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d100 Gossip During the Revolution

Sequel to
This is stuff people discuss in taverns during the revolt. Different sympathies, spies, raconteurs,  conservatives and radicals. This does not need treasure table like the dragon series. A follow up of a siege war zone for towns and cities under siege would work well.

Obviously some of these rumours are lies and propaganda spread by bards and spies. Some of these rumours could start the next riot. Everyday people are killed for spreading such gossip. Not picking a side makes you the enemy of both sides eventually. Just when you pick a side you hear of some awful act committed by your faction. The dungeon is looking safer every day and many flee to the wilderness to hide till the war ends. On the southern continent of the Empire perpetual revolt and civil war have shattered the empire for a decade now. The petulant sadist boy emperor has become more restrained but it is too late for peace now.

Gossip During the Revolution
01 The ruler has more sympathy for lords and foreign interests than common people
02 The nobility will say anything to maintain their privilege and cannot be trusted
03 The rich are in league with devils and have sold soul of the nation to hell
04 The rich enjoy finest food and clothes while the commoners live in filth and squalor
05 The tyrants and the rich seek to keep the poor slaves 
06 The rich have brought foreign religious ideas and keep the poor out of their churches
07 The lords of the land feasted on fine food while shooting the poor dressed as animals
08 The nobility have no idea how the poor live and believe the gods favour them
09 The rich will never learn and so we need to execute them all, long live the revolt!
10 The rich are really witches who eat babies and summon demons to keep them in power

11 The poor are ignorant filthy beasts and need the guidance of their betters
12 The mob commit awful ungodly acts of cruelty and depravity and deserve death

13 The poor are scruffy godless heathens and in the name of god need to be yoked
14 Commoners have been killing and eating bankers and merchants alive
15 The poor only act like the faithful but really worship dark pagan powers and demons
16 The poor brought their dreadful condition on themselves if only they worked harder
17 The poor dream above their god ordained station and deserve their suffering
18 If only the poor would accept their lot in life and not torment themselves with fantasy
19 All the wretched poor from servants to household cant be trusted, all plot treason
20 Filthy peasants have called for the head of our ruler may the gods smite them all
21 Witches have been seen swarming in the skies by night spreading chaos
22 A noble general has a pet clearly a devilish familiar spirit advising his cruel acts
23 Churches serving rich and poor are on fire and priests have been murdered  
24 Whole villages have been burned and the land is scattered with refugees
25 The river is choked with massacred corpses of both sides
26 Only the axe makers have benefited from all the executions on both sides
27 Foreign powers have been watching with envious eyes and waiting to invade
28 Foreign powers are terrified the revolt will spread to their lands
29 Foreign powers caused this war with agents and troublemakers
30 The mob stormed the prisons freeing cutthroats and murderers to roam the land
31 Criminals and zealots have seized power over the mob leading them to greater atrocities
32 Whole noble families have been murdered, ancient lines now gone forever
33 A great peasant leader tried to talk terms of peace but the nobles just murdered him
34 The mob have been burning rich homes full of art and fine things
35 The countryside is in ruins and will never be the same again
36 The common man is armed and nobody is safe from the mob
37 New leaders keep appearing and being replaced in coup after bloody coup
38 The ruler has invited foreign troops into the country, a gross act of treason 
39 Bandits and criminals have risen to prominence in the mob
40 Soon the mob will crown a murderer in mockery of the nobility  
41 Everyone is hungry and noble and peasant has turned to canibalism
42 The rulers are bankrupt and forcing nobles to lend money to the war effort
43 Noble armies desperate for food have been looting the countryside and the farm folk
44 Peace, land and bread has become the chant of the mob marching on the empty palaces
45 Foreign nations have promised the mob gold for their war efforts to undermine the rulers
46 Many records have been burned by the mob damaging the nobles tax revenue
47 Each day brings fresh stories of atrocities on both sides
48 The war is no longer about right and wrong, now it is just a matter of survival
49 Signs and omens of evil are being reported daily 
50 The whole court are engaged in demonic orgies and need to be killed
51 Everyone is being accused of espionage, best just lay low and don't stand out
52 Both sides have been sending adventurers to loot tombs and dungeons for war funds
53 A faction have begun issuing paper money they claim will be worth silver after the war
54 Torture and murder have become so commonplace nobody will be unscarred by the war
55 The war has turned every side utterly evil all claiming necessity for their atrocities
56 The ruler has had men steal from the church for war funds but promises he will repay
57 Common men starve and give their all, nobles still dress like fops and expect the best
58 Velvet, lace, silk and finery are signs of noble scum and will be banned by new order
59 Only strict service to the gods will save us now, stern morals not grog will win
60 Just the other day our ruler enjoyed roast swan, pheasant and the finest wine
61 The price of just one of our rulers outlandish outfits could feed a town for a year
62 In this new war weapons are changing, gunpowder is becoming more common
63 A prison for noble families has been set up in a ruined castle where they await death
64 Plague has broken out in places under seige, it must be the end of the world
65 A witch hunter has himself been accused of witchcraft after burning dozens of women
66 Common country priests allied with the poor demand the church share its wealth
67 A bishop imploring the common folk be patient was torn apart by the mob
68 Our just ruler has decreed anyone in revolt will be damned to hell and executed
69 Some villages have been depopulated leaving them in ruins 
70 The ruler's hunt for traitors has left so few able men they cannot manage the war effort
71 Eveyday the ruler sees traitors everywhere and sends several allies to be executed
72 A assassin injured the ruler while dining on lampreys, just a commoner with a gun
73 A general enraged the mob by roping peasants to the mouths of cannons as a threat
74 A mob leader has declared all nobles everywhere must die and a new order begin
75 A noble woman was thrown to the mob and killed, enraging the noble armies
76 Printing presses have proliferated and both sides print lurid pamphlets or enemy crimes
77 Commoners parading in looted noble fashion were attacked by a rival mob of zealots
78 The ruler was saddened after discovery he had executed his advisors due to enemy lies 
79 A woman has has led a mob to victory over a royalist army, surely the world is ending
80 A stench of death covers the land, wild dogs roam feeding off the dead, woe to our land
81 Alchemists have made the secrets of black powder commonplace changing everything
82 Humanoid monsters from the wasteland have been massing and raiding daily
83 Cultists have infiltrated both sides in secrets, the rich versus the poor is just a sham
84 The factions of demon worshipers controlling both sides seek to trigger the apocalypse
85 Enemy armies have been crossing our borders killing and looting as the will
86 The king has allied with our nations enemies promising them who knows what
87 A noble scholar has suggested the poor all be killed and replaced with humanoid slaves
88 I have seen the leaders of the mob drinking and dining like nobles the hypocrites!
89 The river is so choked with corpses that the water is fouled with plague
90 Rat swarms have grown so bold they enter houses and eat whole families alive
91 The ruler has contracted wizards to make him orcs and zombies to win the war
92 Werewolves and vampires have been more open, easily feeding and killing in the chaos
93 A witch hunter confessed under torture to be in it for the money and to rob old widows
94 Cats are the minions of evil, these devil familiars have been the cause of the whole war
95 Recently a mob burned a family of nobles and imps fled their burning bodies
96 Our ruler has been bewitched by his mistress, a succubus sent to ruin the kingdom 
97 One of the royal children has fallen ill and another was captured by the mob
98 In these dark days only the church can save us, demons walk our land in the open
99 One faction of the mob propose all property and children be held in common property
100 Noblemen have been renting out their wives to raise war funds the dirty bastards


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