Friday, 29 April 2016

Pubs of Planet Psychon

Planet Psychon is a troubled place and a tavern possibly could help or make things worse. Possibly will do a table just for carousing. JD pointed out I had done this already doh!!!

d12 Quick Typical Decor
1 Rustic farmers pub
2 Retro pre apocalypse bar
3 Cyberpunk gang dive
4 Fantasy dungeon murder hobo bar
5 Space age sterile white or black minimalism
6 Garbage strewn ruin
7 Concrete with rusty ancient boilers
8 Wood and brass steampunk inn
9 Creepy haunted village inn
10 Frankenstein lab
11 Industrial ruin converted into hip new bar
12 Brickwork or factory ruins converted

d12 Terrible decor styles popular on Psychon

1 Glass bead curtains, hookas and pillows, curtained private booths
2 Depressions in ground for sitting in with tables, coarse and dirty
3 Lava lamps and psychedelic light shows, podiums and black light
4 Dungeon rocky horror theme with a monster waiting staff
5 Smoke filled dive smells of desperate old men, piss and vomit
6 Weapons mounted everywhere with spikes and bloody efigies and fire
7 Coloured lights, music, water features and fog
8 Orange plastic and chocolate or stained wood, dark and smokey
9 Covered in huge collage of colourful ancient crap glued on every surface
10 Red carpet and walls with gold framed mirrors, little tables, sofas and nude paintings
11 Prefab panels recycled from ancients, all modular and functional and a bit dirtier
12 Recycled buildings from military, refugee and bio quarantine camps

d20 Interesting crap on walls
1 Head trophies with stuffed monsters, dinosaurs and game beasts
2 Old newspapers, comics, posters all pasted to walls
3 Interesting junk with speculative descriptive plaques
4 Pornographic pin ups, sex dolls and sex toys
5 Tapestries and carpets with abstract and pictorial narratives
6 Old maps with doodles and comments written on them
7 Graffiti and letter forms to trash tags and throw ups
8 Murals with landscapes, attractive ladies or other mood setting work
9 Religious devotional items and narrative murals and relief carvings
10 Old screens, circuit boards, wires and wrecked machines
11 Cavernous rock walls with crude artwork scratched and painted
12 Recycled bricks and old signs from local ruins
13 Paintings including portraits and landscapes or abstracts
14 Caged animals like birds or cats or weirder
15 Scaffolding and hoardings
16 Weapons, shields and armour
17 Political graffiti mural with faction symbols
18 Mirrors or highly reflective materials
19 Aquariums with aquatic beasts or mutants
20 Projected video artworks, loops or replays

d12 What sort of a craphole is this supposed to be?
1 Its  local pub for local proper people like us
2 It's for scum and villainy mostly
3 Its mostly young men boasting lots and being macho
4 It's a dance and music place where young people like to meet
5 Old people who like a quiet drink and talk about turnips and the weather
6 Where older people hook up over bingo and quiz nights and half price schnitzel
7 Everyone drinking here met through church, a cult, secret society or minority group
8 Multi species bar with aliens, travelers, mutants all welcome but no entry to one species
9 Mostly travellers come and go, regulars occupy the bar
10 Some kind of sex club later at night 1in6 a demonic sex cult summoning
11 Dedicated to a god and welcoming everyone with hospitality
12 This is the community or a factional group's sacred meeting place, but outsiders tolerated

d12 Meals
1 Honest working mans meals, cheap and big serves
2 Home cooked peasant food
3 Cheap and possibly toxic street food
4 Pies, cakes and mostly baked goods
6 Deep fried snack food 1in6 a franchise
7 Sandwiches from local ingredients
8 Synthetic food made from yeast, soya or algae base
9 Vegetarian treats 1in6 is from sentient beings
10  Meat and lots of it 1in6 is from sentient beings
11 A single food like potatoes or turnips cooked hundreds of ways
12 BBQ grill ribs, kebabs, steaks, vegetables, haunch, whole birds etc

d12 Specialty Grog?
1 One type of beer or grog
2 Range of beer, ale, stout, ciders
3 Wine from various fruits, berries and weeds
4 Sap from secret tree
5 Non alcoholic smart drinks and mocktails
6 Blood based drinks, most just throw up first try
7 Milk, milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt drinks, fermented milk
8 Fermented hash, opium and mushroom drinks
9 Fluids dosed with mood altering hormones (magical tears)
10 Ancient post mix soft drinks
11 Unpleasant spirits, fuel, cologne, formaldehyde and ethenol
12 A single highly specialized spirit or 1in6 many quality spirits

d20 Other fun and vice (roll twice for bigger pubs)
1 Singer 1in6 a trained bard
2 Prostitutes
3 Drug abuse
4 Gambling
5 Animal fights
6 Barfights
7 Live torture
8 Dancers or strippers
9 Weapon and strength competitions
10 Deadly games (Russian Roulette, reach in the bog beast log)
11 Story telling
12 Filthy jokes and stories you cannot unhear
13 Glory holes
14 Executions
15 Duels
16 Live sex acts
17 Board games 1in6 have addictive video games
18 Show old movies of the ancients
19 Race or battle small critters (crabs, rats, frogs)
20 Debating local social issues

d100 Strange pub encounters on Psychon
01 Old man from the wastes comes with a strange prophecey then dies
02 Two gamblers shoot each other
03 Two people fight then kiss and leave
04 Android assassin attacks bar patron
05 Waitresses have a fight
06 Barman and wife have a fight
07 Two petty gangsters of rival factions fight
08 Horrible parasite explodes from dying man
09 Woman stabs a waiter
10 Gangster insists on being allowed in with friends

11 Replicant hunter finds prey in bar and tries to terminate them
12 Man breaks out with a new mutation, many leave repulsed

13 Unusual monster species is in pub having day off killing murder hobos 
14 Alien in pub, most think just a mutant or GM human
15 Supernatural seducer in disguise looking for a lonely victim
16 Lizard men listening to serpent man preaching about the reptile age
17 Solemn band of duck men barbarians sit and drink, easily provoked into berserk suicide
18 Tako octopus man juggling and clowning pretending to be drunk for coin
19 Man brings in a talking severed head he found, boy has it got plenty to say
20 A man  comes in, sits and slowly turns into a frog or rat before he can finish his drink
21 Parasitic worm pokes head from somebodies wound
22 Mysterious professor and sidekicks talking about some local threat
23 Guildsmen discussing how to stabilize good prices, local resource shortage
24 Off duty lawmen discussing strange case 
25 Bounty hunters gaze over every one, checks wanted poster collection
26 Drunken mob debt collector is sure you owe his boss money (from a past life?)
27 A man brings his small dinosaur to pub, well behaved if not teased
28 Druids meeting to discuss local imbalance in local species
29 Wizards meeting to discuss d4 1=research 2=lost recipe 3=familiars 4=aprentices
30 Morlocks outraged that people object to them eating fresh human body parts
31 Eldren from strange tribe seeking who killed one of their kin
32 Farmer drinking and crying because animals took over farm
33 A drinker looks surprised then head explodes 
34 Angry housewife looking for her husband or sons
35 Amazon kills someone for touching her
36 Two headed mutant fighting with self, tries to get others involved
37 Droid comes in and plays help holographic message
38 Beast men of animal incompatible types argue then fight
39 Goblins insist they are old enough to drink, if refused go on tantrum rampage
40 Robot unhappy they dont serve pure ethanol or jet fuel
41 Man warning about androids, synthetics, replicates, clones among us
42 Local vigilante in costume with side kick questioning patrons about a case
43 Man with carpetbag offers to cure unpopular mutations or skin colour
44 Drug dealer offers variety of weird drugs you have never heard of
45 Mustache twirling gent offers cursed magic item for free
46 Weirdest cyborg mutant beastman anyone seen in ages 
47 Barman offers free taste of experimental new brew
48 Tarantula in toilet, patrons come out dancing, cant stop till they pass out
49 Man sets up tiny tabletop circus from case with fleas, roaches or other bugs
50 Familiars complaining about wizard masters foul habits
51 Angy man tries to talk party into killing some one based on complete lies
52 Lawman showing latest wanted posters to patrons
53 Exotic travelling sex workers or dancers make a visit, boss and goons protect them
54 Clowns come in and annoy everyone with stupid pranks till fight starts
55 Ogre and exotic pet squeezes through front door then eats and drinks bar dry
56 Traveller has let gremlins loose in bar who quickly spread to everyone stuff
57 Character seems to be adventurers long lost parent or look alike
58 Coven come to drink after a ritual, usually moody and sensitive
59 Cultists come to recruit, will buy spiked drinks and offer to take new friends home
60 Halflings outraged at being refused service smash place up to show how adult they are
61 Halflings drinking heavily suddenly cover bar in vomit then leave
62 Shifty ape men hunting escaped human come for a drink and stare at humans
63 Geriatric turtle men discus their youthful life in dojo and past adventures
64 Strange wizard claims he can trade people hair with new spell
65 Local collecting for some charity for a recent tragedy
66 Children offering selves as slaves to those who kill parents murderers
67 Shapeshifting mutant prostitute uses esp to look like your dreams 500gp a night
68 Terrible band play a d6 awful songs before patrons beat them and smash instruments
69 Gang enter and push patrons out the way
70 Man selling pocket kaiju pets, promises they wont grow to city eating horrors
71 Goatmen looking for who ate their kids
72 Arrogant apprentice wizards come to look at what yokels do on a night out
73 Homeless old man looking for work and accommodation, will do anything for money
74 Man selling tentacle monster in a sack, no questions asked
75 Man selling alien monster eggs, claims amazing uses and delicious
76 Farmer showing strange relic he dug up in his field near old ruins
77 Morlocks with bound and gagged victim discussing best recipies
78 Priest comes in and abuses everyone for straying from gods programmed path
79 Old witch selling potions d4 1=love 2=gender change 3=sleep 4=healing 
80 Cult seducer out flirty fishing for converts, take home to shack next to hidden temple
81 Farmers talking about mystery hole that dog fell down near fields today
82 Gang talking about a big heist using confusing fake names
83 Old prospector looking to sell mine map, a few monsters moved in he can't fight
84 Cocky bard puts on a show then looks for attractive lover for night
85 Mixed beast men plotting to help friends break out of wizards zoo
86 Frog of cricket or men singing loudly over drinks
87 Man finishes last drink then kills self, no valuables just a treasure map
88 Battered adventurers come in to mourn loss of followers for the week
89 Dog men complaining about bitches and how snooty poodle men are
90 Cat men knights on a quest to kill wizard who taunts their village with a laser
91 Fish folk hybrids get drunk and sleazy offering anyone sex
92 Cultists talking about hunt for a relic that eludes them
93 Psychic reading minds for profitable secrets and charming people to buy them drinks
94 Rooster men searching for wizard known as the colonel for killing and eating their kin
95 Scientists looking for adventurer body guards for a ruin excavation
96 Man selling a d4 1=bicycle 2=first aid kits 3=d6 silver bullets 4=treasure map
97 Wizard selling secret to cross the great barrier that borders this land
98 Robot wants to buy d4 1=robot parts 2=batteries 3=lubricant 4=human child
99 Team of travelling athletes looking to get drunk and any chance of cheap sex
100 Traveller offers competition d4 1=cards 2=darts 3=dancing 4=drinking


  1. Not a complaint: Ddin't you do a psychon pubs post 2 years ago?

    1. doh yes
      link now in article
      will amalgamate them all


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