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Xor Monsters 1 (MM and FF)

I actually don't really like new monsters very often and have been tempted to do my own edited monster manual leaving out about a two thirds of 1st ed adnd monsters. I have started a project like this but happy to take a few years to do this, I prefer re skinning monsters and i thing half non racial monsters should be one offs. So here is my notes on Xorian monster manual with notes on possible new monsters. At this stage this is just notes. Im still debating if Xorians have normal earth skin colours.

Reading glasses have got me reading lots of stuff again - didn't realize how shot my eyesight was. Had been so fussy over layout and font size partly from this. Also this Hotspring Island kickstarter looks pretty good

Lots of monsters will be Xorified by hairlessness and chamo for life on Xor. A few tentacles and mutations help too.

Im not too familiar with system ref coc but might cull or re create some. Any help on this appreciated Will build encounter tables with these.

Hairlessness is common.
Most animals eat meat and herbivores eat hair.
Local creatures will graze on Xor directly but then risk attracting antibodies or immune system so locals only eat Xor in desperation and then tend to move. Plenty of Xor excreta, dead skin. bones, hair are all fair game.

I really wish robots and androids made the cut in these books, we would have had decades more interesting dnd gaming.

Monster Manual 1As the original monster book this has the basics. I wish more related animals were grouped and giant or dire being a mod on basic stats was a good idea in later editions but done in a overly complex way.

Anhkheg - giant insect flesh boring parasite

Ant, giant - these are fine but i like bigger ones in BX and titanic arts welcome. Poison inch ants pretty cool. natives use ants for food and for sutures.

Ape - hairless baboons, gorillas and carnivorous apes all welcome

Axe beaks, flightless birds - one of the more common riding animals

Badger - ok but giant ones that burrow in bone and flesh better

Baluchitherium - might have houses on top

Barracuda, giant gar, giant pike, sharks - reskinned as aquatic predators living in Xor's fluid banks

Basilisk - more serpentine but wear tiny crowns, pollute area, anyone who strikes one is poisoned, might use standard one also

Bear - bears are fine and hairless but also can be used as generic  animal and i like to use for giant hairless mole rats

Beavers, giant - collect hair and bones and dead skin to build rafts and dams on surface and underneath. They often trade and shelter travellers

Beetles, giant - are all fine

Black Pudding - though come in many flesh tones instead of black and are part of Xorian ecology recycling dead tissue

Boar - all types fine usually more flesh toned and bristly

Buffalo, bull, camel, cattle, goat, sheep, herd animal - hairless fierce herdbeast feed off hair

Bullette - huge landsharks often blend in with terrain or burrow into depths

Carrion Crawlers - they love parasitizing on Xor but prefer mobile prey

Catoblepas - dwell in muck filled caverns and sores

Centaurs - are horrible hairless chaos beastmen often with mutations

Crab, Crayfish, centipede - dwell in various fluid bodies

Cockatrice - more wattled and with tiny crowns

Crocodiles - in Xor flesh colours, live in any fluids

Demons - are invading Xor and many types possible, devils are rare but lemure might be around

Dinosaurs - common all types but in flesh tone and often mutated

Displacer beast - but more like hairless sphynx cats

Dogs - many types all hairless and some specialist chaos mutant types types

Dolphin - living in fluid systems, more like weird river dolphins and flesh tone

Dragon Turtles - live in large bodies of fluid

Dwarves - on Xor more like cannibalistic bone crafting morlocks that dwell in subdermal complexes

Eel - live in fluids

Elementals - Flesh, bone and blood types

Elf - on xor are blood elves who live in bone citadels and are infamously cruel blood drinkers

Ettins, giants, ogres, ogre magi - all on Xor often bald and obese or mutants

Frogs live in fluid systems

Fungi - violet, yellow mould, brown mould, shriekers, gas spores

Gelatinous Cubes help clean Xor but spherical faster versions exist part of immune system of Xor, grey oozes, green slime are all natives who dont eat Xor

Gnoll - i reskin as various types of beast men

Gnomes - are horrid flesh eaters who live in burrows often with pets (like giant mole rats)

Goblinoids - including bugbears and hobgoblins all fine but hairless - red white and blue skin tribes

Golem Flesh - are spawned by Xor often as guards of vital areas

Halflings are horrible burrowing flesh eating common folk

Harpy - but lack charm and spray diseased feces in battle

Hell Hound - scouting for hell and hunting demons

Hippopotamus - dine on hair and wallow in fluids - can reskin as giant pigs too

Horses or mules are bought by outsiders but tiny dog size prehistoric hairless breeds live in hair covered areas

Hydra - often guard fluid filled caverns

Hyena - hairless, but additional breed laughter causes confusion, shapechange into humans and mimic voices.

Ixitxachitl - demon rays live in depths worshiping demons, normal rays appear too

Jackals - pick scraps and are hairless

Jackalwere - come to Xor for free feed

Jaguar, lion, lynx, tiger, cheetah, all hairless and sphynx cat like

Kobolds - common tribal people above and below surface

Lamia - attracted to free feed, many are hairless bald and mutated but not all

Lamprey, Leech - common in fluids of Xor

Larvae dwell on Xor brought by demons and night hags

Leopards - release stinking clouds from behind and love murder, hairless

Leucrotta - unchanged have migrated here to do evil and eat

Lizards - all but in xor pallette range, gekkos especially

Lizard Men - often xor coloured but might be albino, many came here with serpent empire long ago

Lurker above - a biological trap

Lycanthropes come here but often hairless types like were hairless mole rats

Manticores - some with poison scorpion tales instead of spiked types

Medusa - turn people into calcium bone like statues with pink stingworm like hair

Men - lots of cannibals, tribals, cultists, bandits, etc

Mimics - part of Xor immune system

Mindflayers or just squid men or octopi men if trademark issues

Minotaurs - horrible naked hairless brutes who guard flesh mazes

Morkoth - feel at home but happy to replace

Naga - many are in flesh tone or even worm like but many came here with serpent men long ago as gods

Neo-otyugh and otyugh - fit in well into shit filled chasms and pools

Night hags - visit demons and like to breed larvae here possibly need a flesh hag

Nightmare - brought by night hags

Ochre Jellies feed off intruders and don't eat Xor

Octopus or squid giant - live in pools

Orcs thrive on Xor, especially the cyclops ones and mutant tribes

Owlbears - hairless

Peryton - hairless and featherless with batlike membrane wings

Piercer - many resemble teeth

Portuguese man-o-war - float in air varieties and aquatic types in fluids

Purple Worm - hell yeah!

Rakshasa - i prefer more hindu ones - good article in Dragon (70-100?), they invade xor for food and curiosity, many multiple headed

Rat - most are hairless and mole rats more common. I like various sizes and reskin bears a lot for them

Rhino - huge fleshy rhinos for sure

Rust monsters - Xor breeds them when intruders with metal offend Xor to remove metal

Ropers lurk in subdermal areas especially digestive tract areas

Salamander - I like BX salamanders more - i would call adnd ones fire demons, mostly brought by demons or wizards

Skunk, giant - stink butt weasels

Slug, giant - common and eat dead skin

Snakes - all fine but more sting worm like - many grow from nerve spinal tissue from dead animals - more like weird medieval ideas of snakes. Standard snakes in fleshtone ok too. Many are types with head each end. Snakes cal roll into circles and roll.

Shambling mounds grow in digestive waste areas and more fungal than plant

Scorpions and spiders and ticks, giant - hell yeah

Stirge - many spawned from hives by Xor as population control

Titans - often sleeping, have been on Xor for aeons

Titanothere - like rhinos really

Toad - all fine just change colours

Trapper - bio traps but change damage more like lurker above - not fan of micro rule change monsters - too many in FF

Troglodytes - are great but introduce a ugly mammalian humanoid caveman ike breed also

Trolls - colour shift and often mutated, prone to cancer

Turtle - colour change but fine

Umber Hulk - awesome

Wasp, giant - attracted to Xor for food, hunted by Xorian immune system

Water Weird - tracted to filthy pools

Weasel - blood sucking beasts are hairless

Whale - swim in seas of Xor usually flesh coloured, often horned and toothed

Wolf, and Dire wolf - hairless after a few generations on Xor and used by goblins

Wyvern - bony and wattled horrors

Undead are rare and unwelcome on Xor made by invading necromancers

Fiend FolioAs I have generic beast men and most FF monsters are kinda weird and fill specific niches but here we go. Too many monsters with micro systems like asphyxiation because rules on everything less consistent. Are some biological monsters in the book but mechanically so complex i can't be bothered. I like the book and the art but for my purposes here not so great.

Babbler and Bonesnapper - mini dinosaurs are ok, babblers are mutant lizard men and fairly smart

Bat, giant, doombat, - rats with wings and sonar really but giant vampire bats and bigger riding bats for goblins are a must. More bat monsters would be cool. Flightless hunting bats in book after man are awesome and make good evil mounts. doombats are great but not so good as mounts with area effect attacks

Bloodworm - fine as they are and fill a role

Bullywugs are just frog beast men
Crabmen are just crab beast men

Dark Creepers, Dark stalkers - are a pretty dangerous lost humanoid and deserve more use. I think of them as a alternate rare goblinoid or dark faerie race. On Xor they dwell in the depths.

Death dogs, Devil dogs - death dogs cause knock and have multiple heads, devil dogs are fast can cause fear and can inflict bleeding crits - Id probably have the effect double damage and/or 1hp/round blood loss which could make fights interesting. Mechanically dated modified dogs mostly.

Ettercaps - a great monster probably unwelcome on Xor and dwell in the depths

Fire Toads - big fun but why they keep treasure I don't get

Flailsnails - cool

Flumphs - I like them for some reason and often trick players into fighting them. I imagine a paladin standing on one using as a floating disk

Giants - more giants ok

Githyanki - might visit and build a fort

Grell - probably the most likely to be part of Xor in the book

Hellcats - spies from hell who manipulate people into fighting demons

Hook Horror  - another owlbear but i like them

Kamadan - another monster i just like

Nilbogs, Norker - goblin kin

Penanggalan - undead not too common but these fit in well

Slaad - might visit Xor to see what demons up to

Trolls -these are all ok

Volt - creepy masses of metallic pubes with tail and electric pulses that live in Xors nerve system

MM2 and Cyclopedia next

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