Sunday, 24 September 2017

Underland Citadel

These are notes of my underland campaign sketching up one of many citadels the party explored. they lived in a mostly inhabited one and came here to explore. The civilizations on various levels were isolated and the party were sent to steal the great sun gem on the top which illuminated the hex in gloomy green light. the party spent so much time with orcs one character married several and had himself turned into one. I think I once thought of doing maps for 26 floors. They didn't get in the basement even.

Underland Zone Posts
First version of Underland dungeon zone
Monster Murder Machines
Dungeon Machine Rooms
Underland Terrain
Your underdark is soft - description, history and encounters
Underland Ogres
Underland Orcs
The Deeps of underland first map
Hazards and encounters
Outer chasm encounters
Random citadels
Citadel encounters
Mushroom Types
Mushroom land encounters
Underlands of the East
Subsurface Exploration - lots on lamps and Veins of The Earth

I have some concept art of my islands and the underland under them and the sea to post in a bit too and apparently Tenkar's Landing a thing happening.

Still getting my machine set up and used windows software to cut and paste this together. Less than optimal but i did it. Recovered old drive to find instead of 800 gig of video it had 80 gig of system stuff which was a disappointment. Wireless card hasn't worked either. need a extender to get new 3gig hard drive to work or dvd player. sigh. Still I've scanned 600+ pages of doodles now. So will get to doing digital stuff and better book design soon. I was happy with my goblin book but will do better. Playing with my various new staplers and feeling like a zine maker again. Im gonna bind all my drawings into theme and page format themed books. Still thinking what my next PDF will be for next milestone.

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