Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Man-Lure a new monster

The Man-Lure 

AC 17 HD 12 ATT 5 bite 2d10 4x tentacle d12 MOV 12" swim/3" crawl 

This horrible beast lives in deep water lakes or swamps or caves. Mostly it hides underwater, a bloated sac body with tentacles and a d6 eyestalks. It's tongue can shapeshift into a humanoid or other species from the waist up and pretends to be drowning calling for help or a naked seducer. When a victim gets close massive jaws attack with a first action as a surprise if the victim is duped and not suspicious. On a 19-20 bite attack roll the victim is swallowed (17+ if surprised by first hit). If the victim survives surprise bit then the creature arises and attacks with tentacles. If swallowed the victim cannot move and takes a d10 damage per round until dead.

The lure can change shape over three rounds and the creature has ESP 9" range to aid in creating a alluring form. Some lures appear as attractive horses, children, magic sword on a pile of gold. Some cases the lure is so specific to one persons depraved interest that it creates something not even the victim would believe like a dead sister (1in10 chance if person alone and a bit sexually abnormal). The tongue lure can even talk saying what the victim would hear. It goes for something more generic is more than one victim approaches and the amalgam fantasy is less likely to be some kind of unbelievable mistake. Some villagers don't mind the monsters and send all their unwanted sexually crudest visitors to visit "the lady of the lake". Some worship the thing as a god. Sometimes the lure might talk several times before finally eating a shy victim who hesitates to get close.

Some know the thing is a monster and get close to commune with a lost love or unrequited love interest. Most of these inevitably get drawn in.

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  1. Oh my. And it would tell you exactly what you want to hear. How lovely.


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