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d100 Campsites on the road

Possibly inspired by my current backpacking interstate to get work. Getting a decent place to live in Sydney as hard as getting a dishwashing job in Adelaide. Sigh if only there was a happy medium.

So when travelling the roads and forests of the wilderness abandoned campsites are a common feature. Military scouts are trained to sniff these out for information about enemy so a track roll might do the same.

A typical campsite includes a fire, areas for sleeping with dug out depressions and rubbish. Feel free to adlib how old a site is. You could just present as is and let players work out or lett tracker know exactly what. First 50 typical, second 50 get weirder and more semi permanent. Possibly my inner archaeologist shining here

d10 Fire
1 Pile of charred sticks with ashes
2 Dug depression with warm charcoal in bottom covered in ash
3 Dug firepit lined with stones
4 Fire has been covered with dirt
5 Fire has been buried and concealed
6 Fire has been used as ground oven and now a open pit strewn with ash
7 Remains of makeshift spit for cooking over fire
8 Charred logs in heap from bonfire
9 Burned old tree stump or several small trees
10 Makeshift stove from stones or position where a field stove was

 Abandoned Campsites
01 Poacher camp signs of skinned deer and other forbidden game
02 Remains of a roast hare in a spit over cooling coals
03 Nasty orc camp with torn up animals and feces everywhere
04 Goblin camp with wolf or bat dung and shroom spores
05 Bandit camp with slit throated dead prisoner chucked in ditch
06 Waggon nomads camp with signs of wheel and horse tracks
07 Wood elf camp barley noticeable and concealed with dead leaves
08 Dark elf camp with spattered blood and traces of spider silk
09 Highwayman's camp with scattered baggage thoroughly looted
10 Beastmen camp with raw meat and skin scraps and feces heaps

11 Ogre camp with mashed and chewed remains of human corpses
12 Lizardman camp with shed skin and remains of cooked fish

13 Halfling camp well cleaned with buried garbage of huge feast
14 Ratmen camp with chewed bones, shed hairs and feces
15 Druid camp with signs of blood rituals and sacrifices
16 Cultists camp with demonic graffiti and several defiled corpses
17 Necromancers camp with chunks of zombie and human flesh with stench of death 
18 Gnome camp with fresh dug sleeping burrows and a lost red cap
19 Dwarf camp with sawdust, metal filings and empty food tins
20 Pilgrims camp with broken sandle, carved holy symbol and fresh grave
21 Flagellants camp with blood, broken bottles and ends of whips and flails
22 Fishman camp with sea shells, burned seaweed, fish bones and a wax tablet
23 Posse camp with remains of a wanted poster, and remains of trail biscuit wrappings
24 Army camp with dug trenches and neat tent stake holes and scraps of cooked food
25 Homeless camp with broken bottles, old blankets, clothes and stolen house hold goods
26 Farmers camp with spilled grain, remains of rabbit on spit, scraps of breadcrumbs
27 Tinkers camp with scraps of repaired goods and some broken tools
28 Murder hobo camp with copper coins, worn old pornographic prints, smashed bottles
29 Serial killer camp with faceless human skins, bloody knife, hatchet, human limbs
30 Cannibal clan camp with charred human skulls and a blood covered impromptu idol
31 Witch camp with eyeballs, pieces of candy, childrens bones and a toad
32 Loggers camp with tree stumps, wood chips, bacon fat scraps and ox sledge tracks
33 Common hunters camp with buried guts, scraps, campfire and broken arrows
34 Highborn hunters camp with headless skinned carcasses and impressions of noble tents
35 Knights camp with hoof prints, tent impressions, posh food scraps and broken lances 
36 Monks camp with broken ceramic or wood bowl, prayer beads, scrap of cloth
37 Swineherds camp with acorns, pig bones, food scraps and pig shit
38 Shepherds camp with spilled milk, crumbs of sheep cheese, scraps of wool and shit
39 Prospectors camp with donkey hoof prints, fragments of samples and mineral tests
40 Gnoll camp with broken and chewed bone fragments and urine stench
41 Mutant camp with scraps of rotten food, shed skin, mutant corpse and trails of slime 
42 Minstrel camp with several broken strings, broken wine bottles, used underwear
43 Masons camp with fragments of stone, metal tool chips, scraps or rope and cord
44 Fishermans camp with broken hooks, fish bones, scraps of line, shed of net
45 Spy camp, well concealed and clean to a fault, buried smokeless fire pit
46 Idiot camp with burned half cooked food, a sock, tinderbox and duck head on stick
47 Feral children camp with food scraps, broken stolen things, battered old ragdoll
48 Goat herder camp with chewed scraps of clothing, grazed vegetation and ringbarked tree
49 Rangers camp with well covered fire and few clues but secret signs left for other rangers
50 Adventurers camp with scattered old coins, fragments of map and armour scraps
51 Slavers camp with dozens of bare footprints, chain links, food scraps and a corpse
52 Messengers camp with discarded partly burned messages, hoof prints and ration crumbs
53 Travelling village drunk camp with half empty bottles and a sleeping drunk
54 Bandit camp with a steaming stew pot, pit trap, snares and bandits hiding near
55 Witch camp with cauldron bubbling on fire, invisible witches hiding in plain sight
56 Slavers camp with bound prisoner in open while slavers hiding with nets 
57 Cultist camp with cursed idols and bound captive awaiting later sacrifice
58 Bounty hunters camp with caged prisoner and several grizzled veteran hunters 
59 Elf camp with mushroom fairy rings and invisible mischievous thieving faeries
60 Druid camp where druids recruit and offer healings in secret from civilization
61 Wizards camp where bitter outcaste wizards drink and trade forbidden spells
62 Assassin camp where hired killers rest between local jobs and drink 
63 Rangers camp where people come to hire guides and scouts 
64 Filthy camp of outcast prostitutes secretly chaos cult with succubi/incubi leader 
65 Monk camp where humble monks with basic shelter pray and meditate in silence
66 Mutant camp where outcaste freaks wallow in misery, suspicious of normals
67 Templar camp where they investigate reports of chaos infiltrations in the region
68 Out of work labourer camp with men drinking and talking about uncertain futures
69 Bandit camp where drinking bandits celebrating with loot and hostage
70 Travelling carnies celebrating, don't mistake them for chaos cult and kill them all 
71 Witches or chaos cultist camp where they meet for cult orgies
72 Orc camp where band stages raids from, wanted by kingdom for atrocities  
73 Dark elf camp where they torture prisoners, surrounded by screaming fungus sentries
74 Ogre camp where poor ogres trapped into listening to halfling captives recipes
75 Paranoid murder hobo camp with no sense of humour in hiding to divide treasure
76 Flagellants having drunken party have lured local teens to join them in secret from kin 
77 Woodcutters either working, eating huge meals or drinking, with makeshift shacks
78 Skinners camp with hunters skinning animals, stretching onto frames and salting
79 Noble hunters gorging selves in fancy tents while servants toil for them
80 Monster hunt, expert hunters with villager beaters, resting and building traps  
81 Poachers camp where villains eating royal deer and other game, a death sentence
82 Military camp on scouting maneuvers will question suspicious strangers
83 Herders camp with goats or sheep or swine here for food or taking beasts to market
84 Homeless urchin camp with stolen goods, suspicious of adults and weapons 
85 Sylvan beings camp to drink and dance, use charms and addictive food on visitors
86 Lesser demons cavorting around bonfire eating human and tormenting prisoners
87 Devils camp where they rest while taking bound sinners to hellmouth to be punished
88 Apprentice wizards stopping to get drunk on way to city to attend school or guild tests 
89 Wizard with apprentices and guards on quest and looking for adventurers for a job 
90 Lynch Mob camping having caught victim, now they plan what to do with them
91 Sheriff with beadles, bailiffs and deputies looking for dangerous murder hobos in area
92 Criminal syndicate agents on mission hiding from law, camping here till they find a lead
93 Barbarians in hiding planning to raid, pillage and murder some soft villagers
94 Priests camp where seasonal holy fok come to maintain a obscure shrine 
95 Drug cartel brewing up and padding out drugs with glass, weeds and feces
96 Necromancers hacking up stolen corpses and using to create horrible construct
97 Cannibal clans having a cookout and celebration of siblings getting married
98 Herbalists gathering and preserving valuable medicine and party drugs
99 Artist colony, many naked, painting, sculpting, reading poetry, planing new world order
100 A petty god and some followers having a few drinks and sharing pseudo wisdom

note: will possibly break this up - was hard to think of abandoned ones - easy to do occupied ones. Would like to have had merchants, mercenaries wtc in second half.

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