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Elven Background Table

Some time ago I did various background tales for humans by social class and culture type. So here is a table specifically for elves in my Exile Island and Shadelport Setting. It Includes the various elven sub types, inter species relations and other trivium and history of my setting so Is not for everyone. I will do a elven spell list some time as a option - right now I let any elf player pick druidic or cleric or psionic or wizard or sorcery type casting and spells - the elf list will be the most elfy of all the lists focusing on light/darkness, nature, divination and healing over blowing stuff up.

Too recap elves in my setting were mostly isolated and on poor relations with man and only recently started trading and mingling since humans made elf killing a crime and ended unicorn hunting. The human Empire, the barrony and the barbarian tribes all want elves as friends or indifferent not enemies. Elves of course have longer memories and problems humans don't really understand or know about. I don't have half elves or any half races really. I really loathe it in SF shows.

Elven Background Table
01 Lowborn elf raised with goblins as siblings on the frontier to be suspicious of strangers
02 Lowborn elf raised with talking animal friends as siblings of one species
03 Lowborn elf raised with satyrs and centaurs on the frontier lands
04 Lowborn elf raised with human druidic cult as chosen one on border with human lands
05 Lowborn elf raised with villagers on border of human lands pretending to be human
06 Lowborn elf raised with wild elf tribes of forest living simple hunter gatherer lives
07 Lowborn elf raised raised by borderland scouts secretly spying on humans for aeons
08 Lowborn elf served as forest warden serving noble hunters and protecting forests
09 Lowborn elf served dark elves caring for their pets and waiting on masters
10 lowborn elf served a dryad or land spirit gathering food and combing mistresses hair

11 Soldiers squire helping masters tent, maintaining equipment and armour
12 Archers squire tending their bow and making arrows, fetching and repairing arrows

13 Knights squire maintaining masters equipment and mount and carrying supplies
14 Courtiers squire maintaining courtly clothing, helping master bathe and groom
15 Minstrels squire caring for instruments, preparing sheet music, taking dictation of poetry
16 Magicians apprentice attending to master, their books and laboratories
17 Craftsman's apprentice aiding craftworks, working on lesser items in masters style 
18 Priests apprentice helps prepare rituals, cares for shrines, studies holy scriptures
19 Gardeners apprentice helping plant trees and arranging forest plants, helping tree folk 
20 Seers apprentice helping master keep peace in trances, caring for meditation chambers
21 Lived froliciking in trees laughing and fornicating with sylvan beings
22 Lived dancing with faeries, maintaining faerie rings, gateways and leylines 
23 Lived with treefolk caring for them in their sleep and pleasuring them in spring
24 Served a great land or water or forest spirit court as a herald and messenger
25 Served a great elf noble throwing flowers in their path and dancing before them
26 Caring for trees and animals when hibernating, spawning and stockpiling food
27 Playing pranks on humans on borderlands to keep them wary and respectful
28 Caring for orphan baby animals, goblin children and stolen human children
29 Frolicking with unicorns as they purify water sources and protect them from humans
30 Serving the feasting halls of elven nobility preparing impossible meals
31 Murdering humans and farm animals then raising them as zombies
32 Helping giant spiders and their offspring spread darkness in the forest 
33 Werewolf training to make human slaves into monstrous hunting hounds
34 Kidnapping human children leaving changelings in their place
35 Seducing humans and making them addicted to elf food to make them slaves in Elfland
36 Stealing milk and eggs and wool from human farms and ruining fences
37 Training and breeding and birthing and suckling goblin hordes on the borderlands
38 Enslaving orc tribes and directing them to resettle in the borderlands 
39 Sabotaging human farms with poison, disease and by stealing livestock
40 Riding wolves and assassinating elven enemies and intruders within borders
41 Sculpting living plants into thorn mazes, tree forts and landscaped gardens
42 Travelling to far away elf tribes carrying messages and gifts
43 Traveling into deep underground caverns between dark elf colonies
44 Serving as attendants in royal orgies attended by all manner of sylvan beings and spirits 
45 Serving the wild hunt scaring humans witless and chasing interlopers for miles
46 Helping wild humans in the forest resist civilization and keep true to nature cults
47 Aiding druidic cults especially ones under pressure from civilized literate human cults
48 Helping secret pro elf cults hidden among human communities and rewarding them 
49 Planting rapidly growing magic trees to strategically spread forests
50 Planting spores that grow giant fungus and increases rot and decay in local area
51 Raised among secretive sinister bone forest elves hiding in from humans and elves
52 Raised with dark eves expressing the dark side of nature, winter and the night
53 Raised with sea elves riding dolphins and frolicking with sea creatures
54 Raised with last doomed remnants of eldren having heard their dimensional travels 
55 Raised with last remnants of drug addicted demon summoning elder rowanac elves
56 Raised with blood elves as a blood drinking fiend of the night
57 Raised by dryads among their lovers in their sacred groves, possibly non elf father 
58 Raised by moon elves sailing their barges in the celestial sky dome
59 Raised by eloi as a hedonistic innocent in a hidden utopia guzzling drugs in mass orgies
60 Raised by elves from a elemental plane strongly attuned to their native dimension
61 Raised by demonic or diabolic hybrids elves mischievously sent to cause trouble 
62 Raised by mysterious grey elves from the underland who mostly surface to kidnap
63 Raised by elf hunters who were convinced you were human and could be saved
64 Raised among villagers as a changeling till you heard the call and found your true kin
65 Raised by faeries and grown to full size as a adult by your adopted godmother
66 Raised by humans and sent to wizard school where your true heritage was discovered
67 Raised by halflings as intermediary with elven kind and a bit fat by elf standards 
68 Raised by dwarfs as part of a interspecies hostage deal for peace long ago
69 Raised by chaos elves eternally trying to call horrors from the stars to end the world
70 Raised by court of changeling tree spirits in the court of their demigod king 
71 Raised as part of the entourage of a travelling petty god till you were too old
72 Raised by court of changeling elemental spirits on another plane 
73 Raised by court of changeling sea spirits in a undersea kingdom till washed ashore 
74 Raised by court of changeling land spirits in their feasting halls under the hills
75 Raised by court of changeling angelic spirits in heavenly realms before falling to earth 
76 Raised by court of changeling beast spirits and animal friends 
77 Raised by beastmen roaming the wilderness, dancing and raiding humans
78 Raised by giants as a servant cooking their meals and helping them bathe
79 Raised in faerie court performing errands and chores they were too tiny for
80 Raised by mountain top sylphs and mountain nymphs among the nests of eagles
81 Raised by elf family living alone on borderlands living simple family life
82 Raided by elf family from a small village far away from elf courts and politics
83 Raised in a giant tree fortress on the borderlands watching humans and other territories
84 Raised in a great hidden half empty citadel among isolated eldren scholars in decline
85 Raised in bustling elven trade town with craftsmen and merchant guilds men
86 Raised in a elven city amid splendour of the elven courts and bustling urban life
87 Raised in farmlands surrounding elf urban centre living a quiet country life
88 Raised in secret elf castle on the borderlands hidden from humans by magic 
89 Raised in the hidden underground hillfort close to humans who left elves offerings
90 Raised in seasonally between underland dark elves and the surface bright elves 
91 Raised in faerie other realm amid faeiries, goblins, giants and all manner of creatures
92 Raised in faerie other realm having been transformed into a elf as a stolen human baby
93 Raised in faerie other realm but visited the mortal realm through gates and faerie rings
94 Raised in faerie other realm hidden within a ancient stone near a human village 
95 Raised in faerie other realm rearing stolen human babes as slaves or made into elves 
96 Raised in faerie other realm as servant of a sylvan noble family in the royal court 
97 Raised in faerie other realm as a squire of a elvish flower knight in courtly tournaments
98 Raised in faerie other realm as a gardener raising magical plants and baby treefolk
99 Raised in faerie other realm to a family of tailors making elven clothes from flower petals
100 Raised in faerie other realm serving to king and queen in summer or winter court


  1. I'm glad someone else finds half-breeds a bit weird; interspecies conception has to have limits, like species for example. Plus, I can't get over the whole fact of the manner of conception between orcs / others; unless orcs are just noble savage barbarian types, which isn't really orcs...but yeah, nice to hear!

  2. This is an awesome table, btw! :)


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