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Xor Terrain for Hexcrawls

So I was happy with my A-Z subdermal dungeon key for Xor which with a few geomorphs will replace my adventure section. So following my Hex crawl wilderness terrain types like for Psychon here is the basics of a Xor version.

Psychon Version

Colours on Xor
I want Xor to not be a cracker particularly (i cant say honky any more because my asian friends use that for hong kong ppl).  Obviously when you skin people the all look the same. Anyway here are random colours for describing things to be in pallette with Xor. Transparent is common too. I might do a version for corrupted areas with pussy yellows, infected greens and more. Plants might grow in some places, usually with human aid but green mostly is sign of corruption.

D12 Xorian Pallette
1 Scarlet
2 Magenta
3 Pink
4 Salmon
5 Tan
6 Russet
7 Maroon
8 Mauve
9 Amber
10 Ochre
11 Ivory
12 Jet

So these are shortcuts to terrain areas you can roll or fill hexes with. 1in6 hexes overlap with patches or split or fusions of several types. I will make my final encounter tables for wilderness use these.

D12 Terrain Types
1 Skin lands - bare skin plains
2 Hair veldt - plains of hair
3 Bone lands - bony protrusions
4 Flesh mounts - peaks of flesh
5 Flesh forest - organ and limb forests
 Scar lands - canyons and chasms
7 Wounded lands - open bloody pits

 Mire lands - damp areas
9 Fluid - aquatic flows and coastal liquid
10 Developed - human settled
11 Foul lands - infected oozing regions
12 Tainted lands - apocalyptic chaos wastes

D12 Skinlands
These large open areas are mostly easy to cross and and life is sparse

1 Smooth flat featureless skin plane
2 Undulating gentle hills
3 Crinkly wrinkly folds of loose skin
4 Dusty plain of dried skin flakes 
5 Dried wrinkly skin plain with crevices
6 Skin plain with red welts, some with swollen pustules
7 Dried scabby plain with reefs of scar tissue
8 Plain with pore pits, some blocked with oily secretions 
9 Plains with strange tattooed patterns over huge areas
10 Rigid scaly plates of crocodile like skin
11 Bony skin covered plastron plain
12 Smooth skin plan, moist with sweat

D12 Hair Veldt
These areas are like savanna grasslands and populated by herds of grazers and carnivores that prey on them. Humanoid nomads and barbarians dwell here and even civilized people come to collect hair for weaving and building

1 Skin plain with spots of fuzzy moles merging into chocolate velvet
2 Patches of short hair stubble 
3 Knee high hair growing like tall grass
4 Sparse tall spindly hair stalks growing three yards tall
5 Thick hedges of spiny quills like porcupines that hook into flesh
6 Tall thick hair forest with trails made by wild life
7 Hard wiry hair stalks difficult to cut or graze
8 Soft fluffy fur a delight to touch and comfortable to sleep on
9 Thin silky hair that sways in the wind
10 Tall stalks of hair sticky with oil from pores at base
11 Forest of sensitive whiskers that twitch when touched
12 Thick beard like undergrowth of curly hairs

D12 Bone Lands

Areas with exposed bony growths and structures often good for building things or using as homes. Areas can be hard to find food in however
1 Porous bony hills filled with caves and tunnels

2 Ground covered in assemblages of skeletal mounds
3 Colossal skeletons of ancient gigafauna life form
4 Ridges of spiny bone growths running in ridges across landscape
5 Bony towers erupt from flesh scape like buildings
6 Interlocking bony plates cover surface like turtle plastron
7 Landscape of broken eggshell fragments and remains of huge eggs
8 Walls of rib like bones with dried skin membranes forming a maze
9 Landscape covered in skulls some titanic in scale
10 Undulating landscape of fused colossal bones
11 Ruins of once sculpted flesh city now scattered bony remains 
12 Landscape of gentle hills made from powdered and shattered bones

D12 Flesh Mounts
Hills, mountains and mounds of flesh mostly barren and silent

1 Landscape of pendulous breasts capped with nipples 
2 Huge shuddering mountains that erupt bodily fluids seasonally caked with dried matter
3 Mountains with idiotic giant faces, rolling eyes and twitching mouths uttering babble
4 Rolling hills of blubbery quivery soft flesh and fat with loose skin difficult to traverse
5 Flat topped mesas and butes some with mouth caverns, some with buildings on top
6 Rolling hills with giant eyes, occasionally blinking mostly staring solemnly 
7 Rolling buttock hills occasionally release gas or waste products
8 Reclining naked titans in deep sleep, fused into land mass forming mountain ranges 
9 Brainlike mass hills and mountains, soft and squishy that attract guardians if harmed
10 Hills and ridges formed from colossal internal organs and tubes
11 Hills of inflated skin sacks difficult to travel on except by bouncing like trampoline
12 Hills and ridges of rippling muscles with twitching veins under the skin

D12 Flesh Forests
These are forests of organs and body parts resembling forests. Often populated with creatures and visited by hunters

1 Veiny trunks with globular structures exchanging gasses like alveoli
2 Forest of arms or legs occasionally moving in various sizes
3 Forest of fleshy stalks with single huge eye or clusters of eye stalks
4 Tentacle forest of twitching and quivering flesh stalks
5 Penis forest change state of arousal from erect in daylight to deflated by night
6 Fleshy trees hanging with animal carcasses which eventual drop like fruit and run off
7 Huge fleshy trees populated by naked people attached by umbilical cords
8 Fleshy trees with thick damp hair undergrowth crawling with lice
9 Forest of gigantic hands gently swaying that only occasionally grab passers by
10 Fleshy trees growing human organs where shamen come to gather transplant flesh
11 Fleshy tree structures semi submerged in fluid, thick ropy mucous strands in branches
12 Rigid fleshy trunks with silky tufts of of colourful hair and strange flesh sack fruits

D12 Scarlands 
These are areas damaged and recovered but are messes of scar tissue with gouges and ridges. Such areas may still be recovering and provide opportunities for creatures and settlements. High plateaus or deep canyon bottoms might contain pockets of other terrain and micro ecologies

1 Plateau topped with thick forest surrounded by scarified cliffs often riddled with caves
2 Huge canyon with fluid in the bottom and caves in cliff walls 
3 Huge series of uplifted ridges of scar tissue with tough thick dried skin 
4 Rows of cliff faces with hard rough facings often with caves
5 Crater ring of scar tissue with lake in middle and fleshy foliage
6 Crater ring of scar tissue with flesh forest or hair veldt in the middle 
7 Crater ring of scar tissue with broken infected tissue inside
8 Scabby mounds regularly spaced with scaly flaked scab chunks scattered about 
9 Land covered in blister bubbles of varies sizes from coin to house, some ruptured
10 Purple blotchy bruised landscape with swollen black and green hills
11 Huge puckered wound from where mass gouged ot long ago
12 Ground criss crossed with scars and long healed over cuts and pits

D12 Wounded Lands
Areas damaged with open pits, canyons and holes still bloody and unhealed. Often attracting parasites, enemies and defenders of Xor. Also sites of attacks on Xor and possibly exposing buried things beneath Xors surface

1 Land covered in bloody pits 30 foot wide where colossal worms have been burrowing
2 A huge open cut mine where a hostile humanoid race have been toiling for meat
3 Huge trenches filling with blood and serum cut across the landscape
4 A huge bloody crater filling with syrupy blood where something huge fell from the stars 
5 Broken titanic bones burst from surface of huge wet torn flesh pits dripping with gore
6 Fresh bloody scabs where grazing monsters have been tearing up shreds of flesh 
7 Burst open titanic ribs spread open reveal long hidden subdermal flesh chasm pit
8 Huge bleeding canyons of flesh flooded with blood from huge waterfalls pouring from cliffs
9 Pits filled with giant maggots and the sky black with swarms of flies
10 Huge open pits of gore where army of hungry trolls battle gelatinous antibodies of Xor
11 Gaping bloody pit wounds where animals come to feed and prey on each other
12 A mountain peak of flesh erupting vile puss and blood with rivers of filth pouring down

D12 Mirelands
Lands usually thick with hair, meat trees and rich in life, rank with sweat and humidity. Areas mostly damp and difficult to cross with many hostile life forms

1 Thick wet forests and hair reeking of humid sweat, rich with insects and animals
2 Bogs of thick viscous sewerage with huge tufts of hair, swarming with bugs  
3 Thick wet jungle of hair and flesh forest with hidden bone ruins and pyramids
4 Foul stagnant waste fluids with reed like hairs and Islands breaking the surface
5 Filthy water and sweat pools many choked with corpses from a ancient battle
6 Dank sweaty flesh trees and hair tufts infested by dinosaurs wallowing in pools
7 Thick viscous liquid wax pools, bubbling and dripping from crinkly flesh pits
8 Sticky with sweat plains thick with smegma of greasy secretions and dead skin muck
9 Scabby hillocks with shallow pools of sweat with stubbly patches of hair
10 Knobby bone protrusions erupting from thick oily goop
11 Stinking frizzy tall hair patches growing from sweaty mounds
12 Landscape of wreckage and ruins eaten by Xor knee deep in mild acid

D12 Fluid
Fluid can be in form of ponds, lakes, rivers or sea like bodies of fluid. They can comprise on many bodily fluids or water. Shoreline may have some kind of deposits. Most have some kind of life forms adapted to living in them  

1 Body of salty tears tainted with mood altering hormones and salty deposits on shore
2 Fresh water body of untainted water accumulated from rain 
3 Yellow urine springs caked with crystalline urea and minerals on shore
4 Free flowing milk pouring from breasts with creamy froth on shoreline 
5 Thick yellow cerebral fluid swimming with brain creatures among cables of nerve tissue  
6 Body of blood flowing gently with sticky rafts forming and scabby masses on shore
7 Saliva free flowing with semi digested things floating helplessly in thick ropey liquid
8 Body of liquid bile staining shore green and stinking, foul to the touch
9 Lake of semi digested food in stomach acid with recognisable chewed thing chunks
10 Lake of acid bubbling away with several semi gested things washed up on shoreline
11 Body of viscous lymph crawling with defencive transparent antibody jellies
12 Lake of stinking sweat often attracts giant mosquitoes and other vermin 

D12 Developed
These are settled areas where humanoids have been living and developing the surface of Xor for food and defence.

1 A rambling village surrounded by herds and hair fields and a well of fresh water
2 A cluster of pueblo like houses clustered together to make unwelcome access difficult
3 Walled hilltop or mesa where local villagers have cultivated soil and plants
4 A village of bone stilt houses often over liquid often connected by walkways
5 Area riddled with caves where subterranean town work the surface and herd animals
6 A walled town with visiting merchants and several large officials halls and temples
7 Great bony extrusions which villagers have hollowed into housing and shelter
8 Ruined village of tattered skin and dried bone long abandoned now haunted
9 A citadel of meat or bone towering into sky with a great gate house surrounded by fields
10 A bone and flesh castle where well armed feudal community work countryside
11 A city of living flesh with various building styles and with various people mixing freely
12 A fortified town of a single race wary of strangers and following own traditions

D12 Foul Lands
Diseased and infected areas attracting parasites and other creatures with nauseating symptoms of illness 

1 Foul pustules easily burst if touched covering area in stinking yellow swollen mounds
2 Volcanic like vents and rifts with flowing infected fluids attracting flies and demons
3 Yellow and green sallow flesh with infected hair roots and serum leaking scabs 
4 Ground is variegated sticky with green and yellow stinking secretions 
5 Crust scab surface fragile in places weeping puss and blood when broken
6 Bloated white polyps quivering and spasming when touched some with flailing tentacles
7 Intelligent parasite seeks to control area and spread scaly skin and insectoid servants
8 Sulphurous deposits, ammonia pools, giant worm tubes and coloured toxic vapours
9 Horns and antlers growing like trees over hard horny thick skin, difficult to travel through 
10 Bloody bone spurs erupting from surface with intermittent infected pools of discharges 
11 Bloated mounds of flesh that erupt with stinking gas and rotten guts if burst
12 Rotting green and purple gore surrounded by clouds of flies and giant worms 

D12 Tainted Lands
Are contaminated by non Xorian humanoids and even invading demons who seek to exploit Xor for selfish or evil ends. Most are eventually wiped out by locals or acts of Xor
1 A camp of non Xorian humanoids stranded or exploring without a clue
2 Huge camp of foreigners strip mining, rendering oil in vats and well armed
3 Cultist camp here to perform vile rituals and serve demons
4 A foreign wizard has built a tower to perform vile experiments on Xor
5 Shambling mass of ruins devoured by Xor populated by foreign confused peoples
6 Demonic tattoos and stelae being placed by cultists to bring demon invaders
7 A settlement of succubi/incubi offering sex but devour souls instead
8 Demonic temple where cultists worship idols and demonic guardians
9 Demons have brought larvae from the abyss to breed fatten in flesh pits
10 Demons have built a fortified camp and have enslaved locals to toil in flesh pits
11 Demons have excavated a huge pit with cultists, slaves and demonic idols
12 Demonic town populated by cultists and slaves serving demon prince

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