Tuesday 25 July 2017

d100 Villain Escapes for Marvel

Going punisher is considered by a few players occasionally when villains escape constantly. Villains in Marvel can spend karma to escape stuff effectively (more so in yellow box than blue advanced ed). Mysterious ambiguous deaths would cost heroes karma so that's another reason to do it for the villain. Heck if decommissioning a old base i could capture a hero, tell them my dated plans already over then leave them in a lame death trap then let them escape/get rescued and destroy the base full of goons with unpaid wages to get extra karma. Win win situation. Could be a possible use for alternatives to killing players too in tpk situations. A villain might change a bit or learn a new skill or get a relic for their next plan. Lots of these things are a problem or adventure for the villain but could lead to lots of things. Might just be something they explain happened to them next you meet. A d100 Mysterious Deaths or d100 or Mysterious Resurrections might be a goer.

Typically a villain does one of these things to avoid capture1 Jump into a open air nuclear furnace or gateway in doomsday device

2 Caught in a explosion, fire or flash flood leaving no remains
3 Swallowed up by the earth during a quake or buried in rubble
4 Jump off cliff into a raging river, volcano or explosion
5 Crash in a vehicle or base explodes

d100 Villain Escapes for Marvel
01 Really was just a experimental clone all along
02 Really was swapped with android or robot duplicate 
03 Was a hologram or illusion
04 Was a human trained impersonator or agent
05 Sntched by tentacled horror through a gateway
06 Supernatural being carries away villain like a angel, spirit or demon
07 Sucked into a inhuman mouth through a gateway
08 Taken to another plane by dimensional being 
09 Shrunk down to microverse where civilization wants them
10 Alien warlord teleports them away to be a space gladiator

11 Sucked to a demonic pocket dimension or hell
12 Taken to the nightmare realm to be tormented by dreamlord

13 Taken to a hidden utopian civilization with a secret by portal
14 Taken to a secret society and tested to be a member
15 Helped by young superhumans who idolize them
16 Taken by other villain to serve in their scheme
17 Taken by shapeshifters who replaces them with a agent for a while
18 Replaced by alternate universe self with possibly some interesting differences
19 Turned out to be a superhuman or alien in disguise
20 Taken to alien or planar prison to be sentenced
21 Taken to the future by time travelling medlers
22 Brought back to distant past by magic or lost science
23 Taken by lord of underworld to torment them
24 Rulers of hidden under the sea kingdom takes them prisoner
25 Taken by mad scientist to experiment on
26 Taken by secret agency to question or imprison
27 Taken by demon worshiping ninja cult
28 Taken by monks to interdimensional temple
29 Taken back to prehistoric to battle cavemen and or dinosaurs
30 Taken to hidden but flawed utopia that needs your help
31 Taken by underground renegades who need villain for some reson
32 Taken by group of other villains or villain for a team up
33 Recruited into a supervillain cabal with big plans
34 Taken by aliens who offer power if assisted in conquest
35 Taken by the planet eater who wants you to try our against his herald
36 Taken to version of court of king arthur by Morgan La Fey
37 Secret cult seeks to brainwash them into being agent
38 Taken to tiny despotic kingdom where offered an alliance
39 Taken by a god into the other dimensional realm of their pantheon
40 Sucked into overspace into body of a elder god
41 Taken to base of a supervillain and army to be studied
42 Taken by corrupt secret government contracted metahuman prison
43 Taken to fantastic other world or planet by mysterious force
44 Devils or demons torment them in a pocket universe for various crimes
45 Relative of past victim taken them to be tortured and killed in horrible basement
46 Taken by subterranean ruler to be used to power a machine for some scheme
47 Something powerful brings them back from ash heap or death
48 Damned nazis have them trapped in a machine
49 Taken into a timeloop repeating same day relentlessly
50 Taken to parallel where forced to heroically save world
51 Taken to parallel to fight superior good version of self
52 Taken to parallel where they must fight more evil version of self 
53 Taken to parallel where where they meet themselves with no problems or hangups
54 Taken to parallel where enemies killed
55 Taken to parallel amazon universe where genders of characters swapped
56 Merged into another being need to cooperate to survive
57 Found injured and cared for by some common folk unaware of true identity
58 Taken to parallel to help fight alien invasion or villain team
59 Taken to parallel where all heroes dead and villains unite
60 Taken to parallel where governments persecute, hunt and imprison super humans 
61 Taken to parallel where technology far more advanced  
62 Taken to parallel with more supernatural events and magic forces 
63 Taken to parallel mashed up with other historical or genre era
64 Taken to secret training facility run by scientist, wizard or secret society
65 Taken to parallel with more UFOs and alien intervention 
66 Taken to parallel with no superhumans 
67 Taken to parallel where villains have wrecked the world 
68 Taken to parallel by last survivors of a zombie apocalypse
69 Taken to parallel where humans extinct 
70 Taken to parallel where aliens conquered the earth 
71 Taken to parallel where nuclear war destroyed earth, possible survivors in space
72 Taken to parallel limited apocalypse left world in mutant barbarian hell hole  
73 Taken to parallel where hostile machines have taken over 
74 Mind taked by dimensional being who needs a body for some errand
75 Taken to parallel to dimension over run by demons 
76 Taken to alternate past timeline and participate in historic event like ww2 
77 Taken to alternate past timeline golden age of superheroes fighting the axis
78 Taken to alternate past timeline silver age of optimistic superheroes  
79 Taken to alternate past timeline bronze age with social issues, monsters and martial arts
80 Taken to alternate past timeline iron age with cool hair, ninjas, covert assassins, cyborgs
81 Captured by rival villain who taunts and abuses them
82 Taken to be minion of powerful villain and forced into service
83 Taken by hidden alien civilization to study
84 Taken as trophy by unethical time travellers from the future
85 Taken by metahuman hunters from parallel time line 
86 Grey aliens study your abilities in saucer in hyperspace 
87 Recover as a living dead under power of a sorcerer or mad scientist or alien
88 Sent into other plane able to see but not interact with reality
89 Taken by scientists for guerrilla world for some reason
90 Taken to other planet to help fend off an enemy or disaster
91 Taken from timeline by a alternate future self trying to foil your schemes
92 Operatives in teleporter base monitor situation and pull them out
93 Teleported by a scientist but injured or fused with another being
94 Transported to another world but memory flawed
95 Taken to the dark dimension where the evil ruler requires assistance
96 Turned into a monster by scientist in weird lab
97 Captured by secret admirer and held prisoner
98 Fall in love on a parallel and spend time with true love until tragedy strikes
99 Rescued by future children with time machine
100 Shoved by alternate universe self into another dimension

You could mash up several of these

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