Saturday, 1 July 2017

d100 Treasure Defences

So this is a table to see what guards treasure. You can roll several times or just pick some stuff suited to difficulty levels. I seem to be doing some basic dungeon stuff again.

d100 Treasure Defences
01 Guarded by shrieking fungus
02 Guarded by yapping dog
03 Guarded by howling ape
04 Guarded by magic mouth
05 Guarded by squawking bird
06 Guarded by gong mechanism
07 Guarded by bell mechanism
08 Guarded by alarm spell
09 Guarded by noisy pots or bottles
10 Guarded by screaming giant crickets

11 Kept in tightly sealed chest
12 Kept in
 locked chest
13 Kept in double locked chest
14 Kept in triple locked chest 
15 Kept in  sealed chest must be smashed open
16  Kept in  heavy stone chest
17 Kept in steel chest with complex lock
18 Kept in cage with lock
19 Kept in large sealed stone jar
20 Kept in large clay pot
21 Protected by shooting darts
22 Protected by poison needle
23 Protected by swinging pendulum
24 Protected by poison darts
25 Protected by portcullis gate trap 
26 Protected by pit trap 
27 Protected by spiked pit trap
28 Protected by poison spiked pit trap
29 Protected by self sealing pit trap
30 Protected by flooded self sealing pit trap
31 Protected by stone deadfall trap
32 Protected by shooting acid trap
33 Protected by burning oil trap
34 Protected by boiling water trap
35 Protected by molten lead trap
36 Protected by electrical discharge
37 Protected by magnetic trap
38 Protected by extreme heat
39 Protected by extreme cold
40 Defended by nest of snakes
41 Defended by swarm of insects
42 Defended by guard dogs
43 Defended by bear
44 Defended by wolves
45 Defended by lion
46 Defended by giant spiders
47 Defended by owlbear
48 Defended by troll
49 Defended by rust monster
50 Defended by roper
51 Defended by armed guards
52 Defended by arrow slits with archers
53 Defended by guards in scaffolding 
54 Defended by guards above through murder holes
55 Defended by elite guards in heavy armour
56 Defended by ogres
57 Defended by giant
58 Defended by giant lizard
59 Defended by giant snake
60 Defended by dragon
61 Protected by animated weapons
62 Protected by animated statues
63 Protected by corporeal undead in crypts
64 Protected by animated armour with weapons
65 Protected by gargoyles
66 Protected by lesser golems
67 Protected by major golem
68 Protected by animated juggernaut
69 Protected by  animated colossus
70 Protected by explosive runes
71 Protected by magical fire trap
72 Protected by animated chains
73 Protected by bound non corporeal undead
74 Protected by protection vs alignment circle
75 Protected by guardian spirit
76 Protected by wizard or priest
77 Protected by lycanthropes trapped in circle
78 Protected by ogre magi
79 Protected by elemental bound in circle
80 Protected by seal binding a demon
81 Hidden by architectural features
82 Hidden by secret door
83 Hidden under water or well or ice
84 Hidden under stone block
85 Hidden under heap of garbage
86 Hidden under pile of corpses
87  Hidden by illusion
88 Hidden by invisibility
89 Hidden by teleporter pad
90 Hidden by dimensional gate or in magic mirror
91 Protected by slime creatures
92 Protected by dangerous mould or fungus
93 Protected by diseased filth or mummy dust
94 Protected by mimic pretending to be chest or treasure
95 Protected by dangerous rot grubs or kyuss grubs
96 Protected by wall of magical fire or lava pit
97 Protected by force wall
98 Protected by curses or a legendary curse
99 Protected by magical fear sigil
100 Protected by death wards

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