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Xor Settlements Expanded

So looking back at my Psychon stuff I found I was generating more interesting communities. The first Xor community generators I did were a bit limited. After this I just need to go and clean up my spell lists for Xor and i can get onto finishing my proof copy and start layout. Im hoping to revise and layout Psychon after and expand a few tables I did for it as I used to do d100 tables with less than 100 outcomes. Hopefully after that I can have a crack at finishing my redbrick dungeon and gothic dungeon books. Possibly. Most of this stuff is 95% written.

Colour palettes for skin of humanoids  and beast folk and other creatures. Quite a few creatures transparent also. Alternate Palette table for tainted and diseased things in league with chaos.

D12 Xorian Pallette for humanoid colours
1 Scarlet
2 Magenta
3 Pink
4 Salmon
5 Tan
6 Russet
7 Maroon
8 Mauve
9 Amber
10 Ochre
11 Ivory
12 Jet

D12 Tainted Palette
1 Puece blue
2 Bile green
3 Festering olive
4 Snot Lime
5 Pustulent yellow
6 Urine Yellow
7 Putrid Purple
8 Fecal Orange
9 Scabrous Rust
10 Dung Brown
11 Dirty Tar
12 Smegma grey

How homogeneous is this community? 1d20
1 One species of one colour, hostile, xenophobic racists to all others
2 One species of one colour, hostile, actively kill others or outsiders
3 One species believes in own superiority, but not malicious

4 One species regards self as true human all others are food
5 One species
 regards self as true human all others are decieving demons
6 One species of one colour, suspicious but willing to trade if no trouble
7 One species of one colour, wary but making money comes first
8 One species of one colour, open and friendly and curious to others
9 Two competing but equal communities
10 Two competing communities one resentful to other who is unaware of inequality
11 Two competing species one in greater power but benevolent to weaker
12 Two competing species one in greater power but enslave or hunt the weaker
13 Two species integrated harmoniously
14 Several 1d4+1 races in a caste system (serf priesthood and warlord for example)
15 Several 1d4+1 races in constant flux and power struggle
16 Several 1d4+1 races in a peaceful co existence
17 Several 1d4+1 races in a comfortable profitable relationship
18 Many races 1d10+4 in a complex caste system
19 Many races 1d10+4 in a cooperative egalitarian mixed society
20 Many races 1d10+4 in servitude to one dominant

d12 Species
1-5 Human - various local tribes
6 Human - outsiders and castaways
7 Demihuman - elf, dwarf, halfling8-10 Humanoid - goblinoids, orcs11-12 Beastfolk - molerat, goat, lamprey, dog, cat, lizard, etc

d12 Types of community
1 Nomad or hunters temporary camp site
2 Semi permanent camp possibly move seasonally
Shanty town of outcastes and criminals
4 Camp of refugees or shipwrecked survivors
5 Cluster of shacks around a resource
Village with a light defensive wall
 Large fortified village
 Sprawling town
 Fortified town
 Citadel often grown from Xor flesh
 Castle or fortress
 City with walled defences

d12 Common building styles

1 Dry bone structure often in towers or keeps
2 Living bone coated in skin riddled with chambers
3 Bone structures with sheets of skin tarpaulins attached
4 Bone or tusk frame with cured skin dome huts or tepees
5 Skin tents huddled together around communal fire pit
6 Large bone perimeter wall with shingle or thatch roof covering smaller shacks
7 Cottages of carved bone blocks or bonemeal mud bricks with thatched hair roof
8 Carved into bone structure (like Petra or Cappadocia)
9 Bone cement buildings with bone bricks covered in bone meal plaster (pueblos)
10 Bonemeal mudbrick pueblo with ladders to gain entry and public courtyards
11 Houses grown from flesh, often resemble organs or with food growing inside
12 Flesh tower or citadel with living gate house with many chambers inside

d12 Technology

1 Hopeless stranded people with no local survival skills and scraps of supplies
2 Hunter gatherers using bone, sinew, hair, teeth and other secretions of Xor
3 These people sculpt and grow Xor by living in harmony and everything is grown from Xor for them
4 A mixture of local technology with some expensive imported technology
5 A hybrid of local and imported technology
6 Local technology but with inclusion of recycled scraps like metal and glass used
7 Mostly local technology but have some metal and local materials to replace things used outside
8 Foreigners importing everything and improvising a few local resources
9 Religious community that rely on priestly magic to feed everyone and use anything they can find
10 Xor grows housing, weapons and food and people just live off what provided with no technical skills at all,
 These peoples sculpt Xor to live in luxury and use best technology organic or otherwise. They have forgotten more than others have ever learned
12 Possess high tech and or magic, possibly tech from outside Xor like gunpowder and even grow plants

Aggression 1d6
1 Always on warpath
2 Frequently hostile and paranoid 
3 Warily trade for needed supplies but wary
4 Willing to trade if no trouble

5 Friendly to outsiders
6 Peaceful

d12 Local Defences
1 Locals too lazy, starving, drugged or pacifistic too put up a fight or flee
2 Will put up disorganised but spirited defence while weak hide or flee
 Some local hunters and warriors defend tribe
4 All eligible fighters drill regularly and others train in missile weapon support
5 Trained exotic school of fighters like monks or berserkers
6 Locals rely on pets or allies for self defines
7 Locals flee to defensive strong points with missile weapons for siege
8 Exotic elite specialist troops with pets or mounts
9 Caged creatures released while people hide in sealed homes
10 Locals have built fortified walls and well drilled guards and stores for siege
11 Biological traps and deadly growth surround comunity
12 Pits and moatworks surround community filled with monsters and hazards

d12 Local Specialist
1 A superior hunter well respected monster slayer
2 A cunning trickster who saved everyone with lies and tricks and murder
3 A wizard who defends and aids the locals
4 A sorcerer who is a respected cult leader and vice addict
5 A priest who preaches the traditional local religion
6 A new priest who introduces new ways to Xor
7 A druid who preserves the balance of community and nature
8 A wandering hero has been accepted by tribe for heroic deeds
9 A cunning business man who has improved local trade
10 A shapeshifter in human form has become a trusted community leader
11 Outsider With strange technology and tactics to Xor
12 A beastman or mutant hero has become a champion

d20 Interesting Local Resource
1 Fresh water either from a sunken flesh pocket of refined somehow
2 A tear duct where hormonal potions are gathered for trade
3 On route of migratory species which locals exploit
4 Have access to a underground trade route
5 Slaves found wandering are sold in markets and common
6 A viable meat mine feeds the populace with steaks and roasts
7 Is incredibly ancient with remnants of ancient inhabitants and lost vaults
8 A well full of blood feeds most of the populace used in all kinds of ways
9 Parasite herders keep mites, ticks and bugs for food
10 Local species used every day by locals for food, travel or war
11 Holy Place where healing and wisdom available
12 Tunnels and caves under community for shelter and secret travel
13 Market place with traders from many cultures
14 A tall lookout post can see incoming visitors from a great distance
15 Locals have a stockpile or source of magic potions
16 Monster colony here here ignores locals
17 Locals maintain several pieces of siege weapons for defence
18 Stockpile of iron weapons and armour kept in secret vault
19 Sleeping kaiju protects community
20 Sleeping kaiju produces valuable resource locals use

d20 Local Problems
1 Everyone sick of local but reliable food source
2 Water is always short and precious
3 Local humanoid tribe competes for resources
4 Beastmen or orcs constantly raiding
5 A local monster receives sacrifices to leave people alone
6 Quakes have been increasing making area unsafe
7 Xor has illness or taint which must be found and healed
8 Some material resource is in high demand like metal
9 Outsiders infiltrating the community for the worst
10 Local meat caves or flesh tower a source of evil
11 Mutations in area increasing
12 Demons and chaos cultists seek to undermine community

13 Disease or poisoning outbreak with unknown source
14 Barbarian or nomad tribes amassing to threaten
15 Undead arising and increasing daily
16 Cultists infiltrating area committing sabotage and infiltrating defence
17 Outsider mercenaries have been attacking caravans
18 Demonic larvae have been found by locals and presented to leaders
19 Local leader having personal crisis and not performing properly
20 Important trade or defence treat in negotiation everyone tense

How are they ruled? d100
1 Assembly of elders of one gender

2 Assembly of elders of both genders
3 Assembly of aged and elderly
4 Assembly of merchants and wealthy
5 Assembly of holiest elders
6 Assembly of most skilled leaders
7 Random lottery or selection process for king
8 Priest king rules community on behalf of gods
9 Select king only when at war or in danger from monsters
10 Allow richest to buy kingship
11 King selected by birthmarks and auspicious omens
12 king selected by priesthood from worthy ritually pure candidates
13 Ring selected by tests and challenges of skill and might
14 Priest king rules all selected by divine signs and omens
15 King chosen from anyone brave enough to face community enemies
16 King born from the flesh of Xor on sanctified holy day
17 Queen selected from women who bore the most children
18 Priest queen selected by god as earthly consort
19 Wizard in tower rules all by fear
20 Wizard in tower rules with kindness and benevolence like people are pets
21 Druid leader selects ruler from best of students in various trials
22 Village idiot made honorary figurehead and replaced if fortune turns sour
23 Holy child selected by priesthood is symbolic ruler
24 A idol is made ruler with priesthood interpreting the will of the god
25 Ritual king chosen from strangers or other means then sacrificed to gods
26 Most beautiful person chosen as ruler
27 Ruler selected from madmen selected by various tests and rituals
28 Merchant guild
 votes on decisions and elect a guildmaster 
29 Guild of crafters vote on decisions and elect a guildmaster
30 Guild of criminals vote 
on decisions and elect a guildmaster  
31 Overseer with a network of thugs controls with fear
32 Ruler selected from chosen one who does not get eaten by sacred monster
33 Gang of thugs control by threat of force and take what they want
34 Mercenary thugs took over and have ruled ever since
 Democratic leader chosen from male land owners
36 Democratic leader chosen from greatest warriors
 Democratic leader chosen from mothers and wise women
 Democratic leader chosen from best hunters
 Democratic leader chosen from holy congregation
40 Holy prophet selected by god to relay its orders
41 Holy prophet chosen by accuracy of predictions
42 Holy prophet used charisma to replace former ineffective leader
42 Directly instructed by god or gods through some mouthpiece or dreams
43 False prophet claims to be inspired by god but a liar
44 Infiltrated by hostile shapeshifter species in disguise
45 Ruled by charmed king who really serves a evil wizard
46 Ruled by greedy cult leader who abuses power for hedonism
47 King is supreme arbiter of pleasure and pain according to hedonistic cult
48 Ruler chosen from best judges and adjudicators from popular opinion
49 Diabolic despot rules according to 
strict alignment philosophy of evil and law
50 Benevolent despot rules according to 
strict alignment philosophy of good and law
51 Richest get to buy kingship when last king is poisoned
52 Who donates most to communal coffer is king after donations counted
53 Biggest boaster is made ruler at drunken public feast
54 Best warrior king by winning to death contest or force
 Best wizard king by winning to death contest or force
56 Best monster hunter wins by bringing in best monster corpse
57 Local mob boss is real power using force and commanding the legitimate law
Rule by interpretation of holy scriptures defined by public shouting match
59 Rule by best drinker or drug abuser
60 Ruled by drug dealer and their flunkies who keep key citizens high
61 Cult community led by most charismatic preacher
62 Cult community ruled by infighting priests
63 Cult leader rules through lies and deception
64 Cult leader has sex with chosen from community on behalf of god
65 Cult leader accumulates all wealth to redistribute as they please to worthy
66 Inherited monarchy with feuding clans and bloodlines
67 Inherited monarchy with bloody successions and civil strife
68 Stable long lasting popular monarchy
69 Succession of mentally unstable tyrant dynasty
70 Military aristocracy always at war with some enemy
71 Charismatic despotic war monger in power at moment
72 Bloody revolutionary leader wary of counter revolution
73 Revolutionary thugs just seized power, paranoid and wary of each other
74 Revolutionaries taken over, out to keep common people poor and rich out
75 Coup taken over and rounded up troublemakers into labour camps
76 Best athlete or contest winner gets to be king for a year
77 A golem or animated statue is revered as god ruler
78 Community is hopelessly disorganised but happy
79 Kindly local spirit protects and adisesvilage elders
80 Purest bloodline of type judged by church is king
81 Ruled by council who consult dead councilers from the past with magic
82 Ruled by council with advice from bound planar entity forced to speak
83 Ruled by council of undead elders from a tomb in secret
86 Ruled by living minor god from the local area
87 Ruled by elaborate process of divination calculated by experts (astrology)
88 Messages from stars decree who is king via artifact of the gods
89 A demon rules community with cult thugs as agents
90 A demon pretending to be a benevolent demigod rules
91 Murder cult rule killing any who don't enthusiastically support regime
92 Governor rules on behalf of foreign power
96 A foreign despot and his thugs
97 Ruled by strange beast with aid of its followers
98 Minor other planar being rules according to alignment
99 Elemental cult choose leader from those the elements approve of
100 Heroic outsider has come benevolent despot

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