in skins and leaves
8 Ape People - Orung tree ape men or forest apes from far away jungles
9 Cave People - Fur wearing cave savages with stone weapons, huge, sloped foreheads
10 Monkey People - can swing by tail, fast, rascally, great climbers
11 Goat People - horned goat featured men worship hell +1 d4 headbutt and +1 Jump/3Lv
12 Ten Fingers People - less HD but good magicians, wary of humans
11 Hemaphrodites - various types but most split in middle, possibly made by alchemists
12 Two Headed Men can sleep and take turns, very alert, often talk to selves
13 Pygmies can use dwarf or halfling but small people who wage war with storks and wetland birds
14 Many Armed Men - grow extra arm per level every 2 = +1ATT d10 HD
15 Hyperboreans - men of polar north immune to cold and shun armour, at 5th lv wings
16 Skraerlings - hairy wild men of polar regions who worship wendigos
17 Deluvian - can breath water, move freely in water
18 Sciopods - giant single leg and foot can use as shade or umbrella while sleeping +1 Jump"/Lv
19 Backwards Foot Men - can fun backwards using missiles, +1"MOV /Lv, leaves false trail d10 HD
20 Sciritae - snake like faces and serpentine bandy legs

lots more here

"Specula physico-mathematico-historica...." by Johann Zahn, 1696. Library Call No. Q155 .Z33 1696. Strange versions of humanity

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