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d100 Loners in the Wasteland

These are for people living alone often on fringes of settlement or even in the wilderness or frontier. Good to occupy a shack or cave or old house in the middle of nowhere. Could be a house just outside town, a quiet street or a wasteland cave.

d10 Reasons to be alone1 Hates people d4 1=wronged 2=odd 3=tragedy 4=lost everything
2 Seeks quiet contemplation d4 1=philosophy 2=meditation 3=art 4=prayer
3 Exile  d4 1=banished 2=last of kind 3=former convict 4=kin murdered
4 Wanted criminal d4 1=cannibal 2=bandit 3=traitor 4=taboo lifestyle
5 Atoning for sin d4 1=failure 2=blasphemy 3=let down others 4=dishonour
6 Stranded here by loved ones - others died or moved on
7 Insane d4 1=eccentric 2=paranoid 3=delusional 4=serial killer
8 They belong to a esoteric cult - mostly evil
9 They are practicing magic in secret d4 1=wizard 2=witch 3=druid 4=priest
10 They are a monster in disguise - some kind of shape shifter or spirit

d100 Loners
01 Grizzled old hunter uncomfortable with humans who might help starngers
02 Cat lady with her horde of cats 
03 Several old ladies who knit mostly04 A old couple who outlived children
05 Lone old woman who people acused of witchcraft
06 Herbalist who trades exotic medecine
07 Old wizard who used to have aprentice servants who died
08 Old ex paladin bitter about failure and the past
09 A monk avoiding civilization and hoping church forgets him
10 Preacher driven away for heresy by church for ideas

11 Old man living out here and mostly high on mushrooms and herbs
12 Old crippled old murder hobo angry at life and failure

13 former sailor with stories of his travels and enjoys story telling
14 Old lady midwife and healer driven away from home by zelouts
15 Fanatic priest suffering for faith, under vow of silence
16 Lone teen goat herder who's family all died
17 A former village idiot who's village got a bigger idiot and drove him away
18 Gladiator on the run for years from contracts
19 Mercenary who fled battle and reputation ruined by guild
20 Crazy old man been alone since child, unkempt and barley can speak
21 Thief from city driven from his guild and sure assassins after him
22 lone bard inspired by isolation
23 Old woman with crystal ball, star charts and cards who will tell fortunes
24 Healer who was lone survivor of plague in settlement
25 Diseased old man who people fear for his appearance
26 Hideous mutant driven from home
27 Ranger keeping eye out for trouble to report by messenger bird
28 Druid priest last of sect wiped out
29 Old witch who makes potions and candles
30 Old alchemist on life's project, running out of ingredients
31 Old drug addict with pile of drugs and food32 old alcoholic mostly busy brewing or stinking drunk
33 Scholar out here to observe nature while writing a book
34 Hallucinating madman writing demonic text invisible beings dictate to him
35 Mad holy man writing prayers and maxims with his animal friends
36 Cannibal serial killer with collection of human remains
37 Artisan has carved amazing things from ivory and wood
38 Trapper collects animal furs to trade, mad from isolation
39 Prospector who finds occasional gold or silver nugget
40 Bandit on run from law and in hiding
41 Woodcutter who finds exotic trees required by church and wizards
42 Attractive otherworldly beauty with part elf blood, sick of attention
43 Older woman sick of abusive life avoiding people
44 Young attractive person with a secret supernatural lover
45 Murder hobo searching area for a dungeon from a crude map
46 Witch who offers drugged honey cakes and beers to travellers
47 Three old witches will tell terrible future or curse people
48 Wizard sold his soul to demons out here to avoid temptation
49 Old holy person. every night demons taunt them
50 Old starving man menaced by harpies who steal and pollute his food
51 Youth in love with supernatural abusive lover who traets them as a slave
52 Shaman whose people long ago adopted another faith
53 Woman in hiding with strange powers, sick of the voices in her head in city
54 Strange witch child seems innocent and abandoned but ancient horror
55 Several children whos parents eaten by bears stranded out here
56 Old man friends with some faerie or demihumans
57 Old woman living with hedge troll lover
58 Old bitter dwarf exile and limps, hates everyone but animals
59 Elf cast from faerie land for fraternising with humans, kindly and serene
60 Loner Gnome will show now monster haunted former burrow village of his youth
61 Halfling who is sick of freeloaders and family, alone to avoid sharing food
62 Old half orc ashamed and mistreated by orc and human kin
63 Old person was elfland slave for hundreds of years, speaks old dialect
64 Old woman with her goblins she raised from babies
65 Young man abused by family sick of people and mistrustful
66 Scarred old man was flogged and imprisoned now distrusts people
67 Ghastly but kind old woman accused of witchcraft will help any who are kind to her
68 Young woman waited upon by forest animal friends who protect her
69 Old man who lives near dryad lover jelous of younger men in area
70 Old man with pet bear and wolf and eagle who helps anyone in trouble
71 Old miner and his mule making maps of dungeon entrances and ruins in area
72 Former spy very wise in affairs of old court but in hiding from assasins
73 Secret Police agent sent to this terrible observation point as punishment 
74 Old naked man friendly and preaches his free love lifestyle
75 Old charletan driven away from frontier for ripping off everyone
76 Old mute man friendly but rope scar on neck
77 Escaped slave with manacle scars and slave tattoo
78 Man covered in tattoos of chaos, claims to be misguided youth on the run from cult
79 Old beekeeper who manages hives all over region
80 Woman who lives with wolves, was raised by wolf spirit after lost in woods
81 Old man in hiding as strange fishy scales developing on body 
82 Was a beastman but surgically operated on by wizard now feels alienated
83 Druid priestess with magic scrying pool who is visited for her wisdom
84 Woman with tatoos and beard, doesnt need people, quite happy alone
85 Old wizard perfecting formula of making magic item or new spell
86 Sorcerer drug addict driven away for vice and corrupting youth
87 Old man trades with non humans normally shy of humans
88 Former mutant carnival freak sick of people staring at them
89 Crazed old magician brain melted by magical studies and blasphemy
90 Heretic old priest secretly now serves evil cult after reading forbidden books
91 Old person actually a youth cursed and curse can be broken by strangers
92 Former assasin tired of human causes and killing
93 Former adventurer was tortured by monsters and recovering from trauma
94 Exile wrongfully accused by villain, dreams of justice
95 Girls who fled wicked step father and has lived alone several years
96 Child who's parents died helped by faerie folk and trolls
97 Desperate lycanthrope, tries to avoid people and lusts to eat them
98 Old person actually local spirit protector of region in human form
99 Strange person actually shape shifting spirit folk
100 Old woman really a ogre magi 


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