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Lions and Antmen oh my! - Troubles with Beastmen 2

d12 Common Highland Beastmen

1 Bullmen
2 Lionmen
3 Eaglemen
4 Apemen
5 Vulturemen
6 Antmen
7 Molemen
8 Beetlemen
9 Horsemen
10 Wolfmen
11 Centipedemen
12 Crowmen

Also known as minotaurs but don't call them lesser minotaurs or cowmen. Come in varieties including shaggy red long hairs, gigantic black aurochmen, shaggy yakmen, mighty oxmen, grey humped, piebald, white, grey, brown and many other regional types. Not necessarily evil but they have waged war with humanity since the stone age and find humans lack of respect for their divinity disappointing. Some are vegetarian but many are flesh eaters just to horrify their enemies. They have a association with labyrinths and happily dwell in dungeon complexes to eat humanoids and find treasure. Many violent and unstable males are driven away from tribes and these are the ones mostly encountered and behave as monsters. Some tribes like Aurochs are 50:50 male female and all are equally aggressive and work together to destroy enemies or anything slightly a threat to their calves. Some lone males break this mould and join humans as bodyguards for kings, gladiators or cult champions. Ancient cults often employed them and even created them. Some even become labourers, sailors and more. Humans quite like to enslave them but controlling them unwillingly is hard work and their desires are fairly simple. Cows are less into adventure and more hedonistic enjoying caring for children and drinking beer but they make good nannies.

d12 Bullmen Troubles
1 A bullman bandit was a loner but a bandit gang plied him with booze and women to be their champion. Now they have expanded their range and boldness
2 A stone maze was built by a cult aeons ago and recently a bullman stole a quarry payroll and has hidden in the maze like some kind of instinct. Other creatures including undead seem to have awoken too
3 A foriegner brought his 4 bullmen bodyguards to this land but was assassinated. His feckless guards have gone on a murder spree and gone to ground in the countryside. Unsure what to do and with no friends they expect to die fighting. The militia have a price on their head but some enterprising persons might save them
4 A bullman slave was beaten and mistreated turning a millers wheel and escaped. He has killed his master and is now on the loose killing any humans in his way
5 Bullmen beserkers from the highlands have come to the civilized farming regions to kill and rob and steal cows to take home
6 A band of bullmen have taken over a dungeon and now all it's humanoids follow their whims. The inhabitants have taken to robbing farms and villages in the area and are growing more bold, taking slaves
7 A savage ancient cult has used elder magic to make bullmen and use them as executioners. The cult have been kidnapping and beheading victims to their earth goddess sect to punish humanity for despoiling the wilderness
8 Cattle have been disappearing and also stampeding. A survivor said a bullman was leading the cattle to kill then taking them to his mountain cave
9 A tiny island has been known to be home to bullmen guarding a cave since ancient times. The cave is some kind of prehistoric sanctuary. Explorers tried to  bring them food and wine to initiate trade and were all taken into the cave. Some think they are bodyguards of a long buried king
10 A clan of cattlefolk in area have been buying huge supplies for a festival and the locals are scared because last time drunken bulls and cows ransacked the area with their wild partying
11 A clan of cattlefolk have gone on the warpath baring some grudge from the stone age. As they have brought their families and waggons with them they intend to stay.
12 A crack team of battle cattle gladiators has escaped and killed everyone in their path. They led many human gladiators with them and have inhabited a old ruin. The law wants them killed but a few hope for a peaceful outcome and have sympathy for them

These proud ancient beastmen consider humans their inferiors. They dwell in tribes in many lands some with manes, some in various local colour schemes. Their women are just as dangerous and tend to use teamwork better when hunting inferior species. As lionmen prefer a harem and only tolerate a few male friends many lone lionmen leave for adventure and try new things. Many kings and cults employed them in the past. The smell and roar of lion men disturbs animals and people from a distance. they hunt by night or day and often eat their prey. Lionmen tribes often dominate a valley or a region as the apex predator but some loners like to hunt humans best. They tend to limit their numbers by the amount of prey and regulate breeding. Ones fallen to chaos and war against man have no such qualms. They raid and drink blood and eat gore spreading terror to make man remember who is the master. Lionfolk will track enemies for a long time and bear grudges furiously. They can be placated and compromised with with wealth and just a few deaths. Lionmen dislike magic but have some priests, shamen and druids.

d12 Lionmen Troubles
1 A pride of lionmen have taken over a cave complex and have taken to kidnapping and terrorising the region by night. They easily have overcome the militia and have sent the area into chaos
2 An ancient witch cult have created lioness warriors to guard them and now they act openly to defy the law and church. They have been kidnapping sacrifices and have occupied a ancient barrow
3 A witch hunter encouraged the mob to torture all the local cats and displeased certain deities. Lionfolk have come to punish the village and have the witch hunter cornered in the church
4 A merchant has been selling mummified cats and lions found far away and local apothecaries have been using them for quack medicines. As if the users becoming diseased wasn't bad enough a cult have brought lioness assassins to kill the defilers and surviving consumers.
5 A evil wizard has taken the cubs of a lion pride who obey him. They have been killing rival wizards and robbing magic items by night but if helped would return everything and have a debt of gratitude to their saviours
6 A lionmen gang of bachelors have taken over a inn by force, making captives serve them and dance for their amusement, a serving girl has escaped and seeks help
7 Lionmen seek a ancient relic which will return prehistoric cave lions to life. They just require some ingredients, sacrifices and the bundles of fur and bones in a cave tomb to bring the great beasts back8 Lionmen demand the return of a gold lion mask that adventurers uncovered. The lions have been following them killing many in their path in pursuit. The adventurers just want money
9 A druid lord displeased by destruction of his forest has created a band of lionmen to wreak havoc with the lumberers and now plans to spread the terror
10 A lion man and a eagle lady fell in love and years later a clan of teen griffon people have been raiding mountain side farms. Locals are outraged at thought that a new race of beast folk is on the rampage and authorities want them all dead. The lion mans brother fancies a threesome with a snake and a goat
11 A lion man rebel leader has been rallying the people to fight the legal powers of the kingdom, robbing tax collectors and corrupt officials. The state has been rounding up lion men trying to catch him causing even more trouble
12 A lioness has declared herself a living goddess and her cult have been kidnapping and killing her enemies. Or anybody who openly questions her or disobeys her will.

Eaglemen are apex predatory dwellers of the mountains with a noble lineage and service to cosmic law going back aeons. Proud, honourable and grumpy. Things enrage them and they attack. Some varieties are winged also, They grab troublemakers and drop them of precipices. They are sharp eyed hunters and can see the wicked committing a sin or impure deed from miles away. Humans mostly disgust them but some like paladins or champions of law might meet their approval. When they come from their lofty mountain aeries they cause all kinds of trouble judging the imperfect and killing everything not worthy of life. Many cults hold them sacred and even accept their judgements. They like to charge and make flying leaps. If they capture anyone they are quite happy to decapitate them and explode their rib cages and hang them high as a lesson for evil doers. Eaglemen priests and paladins are the main magicians, they are suspicious of other types.

d12 Eaglemen Troubles
1 An eagleman holy warrior has come from the mountain to kill twenty evil doers. If not directed to suitable victims he will pass judgement on all kinds of petty sinners
2 An eagleman knight riding a griffon has taken control of a mountain pass or bridge quizzing travellers with moral puzzles, those who answer falsely are decapitated or hurled to their deaths
3 An eaglewoman has killed the caretaker of a orphanage for using unclean speech. She is leading the children to her mountain retreat to raise them in fanatic devotion to the standards of the arkons. Everyone who tries to stop her she kills as servants of chaos
4 An eagleman has come to a village to dispense justice. This self appointed guardian killed the corrupt sheriff and the local scallywags and bandits and now every day the villagers fear they might break one of his 1600 laws of perfection
5 A band of eaglemen have liberated horses from bandits they killed and ride across the county killing bandits, smugglers, shop keepers with bad scales, unfair landlords, tax evaders and anyone they catch breaking the law. The nobility for now are just watching but the commoners live in terror
6 A wicked mayor has tricked eaglemen into killing his enemies but now they are on to him and have come to cleanse the village
7 A lone eagleman warrior hates the human city but seeks comrades to exterminate a chaos citadel that has arisen in the mountains. As the last of his tribe he knows he is not up to the challenge alone
8 A eagleman archer has been roaming the countryside shooting wicked folk to purge them from afar. The only slightly wicked he cripples and maims to teach them a lesson. After blinding one eye of a nun who sneezed without covering her mouth the locals are sick of it
9 Eaglemen came from the mountains and killed a notorious tax collector and have seized his books to prove his corruption and seized the money to fund their righteous crusade
10 Eaglemen have been wandering down from the mountains and starting fights and causing trouble. A group of elders will pay who ever can find them some purpose to keep them away from civilization
11 A eaglewoman heard of a town unfairly treating their wives and came and killed all the bailiffs, the sheriff and the magistrate setting herself up as supreme justice. She decapitated several men and the rest say they are sorry and have learned their lesson but she will not leave
12 A eagleman vigilante has been murdering bandit gangs and thieves guilds which seems ok but has destabilized the underworld leaving vicious turf wars which increasingly include common folk. Some of those bandits claimed to be freedom fighters and some were actually minor nobles from rival counties. A huge bounty is on his head

These clever dangerous beastmen use human level technology and dress some using muskets and ride horses. They generally dislike their naked human cousins. They hate being called monkeys and despise tails. They come in many tribes including orange furred tree dwelling wise orangmen, savage vegetarian warlord gorrillamen, the clever and curious chimpmen and other types like white furred yetimen or albino caveapemen. Some tribes combine several types and use them as a caste system utilizing their specialties. Apes are very moral and dont like to kill apes but humans are not included having betrayed their brothers long ago. Orangs prefer priests, yetis prefer shamans, chimps prefer wizards and gorillas despise magic living by the gun and sword. Occasionally a ape leader unites several tribes to wage war on humans and unleash hell. Humans do like apemen slaves and easily consider them second class. this of course has left apes with a even worse impression. Occasionally apes escape and teach their children that man is wicked. Apes in retaliation keep human slaves and have bred mute stupid men who sometimes escape and now steal ape crops. Apes also battle mutants and wizards who intrude their tribe lands and they despise above all humans.

d12 Apemen Troubles
1 Ape warbands searching for humans to take home as slaves
2 Ape tribe has a gorilla coup and growing warlike. City officials will pay to stop them or help a less aggressive ape faction take over to bring peace.
3 Mutants have been stirring up apes with skirmishes for months and apes launch a crusade to destroy mutants but believe humans are all chaos ape mutants
4 Yeti shaman has called evil ice elementals to bring magic winter across the land to benefit his peoples raiders
5 Orungs in their tree town have deemed a loggers camp a threat and have hired gorilla mercenaries to destroy them
6 Albino cave apes have got into city sewers and have been kidnapping sacrifices to the four armed chaos ape demon
7 Escaped ape slaves heading for freedom stealing everything, killing any in way and kidnapping whoever is left as slaves for revenge
8 A chimp wizard has bred flying baboons and sent them to stir up humans and beastmen because hil love griselda was taken as a slve by a circus years ago
9 Apemen have allied themselves to orcs even interbreeding. Together they have begon to raid humans hoping to breed them out of existance
10 Apes have captured a circus and a chimp wizard has turned the animals into beastmen who join the ape anti human crusade
11 An ape ship comes to port and are promptly seized as slaves. A sympathetic druid boy wants to save them and believes more apes will come if the ship does not leave in peace.
12 A chaos ape tribe bearing tentacles has poured from a cave and is raiding every temple they can find in the rural districts

These were one of the monster ruling races of ancient times who replaced earlier races who degenerated and became weak. The vulture men gained their power from eating others and became powerful wizards and demon priests. Necromancy was their chosen art and they began to weigh themselves down with jewelled robes and dark enchantments. Dance is their chosen art form, with twisted sinuous jagged motions they perform their ancient rites. They once hoped to unmake the world through dance then devour the remains. It was their occult machinations that undid the monster empire and allowed man and the other races to rebell. After the age on man began it was the vulture secret mastery of death magic that spawned the age of necromancer kings Today they mostly hide in recluses hoping to survive unnoticed by all the races which hate them, A small amount have reformed and perform funerary rites where it is too cold to bury the dead and corpses do not rot. Here they ceremonially eat the dead in monastic rituals. Most are still utterly despicable and delusional that they still are a power in the world. the most crazed sit on their mountain thrones alone wondering where are their servants bringing feasts and sacrifices and exotic tributes and more bejewelled robes. Most vulturemen are wizard or priests but some degenerates are savage warriors. There are different breeds and even a breed of gore loving storkmen who live just like vulturemen.

d12 Vulturemen Troubles
1 A necromancer has gained vulturemen as followers to steal corpses and do his bidding not realizing they are subverting his organisation for themselves
2 A sect believe they have the manuals to perform the apocalypse dance they just require certain ritual items, drugs, sacrifices and lotus resin to begin
3 In the mountains a tribe have stopped fearing undead and driven away their vulture funeral priests. Now they wander the lowlands by night and are returning to ancient evil ways
4 An ancient crypt of kings has been opened and only their ceremonial robes and crowns were taken. The people demand the relics back but the vile vultures are wearing the relics and celebrating their victory
5 Vulturemen in a mountain top cort have reconstructed a great dark power shard and use it to call shadows and demons of darkness into the world. It will take longer to control the beasts but in the meantime they set them loose
6 A vultureman wizard-priest needs renewal and his minions have been kidnaping victims for him to life drain. With enough he will be young again and will crave to test his new powers
7 Storms over area have been increasing and lightning striking the dolmen on the mountain top all too often. A vultureman sorcerer has been caling apon the dark powersto awaken a vulture demon traped in the stone
8 A school of dancing martial artists have been performing and recruiting but a wizard who says that it is just like vultureman style at a show is found murdered horribly the next day
9 An ancient crypt on the moors has been active of late with lights and strange noises. Locals have gone missing and a witness saw hunched robed beaked figure in the shadows during a storm
10 Each night a strange fog has come over the village and strange cawing sounds have been heard. In the morning a house has been emptied of people leaving blood and a few scraps of meat
11 The corpse of a naked vultureman washed down the river with over a thousand gold in jewelry on it's body. Gossip says there is a ancient crypt where the necromantic birdmen were said to perform black rites thousands of years ago and adventurers have been getting exited about an expedition
12 A cult of assassins have been killing wizards and stealing ancient texts. One was killed and had tattoos of a vulture on his body. Scholars say it is the mark of servants of the Vulturemen thousands of years ago

Antmen are ancient stock and were the foot soldiers of the great insect empire long ago befor other races plotted their downfall and began to eat them. Antlions, fungus, creatures that fooled and exploited the ants chemical responses to enslave them all added up to a decline in numbers. Even today if anyone sees even giant ants or antmen humans panic and seek to destroy them. Antmen in isolated places in their great nests fare better. Being too successful was turned against them and queens keep their expansions more modest. They certainly are not all evil but might be unconcerned about their effects on other life. Rumours they mine gold has not helped them either. Many kinds and specialties exist. Some grow fungus crops using plant material underground. Some spit venom, sting, leap, fly, keep slaves and many other abilities. Ants are not famous for magic but priest and druidry are the most common. Ants usually have warriors, workers and royal breeders. Most are matriarchal. Antfolk are effective at military activity and respected for it. Many act as mercenaries. They are effective tool users and traders which most dont expect. Most try to avoid humans but others hate them with fanaticism. The fanatics tend not to survive but make all antfolk look bad. It isn't the soldiers you should worry about. The workers rerouting a river through your town or undermining your fort so it falls in a sinkhole are a bigger problems. Ants can be dealt with but their alien nature makes this hard.  

d12 Antmen Troubles
1 A colony of zombie antmen with fungus growing from their brains has begun menacing the local area. They used to be friendly traders now they gather any meat to feed to their fungus overlords
2 A new colony of fire antmen men have decided it is time to reveal themselves. Storming several villages, taking cows and slaves to feed a hatching generation of berserkers who spit venom
3 Adventurers have stolen a ant princess in hopes of breeding their own army and the ants are displeased. The colony have sent scent writing demands to the human leaders with no reply and have decided to act. Ants have taken human children in retaliation and villagers offer a reward for killing ants who they assume have eaten their children. In fact the children are having a great time and well looked after and have come to love their ant nannies
4 Ant peace delegation sets local people into a frightened outrage. In turn the ants have prepared for war and have already undermined the village ready to attack behind the human lines. Human soldiers are watching the ant hive which has already been sealed
5 An ant queen has been kidnapped and the ants have been forced to toil in slavers mines. A young worker has been trying to get humans to help and offers adventurers some gold nuggets as a gift
6 A group of ants have been eying off the resources of a dungeon. They have started to invade with scout parties and terrorfied goblins are now running all over the countryside in fear of being eaten
7 Flying royal ants have been seen attempting to start new colonies and there is a bounty on them offered by the local authorities. Some ambitious types want a royal pair to breed slaves.
8 Someone has been keeping a slave ant colony and has been selling off the warriors to gladiator pits. The workers have been used as labourers in a sweatshop. But in secret the queen has bread warriors that look like workers, while not as strong they are made for cunning. Finally the day comes the ants revolt and save the queen but during their rampage the humans assume they are being invaded. Currently they occupy severat slumb blocks and are under seige. The slaver fearing criminal charges tries to encourage their extermination
9 A ant king has decided to wage war on man. His colony have been swarming on the borders and begining to raid. The queen is mostly ignorant but would prefer peace and has been misinformed about the threat of man
10 Antmen gladiators have made a break out. Without a colony they have no purpose but have become bandits to survive. They dream of somehow finding their home
11 A great ball of ants has arrived from across the sea carrying all their goods and queen. They are willing to negotiate but whoever makes first contact will influence their impact on the region
12 A young ant prince and his pregnant bride are looking for a home. Humans are horrified and have been hunting the pair who just want to build a colony in peace.

This race go normally unnoticed by surface dwellers. Mostly they eat bugs and roots and farm fungus in peace. They are hideous and have huge claws which tends to make humans react badly. Many subterranean races use them as slaves for mining or farming mushrooms. They can only be pushed so far however and will revolt. They often tend to be loners when not slaves and will fight each other over territory. They are disliked by gardeners and farmers for damaging their fields but they do eat giant worms which can be a otherwise grow bigger and become a menace. their fur is prised but their flesh tastes vile. Their spittle paralyses the worms who they store in their burrows in large amounts. Molemen burrows may be crude but some are quite civilized with carpets, doors, furniture, stoves and other comforts they trade.  They make excellent miners and can work with farmers. Sometimes they burrow into dungeons and might even work together to occupy a section. Some moles are bitter and angry at past mistreatments and are full of hate. Others can be quite jolly and even share burrows with gnomes and dwarves. A smaller breed known as molelings also exist but are more meek.

d12 Molemen Troubles
1 Town buildings and walls collapsing and a few cows have fallen into holes. For some reason molemen are digging everywhere looking for something
2 Long ago villages killed the molemen for ruining their lawns and now huge aggressive sting worms are attacking the sheep and entering houses. The villagers are looking to pay some molemen to repopulate and eat the worms before they get bigger but they don't know how
3 A cave in the hills has long been a place of dread and molemen snatch visitors dragging them underground. Of late more people further from the caves have been snatched
4 A dwarf is looking for help to rescue his molemen friends who have been forced to mine for silver by orcs
5 Of late a scholar found some stone tablets in the area and fragments of pots in a well indicating a underground civilization in the caves possibly using molemen as labour and soldiers. He needs guards to investigate
6 A angry moleman wants revenge on human kind. He has been sucking people under the earth and keeping them as prisoners demanding huge ransoms and scaring his captives and feeding them worms
7 One night molemen burst through the ground en mass kidnapping and slashing villagers, even coming up under peoples floors. The headman has been looking for someone to stop them
8 A necromancer has been using his molemen slaves to steal corpses leaving the graveyard a pile of loose earth and tumbled headstones
9 Molemen have been waging a war with giant bugs under the area and occasionally huge meat eating insects and molemen warriors erupt from the ground. Fields and buildings are being ruined and the molemen wont explain what is happening
10 Molemen in the city sewers have been serving cultists, expanding their secret lair. Molemen have been seen dumping soil just outside city and militia are concerned how big the molemen mine is
11 Molemen have tapped into a cavern complex and awakened some kind of elder monsters. The molemen seek to warn humans and get help as the problem is beyond them
12 A underground albino race of ancients has had their molemen escape and have come to the surface demanding the surface peons aid them or face their wrath. The albino wizards threaten demons and elementals will be unleashed if their molemen are not returned. If met the molemen beg for help to kill their evil masters

Beetlemen dwell in the darkness eating fungus, rotten wood and discarded carrion. The come in many tribes like rhino beetle, scissors beetle, bombardier beetle, tiger beetle, water beetles, wood beetle and mant many more. Mostly they are content to hide from people and live and breed and fight among their own kind. Some have horns, wings, chemical emitting glands, legs for jumping and other specializations for their type. In the past the insect faction of monster races were powerful and the beetlemen armies covered the earth. Their kind fell to intrigue of arachnids and bats and others who used them as slaves or food. Beetlemen often live in caves or woods or swamps outside of human lands but may be exhorted to attack man. Some types use magic and are quite civilized others are brutish barbarians. Some are careful tacticians others are aggressive flesh eaters with no restraint. Different tribes may work together to swarm and overwhelm human territory. United by the insect gods they seek mostly food but in the long term breeding and eating are their goals. Some build nests or burrows even under human settlements. They are more uncaring and hungry than evil. Some ride or use other giant bugs as farm animals or mounts.

d12 Beetlemen Troubles
1 A tribe of halberd wielding rhino beetles has marched into human lands driving all before them
2 A tribe of savage ladybeetles are hunting giant aphids that have swarmed into human lands but humans dont apreciate them
3 A longhorned beetle wizard has found a ancient beetle graveyard and is using magic to revive some each night
4 A Stag beetle knight with his clickbeetle squire have occupied a bridge and chalenges knights to battle. They are indifferent to commoners
5 A savage beetlewoman with her pack of giant tiger beetles is hunting for humans to feed her grubs hidden in a cave
6 A gang of weevil men keep raiding granaries and the mill looking for food leaving hungry grubs behind. Some say they serve tho lords of famine
7 Beetlemen bard band have been performing a new sound driving the kids crazy. Parents don't approve and a concerned group seek some one to kill the corrupting bards
8 Dung beetlemen have have built a huge castle of filth and demanding travellers give them feces delaying traders. Merchants are outraged but other are selling them wagons of feces from the city in return for silver. The beetles are quite civilized and cultured but use feces as prefered material
9 A shanty town of insect folk refugees from fome underland tragety has appeared and most humans are puzzled. Some curious humans have begun to visit their taverns and drug dens and human criminals are seeking means of making a profit. Authoriities need someone to investigate
10 Scarab beetles are rolling huge dung balls across the roads and highways. They even have begun trading with farmers. Occasionally someone gets rolled up but they are mostly harmless. A outraged religious sect wants them gone disgusted by trails of filth and the establishment of feces as a currency. They have been sending out fanatic mobs to stop the poor beetlemen who are sun worshipers anfd happen to have gold jewellery
11 Carrion beetlemen have begun raiding grave yards snacking on the delicious stores of human meat. Humans are not inpressed and the necromancers guild in secret have raised a reward fund
12 A cult have been preaching man and bug can live in peace and have set up a new village. Things are going well but some outraged humans have been causing trouble. Since a beetle merchany married a woman they have turned militant. Beetletown residents seek adventurers to stop the fanatics and help the power of love shine through these troubled times

While many think fondly of horses as workers or vehichles or war machines horsefolk do not. They are mostly nomadic with rich traditions of shamen story tellers. Humans are to them cruel overlords and taskmasters who enslaved them after the monster empire fell as a act of treachery. Horsefolk clans occasionally decide it is time to raid humans and liberate their dumb cousins from man kinds cruelty. Some horsefolk, especially the settled farmers use human slave labour. A few horse folk have proven friends to humans but trouble starts when they witness a normal horse being beaten or overworked or endangered. Horsemen especially like to belittle human genitalia as puny and weak. Horsefolk come in many colours not found in normal horses and many enjoy tattoos and alcohol. Most prefer divine and druid magic. A few in order to be more fearsome have bred with nightmares and serve lords of evil on earth and in the netherworld. A few horsemen live among humans often working as labourers. Without own kind many resort to drug abuse and depression, going on wild benders for days then feeling guilty for weeks.

d12 Horsemen Troubles
1 Black warrior stallions with burning torches and swords have been raiding human lands by night, murdering and setting free their quadruped kin. If a horse tells them a master is cruel they savagley nail them to the barn and tear out their lungs letting them slowly die
2 A drunken failed horseman bard has run away with a merchants daughter on a bender and the father wants her back and the horse castrated
3 Horsefolk barbarians on the borderlands are stirring up troubles and liberating horses. The are taking horse owners as slaves but are willing to sell them back with brands and a few geldings
4 A gang of white horsemen have been making and selling drugs. Any addicted and unable to pay are accepted into slavery put to work in their growing drug lab complex in a refurbished ruined castle
5 Horsemen in service to the lord of death are roaming the land hunting and killing those who defy him with ressurection magic. The fanatic band have killed many returned from the dead and have more worried. Many rich men and cults have raised abounty on them
6 A sect of evil horsemen of the apocalypse is roaming the land. They are gathering evil relics and giving them to the worst villains as possible. Each serves a separate evil god and they plan to bring forth the end of the world
7 A horseman warlord riding a quadraped human giant has been leading his band attacking farms stealing important supplies like oats and apples for his clan
8 A horsemman druid priestess of the pony goddess has been liberating horses turning them into sentient speaking beastmen. The horse dealers guild want her dead
9 A charismatic horseman warlock with fine clothes and a peacock tail has been gifting common folk riches and treasures. In fact he has been selling their souls and serves the groomsman of asmodeus the lord of hell. A diabolic cult and those he has helped protect him
10   Drunken horsemen have carried off the tavern keepers daughter to their cave and he offers a years supply of free drinks to the band who can rescue her
11 A amazon priestess and her horseman guards have been hunting and killing mercenaries who participated in a atteck on her city years ago. Survivors now aging offer a reward to stop her
12 A horseman priest of the nightmare gods has been entering the dreams of local village leaders driving them mad. Some say the horse dwells in a ruined temple guarded by demons

Wolfmen are hated and feared by humans and even many other beastmen, They are not all wicked and some are druids but they tend to be confused with werewolves. They do tend to be warlike and some are bloodthirsty maniacs who worship demons. Being driven to the fringes of extinction has left many bitter and willing to serve warlords. Some have been known to accept me as brothers and fight together. The men of the north in particular see them as equals and often accept them into their sea raiding war bands. Many are famous berserkers and some are priests of bestial and demon gods but some even learn sorcery or are warlocks. Wolfmen in fact tend to hate werewolves and think of them as inferior. The do enjoy the taste of elf or man flesh but thing dwarfs taste terrible. Halflings are sweet and fatty and a special treat. Wolfmen have made a return and have been seen more often but are not welcome in civilization. Deep in the wilderness wolf folk may be quite civilized working metal, wearing clothes and living like men. But these wolf folk are rarely seen

d12 Wolfemen Troubles
1 Wolfmen raiders are terrorising country farms tearing out the throats of villagers and their animal
2 A wolfman warlock has been performing fell rites at old monoliths leaving bloody sacrificial corpses, nobody knows what he is up to
3 A bloody band of raiders and berserkers have come by longboat killing and looting everyone in their path
4 A wolfman lone hunter has been murdering people and taking their hands as trophies. His lair has strings of them and he has a large bounty on his head
5 A wolf witch and her band of guards have been terrorising a region, tormenting locals and committing acts of murder. They leave bloody sigils and dead bodies about calculated to spread fear. Her motives appear to be pure sadism and enjoying fear and sense of power
6 A wolf warlock has located a sealed vault magically sealed containing an ancient elder relic of destruction. the Wolven warlock has been kidnapping and torturing scholars seeking the means to open the sealed door
7 A dungeon warlord has recruited wolven shock troopers to raid the surrounding areas
8 A wolfman hunter with a silver sword has come to kill a werewolf criminal but instead villagers have mistaken him for the villain. In fact the real werewolf is the village sheriff
9 Wolves howling by night have been haunting a area for months and now they have become bold enough to attack a village killing several and kidnapping the mayors daughter
10 A hunting brotherhood who meet in a forest hunt lodge have recruited a band of wolven brothers to strike those the hunters believe unworthy of life. Targeting rich hunters who do not respect nature, the wolven have killed and eaten numerous nobles from the city who hunt only for sport
11 A number of wolven sisters have taken over a dungeon and eaten the boss. They have made the other dungeon monsters into their pack and all fear being eaten by them. One of the sisters is a witch the other is a extraordinary martial artist. The monsters have been led on raids on merchant caravans and merchants have placed a bounty on them
12 A demonic wolven brotherhood have taken up dwelling in a ruined tower abandoned by a cult years ago. For the moment they mostly have stolen sheep but growling and chanting has been heard from local villagers who dread what will happen next

These horrors served the great worm god in the dark times aeons past. They have long antenna, often poison fangs chitinous armour plate. They like exotic martial art and flail weapons and delight in eating whom they kill. They often live underground and in burrows. They often live in tight spaces crowded together and often live with giant versions of their centipede kin. Some are priests and sorcerers and others prefer to learn exotic skills and fighting styles. They are often distracted by food and often stop to snack on those they kill instead of chasing survivors. They have excellent teamwork, fighting in unison, as if each were a segment of a single giant centipede. Some are smarter and more disciplined and become the "head" of such formations. They dislike light and will seek darkness by choice. They can hunt by scent and ground vibrations alone in the darkness. Many chaos cults enjoy using them as warriors. They have a nasty temperament and only respect might. They execute perfect formations in fighting lines or dance. They like uses fighting phalanxes and synchronized dancing which is the same thing to them. They dislike being alone.

d12 Centipedemen Troubles
1 A hundred centipedemen in a crack squad emerge from a hole on a suicide mission to soften up the local defences for chaos cult who seek to take a local stronghold
2 While digging a well a centipede pit is exposed and centipede soldiers pour out and eat the workers
3 Centipede men of a haunted plain are performing some huge choreographed ritual dance to call down their god to devour the weak
4 Centipede river pirates have become a problem, their highly efficient rowing teams seem to be the fastest river boats
5 A great behemoth monster crawled from a cave and was killed by the army. Months later centipede men have burrowed into the corpse and are using it as a fort. When the meat mine is over hundreds of hungry centipede men will be on the loose
6 A noble has invited a centipedeman dancing troupe to preform at a wedding and everyone important will be there. Some are concerned the centipeds are chaos cultists who are up to no good
7 A gang have raised centipede men to follow them and has been very successful. The gang is growing bigger month by month
8 A evil wizard has raised a force of centipedes to serve him, gathering resources to operate his ancient chaos engine. The centipedes have eaten him and have taken the engine for themselves
9 A centipede warlock has contacted the great demon Centipedus who has granted his clan with chaos mutations. The emboldened tribe have been up to something in the sewers building something
10 A centipede work crew has completed buildings in record time but the building company has been seized by a bank and refuses to pay. Centipede workers riot bringing down buildings and laying siege to the bank
11 Centipede men gangs in the sewers are dealing strange new drugs and nobody knows their source
12 The centipede hierophant has decreed it is time for the centipedes to rise up and take what is rightfully theres. Claiming territory they seized in the age of darkness aeons ago their armies are on the march. Possibly killing the religious leader will end the crusade

These cunning bird men have a bad reputation not always deserved. Some do serve evil gods, eat carrion and enjoy wicked deeds, others are merely mischievous. Crowmen are not into professional militarism but make excellent thieves, monks and magicians of all types. Their natural cunning and craftiness combined with their self discipline make them very crafty. People are suspicious of crows but don't hate them or wish them dead. Occasional crow tricksters have helped heroes and defeated monsters. Many crows served gods of darkness but most turned on them helping the tide turn on evil. In particular they helped finish of the minions of the worm god and his machinations. Crows enjoy abusing their enemies and are masters of slander. Crow bards have lampooned many important people and have a reputation for trouble making. Crow wizards and adventurers sometimes meddle with forbidden relics and things best left forgotten out of curiosity. Crow orders of warrior monks are quite serious in contrast and may teach martial arts to humans if they are worthy. Crows have even adopted human orphans but tend to teach them questionable life skills and magic. They do like shiny gewgaws and nicknacks and some are very tempted to borrow them without permission.

d12 Crowmen Troubles
1 Crowmen have been trying to warn a village of the worm god cult in area but most think the preaching crows are liars and out forsome scam
2 Crows have been hanging around the local bridge teasing travellers and provoking fights for fun
3 A cheeky crowman wizard has been stealing spellbooks and local wizards offer a reward. He swears he was just borrowing them and believes the wizards were up to some scheme
4 A crowman necromancer keeps animating the dead and marching them off to his treefort to eat. The tree is full of blind corpses because the crows think eyes are a delicasy
5 A crowman has been taunting berserkers in public trying to enrage them for fun. He always escapes but the enraged warriors cause destruction and injure innocents
6 A crowman was taken to prison and freed all the inmates. They have taken the prison and are charging a ransom for the former staff. The local sheriff believes the wiley crow if he can be found will know the best way into the prison and how to re take control
7 A secret order of crow monks have been seen in the forest. Locals are in fear of them. In fact they are gathering to stop a menace from ancient times brewing in the underland set to erupt soon
8 A gang of crowmen bandits have been robbing tax collectors. If confronted they swear they were going to give it to the poor when they found some worthy. The crafty cowards will flee into a monster filled dungeon to escape. When finally confronted they will bargain for their freedom
9 Crowmen running a black market are selling stolen goods and under cutting the thieves guilds. Street fights have broken out and the crows have proven resilient and vindictive, stringing up thieves by their innards and plucking out their delicious eyes
10 Crowmen have stolen silver bullion coming from a mine and a noble has declared all crowmen outlaws. Other crowmen have flocked to the area and crow crime has gone through the roof and state institutions are being destroyed daily spreading anarchy. Other nobles want to intervene and end this
11 A crowman has stolen the jewelled eye of a wizard and run away to a dungeon to throw off the heat. The wizard needs the eye to bring demons into the world and offers a large reward
12 Crowmen keep sneaking into the great library and misfiling the books on the wrong shelves. The librarians don't know how the crows bypass the defencive magic or get in or why

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