Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Carousing WW1 Paris

One of those things i promised for my great weird war one Cthulhu game which i will have to rename as its's been done commercially. I have a awesome Weimar republic sex club book which would be awesome to use for Cthulhu also.
d10 Quck Carousing sub types
01 Nightlife
02 Bordello
03 Crime
04 Espionage
05 Meeting
06 Adventure
07 Romance
08 Red Tape
09 Black Market
10 Hospital

Carousing WW1 Paris
01 Have a fantastic night in a nightclub with naked dancers 
02 Have a night long liaison with a nightclub dancer or server
03 Mingle with the rich and fabulous with finest food and drink
04 Witness a famous dancer like Mata Hari perform a erotic show
05 Mingle with bohemian artists and artists in decadent night out
06 Horrible drunken night out, awake covered in vomit and bruises in gutter
07 High on drugs including ether, morphine, opium and hashish
08 Fantastic night of drinking, singing and camaraderie with soldiers 
09 Invited to airfield officers mess and enjoy the best of everything
10 Drugged and drunken flashbacks of cult orgy in secret chamber

11 Spend a night drinking and celebrating in a whorehouse
12 Chased out of a brothel in underwear for terrible behaviour into streets

13 Spend night with older but luxurious veteran prostitute
14 Stumble across German spies listening to rooms in brother
15 Stumble across clues prostitute or madam is a german spy  
16 Meet several allied staff officers in state of undress disorderly in brothel
17 Wake up with no memory with dead prostitute in seedy hotel room
18 Assasination attempt mistaken identity in brothel using poison, a bomb or weapon 
19 You awaken a parent to be or with horrible case of venereal disease
20 Awaken to find prostitute and valuables and clothes missing from hotel room
21 Thug holds you up at gun or knife point to take your cash
22 Gang assault you for talking to local love interests
23 Car almost runs you down
24 Hotel room is robbed and property stolen
25 Con man offer you valuable goods or property and runs with money
26 Somehow your cash turns out to be counterfiet
27 Identity papers stolen by someone
28 Letter of blackmail from enemy agents who want you to do something
29 Thug attacks you in bar over some imagined offence
30 Bar fight breaks out with your friends and allied soldiers and locals
31 Agent attempts to plant a bomb on you or your room or car
32 Agent places fake papers on you and informs authorities
33 Discover a love interest working with foreign agents
34 Your accommodation is firebombed by enemy agents
35 Discover you have accidentally taken a spies baggage with tool and secret documents
36 Witness someone being assassinated now the killer wants to silence you
37 Overhear agents plotting to blow up a train or building
38 Find dying agent insists you take documents to a office urgently
39 Discover co worker is foreign agent
40 Stumble across a dead letter drop with coded message left for a spy
41 Meet a famous war hero or ace pilot 
42 Make a good friend in war office useful for information
43 Meet a famous celebrity (sports, actor or musician) in uniform
44 Meet a wealthy business person who is a useful contact
45 Meet a journalist or author writing about life on the front line
46 A photo taken of you appears in newspaper
47 Meet a important politician 
48 Meet a officer who was previously a eccentric scholar 
49 Meet a occultist, mystic or medium
50 Meet a cultist who exposes self by accident
51 Caught up in thrilling car, horse or boat chase
52 Involved in shoot out on train with criminals or spies
53 Building bombed or shelled by night, struggle to escape collapse
54 Building fire bombed struggle to escape fire
55 Horse crazed with fear almost runs you down
56 Mad soldier blames you for something and chases you with weapon
57 Love interest being pursued by criminals or foreign agents
58 See child trapped in burning building after a bombing
59 Find wounded person after shelling in need of medical attention
60 Join locals putting out fire from bombing
61 Meet attractive nurse or doctor from field hospital on leave
62 Meet attractive nightclub performer or film star 
63 Meet attractive secretary or clerk from war office 
64 Meet local french lover you find irresistible
65 Old lover requests you get married by letter
66 Current partner leaves letter about breaking up
67 Jealous romantic rival attacks or sabotages you
68 Love interest killed in shelling or bombing
69 Love interest shot or imprisoned for treason
70 Wonderful day visiting monuments like eiffel tower and Note Dame
71 Detained till paperwork and ID checked
72 Military police seeking you for questioning
73 Military seek to recruit you into a secret operation
74 Questioned as to your whereabouts by intelligence
75 Being followed by somebody, criminals, allied or foreign agents?
76 Questioned about acquaintance activities by intelligence
77 Police question you about your papers and seek to confirm your identity
78 Spend night in lock up after being involved in bar fight with military personel
79 Someone dies leaving you as their heir including documents
80 Someone takes you to court over some personal matter

81 Someone offers you wads of german or austrian currency at low price
82 Offered valuable but bulky artwork at low price
83 Offered stolen vehicle at low prices
84 Offered invitation to by illegal weapons
85 Offered strange occult item as stolen historical collectable
86 Offered stolen medical supplies
87 Offered counterfeit bonds or cash
88 Offered strategic military documents
89 Offered looted antique historic books possibly occult
90 Offered strange ancient squat idol of gold or a strange mineral
91 Shot in the street wake up in hospital
92 Wounded in bombing awake in hospital
93 Beaten in bar fight between allied soldiers
94 Targeted by violent criminal gang and beaten
95 Food poisoning in hospital 24 hours of horrible fever
96 Obtained venereal disease somehow
97 Influenza outbreak sends you to hospital
98 Placed in quarantine camp by military hospital
99 A old wound becomes infected
100 Became feverish and shouting in streets about the horrors, in asylum for observation

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