Sunday 10 September 2017

Humanoid Outpost

Gotsome PDFs to read will do some reviews sometime.

So this is a warband bunker for orcs or goblinoids with everything. I guess they have potties in barracks and dump it outside. The top entry is semi concealed with a tomb with stone crypt with undead guards of course. Asmithy/armoury. A evil temple with a well and a statue and a altar. A wizard lab for potions. A big throne room hall with a secret passage, well, throne on dais, and a little curtained area for the boss toilet or a hidden archer. Long thin room has boss bed and lots of chests, Then barracks that could be single beds for 12 or bunks for 24 men. A kitchen. A guard post and a little traders stall.

Kind of base monsters might have to raid from and handy for a low level adventure party.

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