Friday 3 November 2017

D100 Village Notices

Villages on Exile Island often have notices on the village store or a notice board up adjacent to the village square. Most villagers cannot read but enough can read them aloud to other to get message across. A d8 notices are pretty common.Often they are pasted up or people steal them for paper or collect them.

 Village Notices
01 Reward information to capture of local bandit gang or their hiding place
02 Reward for arrest of local highwayman
03 Reward for capture of local witch
04 Reward for recovery of lost or stolen animal usually a horse
05 Reward for recovery of missing child or person
06 Reward for recovery of stolen item or goods
07 Reward for information as to who is stirring up trouble with non humans
08 Reward for information or capture of foreign spies or saboteurs
09 Reward for capture or information on wanted traitor to the realm
10 Reward for heretic or enemy of the church

11 Sale on bulk goods available from store
12 Sale on recently born livestock from local farm

13 Sale on rusty old weapons and armour taken from monsters
14 Sale on goods seized from bandits at the sheriff office
15 Sale on medicinal herbs from local herbalist
16 Sale on almost expired army rations from militia
17 Sale on mystery meat from butcher or farmer or hunter
18 Sale on second hand clothes
19 Sale on children, would make fine apprentices or servants
20 Sale on second hand farm tools and goods 
21 Carnival day coming soon on village green
22 Market day coming soon with local produce and goods
23 Livestock auction and market coming soon
24 Auction of seized goods from bandits and monsters soon
25 Land auction coming soon 1in6 with house
26 House auction coming soon 1in6 furnished
27 Public entertainers soon d4 1=minstrels 2=circus 3=acting troop 4=freak show
28 Public performance soon d4 1=bard 2=magician 3=animal trainer 4=poet
29 Trade caravan coming with wide range of exotic goods soon
30 Country fair with livestock and produce contests soon
31 Church seeking donations of food and goods for charity
32 Church jumble sale coming soon, goods wanted
33 Wedding celebration upcoming at church
34 Visiting holy man visiting for special church notice
35 Moral crusader lecture at church soon 
36 Inquisitor visiting to find heretics, witches, werewolves or cultists
37 Church working bee, helpers required to repair church and graveyard
38 Funds needed to improve the church 
39 Fundraising dance and feast soon, beer included in entry
40 Public warning to beware or d4 1=witches 2=werewolves 3=undead 4=cults
41 Labourers required for tree felling soon
42 Labourers required for clearing rocks from land soon
43 Labourers required to strip a emptied dungeon
44 Labourers wanted to help build house or barn
45 Labourers wanted to help dig a well
46 Labourers wanted to assist adventurers excavating ruins or dungeon
47 Labourers wanted to work on roads
48 Labourers wanted to build fences
49 Labourers wanted to build bridge
50 Labourers wanted to work on noble estate
51 Able bodied men to report for militia training soon
52 Village assembly meeting soon to vote on leaders
53 Village court meeting soon to redivide farm land
54 Trial of criminal shortly all witnesses called to appear
55 Witch trial and burning soon
56 Able bodied men required to help hunt wolves in area 
57 Able bodied men required to help locate fugitives hiding in wilds
58 Court day with various petty crimes being charged and punished 
59 Execution of criminals soon, a great family day out
60 Public flogging of local soon everyone welcome
61 Sightings of elves or faerie folk to be reported to sheriff
62 Sightings of humanoid folk to be reported to sheriff
63 Sightings of beastmen to be reported to sheriff
64 Sightings of undead or hauntings to be reported to church
65 Sightings of diabolic or demonic happenings to be reported to church
66 Sightings of robed strangers by night to be reported to sheriff
67 Sightings of suspicious or foriegn folk to be reported to sheriff 
68 Sightings of monsters or their lairs to be reported to sheriff
69 Sightings the beast of the moors to be reported to sheriff
70 Sightings of strange (d4 1=dogs 2=lights 3=beasts 4=shrooms) to be reported to sheriff
71 Decree of law from kingdom rulers
72 Decree outlawed clan of nobles now wanted fugitives for treason
73 Decree of road toll increase to fund anti bandit militia
74 Decree of a tax increase for dungeon looting for adventurers
75 Decree demanding higher tax on certain goods
76 Decree forbidding commoners from certain fashion items
77 Decree that any information concerning certain artifact or relic be given to authorities
78 Decree that borders of local village being altered by state 
79 Decree that someone being knighted for some act of heroism and service to crown
80 Decree reminding commoners the tax man will be coming to visit
81 Adventurers seeking poleboys, baggage handlers and torchbearers
82 Murder Hobo band recruiting camp followers
83 Adventurers selling deed of exclusive looting to semi cleared dungeon
84 Surviving adventurer offering map or deed to dungeon that killed his party
85 Mayor seeking adventurers to sort out local problem
86 Noble seeking troubleshooters to deal discreetly with a problem
87 Church seeking pious heroes to recover goods for the church
88 Farmer has found hole on farm seeks monster hunters to explore
89 Drunk to be found in tavern offering dungeon map
90 Murder Hobo seeking young apprentices to learn on the job in local dungeon
91 Bounty from city for wizard for teaching magic unlawfuly or stealing spells
92 Bounty on druidic cult leader for attacking miners or foresters or hunters
93 Bounty from miners to catch claim jumpers
94 Bounty from sheriff for local criminal who locals quite like
95 Bounty for leader of robber knight enemies of local noble
96 Bounty for escaped criminal from the sherrif lock up
97 Bounty for mysterious rogue recruiting youths into bandit gang
98 Bounty for adventurer who has evaded taxman and is now hiding in forest
99 Bounty on orc heads 1gp each or for some other troublesome humanoid
100 Bounty for foreign hero who hides out across the border where they are respectable


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