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Psychon VS Mars!

Thinking of writing a short psychon story a week. Write lots, edit discard 90% and compile left overs. When the apocalypse hit old earth and terraforming, bioforging and mindhacking technology was weaponised in the final war, mars was cut off and isolationist from Psychon (and othersplanets?) it has it's own mysteries, space gods, and ruins. Its own local non consensual rewriting of it,s pseudo history

Mars is semi terraformed with a modified core, breathable to modified humanoids. Visitors need breather masks, drugs or chew oxygum. Gravity is less and people can jump double and lift double. Most NPC peasant martians have 3d4 strength. Movement rates are increased by 50%

Forests of giant lichen, fungus, red weed, triffids are about 18% of the surface (on average). Cacti deserts, grasslands and swamps surrounding the colonists ancient canal system are about another 30%. Fresh water covers 22%. Martian dinosaurs and sleeping kaiju were placed by martian gods to feed the fighting folk of mars. The ruins of 6% of mars on the equator is a city ruinscape where the sky elevator fell on a once megacity of ancients. 5% covered in machine ecologies where wild robots roam. Many are robosaurs and living beings struggle to live here. Some abuse the machines for various purposes.

The sky has two moons. Phobos has a star gate to Planet Ariel on Phobos Demos Phobos (panic/fear) and demon invaded military base on Deimos (god of terror/dread). Various Martial Gods include Mars, Olympia, Spartan, Janus, Set, Nergal, Loki, Eris who all have heavenly orbital platforms and deep bunkers and servitor kaiju.

A ring of 16 solar reflector squares orbit mars and help illuminate it. Fragments of the space elevator and other orbitals remain in orbit also.

Mars has canals and mighty caverns and cisterns as well as abandoned mines and canyons. Ruins of many civilization types exist.

Peoples of Mars
Once mars was independent and even threatened earth it's people and even all known life. The peoples of mars were the first to modify themselves with colonial nationalists defining their form by political unions. Some martians visit earth by saucer to study, loot or prepare a invasion. Most martians lower tech and battle in the wasteland.

d12 The Tribes of Mars
1 Green Men - the first tribe
2 The Brainlord Tribe - mentalist magicians
3 Cyclopeans - four armed one eyed tall men
3 Brain Squid - evolved into tentacled sacks of intelect who are cyber linked to cyborg tripod bodies
4 Reptile men - dino herder lizard and serpent men tribes
5 Changelings - shapeshifters with various sub tribes
6 Eldren - decedent space elves, greys, and hedonistic eloi, generation starship tibes
7 Morlocks - canibalistic dwarves who live in depths with bizzare machines and eloi farms
8 Goblin Tribes - aliens from Tau Ceti stranded in solar system colonised and hybridised
9 Beastmen - beast hybrid men, mostly mammals, such as apes, swine, dogs, otters and other furries
10 Plantmen - hybrid plant men with photosynthetic skin symbiotes
11 Silicon men - built by gods to explore universe or work deep underground
12 Robot Tribe - machine people and synthetics like androids and replicants

d20 Comon Mutations
1 Antenna (1in6 concealable when not used) wizards use them to cast gesture based spells components instead of hands. 1in6 smell as nose. Some fern like moth like of coiled like butterfly.
2 Large forehead +1 1st level mentalist spell, or mentalist zero level cantrip for non casters
3 Shell like ears (possibly pointy or reptile or cattle or cat ears) hearing skill free
4 Photosythnetic plant symbiote, half as much food needed, more than once you are shaggy
5 Webbed fingers and toes, swim normal movement rate
6 Gills for water breathing, also eye membranes, nostril and ear flaps
7 Vampirism, craves living body fluids of unconcious or recently dead (or canabalism or eat dead)
8 Narcotic scratching nails, CON+2 save or increasingly groggy then pass out if get a second fail
9 Alternate reproduction such as egg laying, budding, parasitism, sexless pathogenic
 10 Glider wings fall gently at 45 degree guided slow fall, skilled user can catch winds and do better
11 Cyborg parts replace body part d6 1=hand 2=arm 3=foot 4=leg 5=eye 6=skull
12 Plant or mineral or other species part like a limb or hand transplant
13 Bulging brain -1HP +1 INT
14 Glow in the dark 1"/lv
15 Strange snout -1 CHA but gains scent, taste or track ability or noseless gets no CHA loss and no nose or smell sense
16 Elongated prehensile tongue one foot long
17 Tusks bump up dice of bite attack +1 (or teeth or extra jaws on tongue)
18 Extra eye can see multi dimensional objects (undead, outer planar beings, spirits)
19 Extra eye can see invisible or through illusion magic effects o
20 Extra eye can see multidimensional entities and can hit them (as if only +0 or one better than any plus of weapon)

D12 Common Ruin Types
1 Observation bunker
2 Lab station
3 Atmosphere refinery
4 Colony complex
5 Agri complex
6 Space port
7 Industrial complex
8 Mining complex
9 Bioforge facility
10 Military base
11 Renegade outpost
12 Black lab complex

d12 Gods of Mars
1 Mars - former military AI bcame supreme god of mars, enjoys violence and farming
2 Phobos - the god of panic and fear aids tose who flee and scares enemies
3 Deimos - the god of terror and dread has become a demon lord of chaos
4 Eris - the godess of chaos and discord, patron of anarchists, queen of the gold apple 
5 Set - former security AI dedicated to subversion, infiltration and corruption, father of monsters
6 Nergal - lord of disease, death and war but also of subversion and anarchy
7 Spartan - bunker god who enforces martial dicapline, teaches eugenics and upholds slavery
8 Janus - stargate gate god, driven mad by fall of space elevator, god of tricksters and performers
9 Loki - lord of lies, deceit and tricks, aids rebelions, helps prisoners and fathers monsters,
10 Venus - the wife of mars and sub AI to the planetary AI of Venus, godess of love and life
11 Thanatos - the destroyer always trying to kill all on mars
12 Eros - god of love who battles his brother constantly and help life be fecund

Gods of mars are mostly not nice and not welcome on Psychon.  Even the space gods dont like martian gods. Martian gods try to hack systems of other gods and introduce martial life on Psychon. Gods are jealous and dont want more gods fighting for influence. Mars and Psychon gods send agents to visit each other.

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  1. Psychon taps the same nerves as Conan, Kill Raven, and Heavy Metal Magazine did when I was a kid.


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