Friday 8 September 2017

Necromancer Tomb

So this is a typical necromancer hideout where he teaches his students, has a zombie sweatshop for income. The apprentices live out side and carry medallions to avoid mummy and ghoul guards.  You could ary power easily make those mummies just fancy looking zombies and that succubi just a unfortunate apprentice in costume (your a bad bad necromancer). Of course lady necromancers a thing too and that could be her incubi boy toy. I envisaged this near a large rural graveyard for supplies and a town big enough for students to be anonymous or secretly be respectable citizens.

This layout is pretty common and established by a famous teacher who every corpse molesting wizard wants to emulate. Necromancers dream of taking over the world again but the hatred even commoners feel for them makes them pull there heads in.

I had a player character suckered into learning in one of these in secret until the plots of the master started overlapping with the adventurer stories. Hilarity ensued. Necromancers often charge low fees to learn but threaten to kill your kin and make you a zombie if you betray them.

The necromancer eats out or has aprentices bring him food for obvious reasons.

My first #FridayMaptastic map so will do more.

Been doodling more in my notebook again. 3 month flu is over and im feeling creative again.

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