Friday, 8 April 2016

The Twelve Rays of Psychon

Slightly revising my colours for Psychon a bit makes me realize colour swatches just not consistant. I wonder if the space gods are pantone sensative?

Anyway so idea that each colour has a ray with various effects. So haven't really thought out what these means or why but of some religious significance. Some rays dont cause any harm and only effect living or machines like robots or androids complex enough to mimic human functions.

Crystals are usable for foci on ray guns
some crystals are multi effect
or gun could have rotating disc with crystals for varied effect
This tech is new and unused by ancients
possibly crystals have other effects and functions like traps, feilds, etc

1 Crimson Crystal (scarlet, ruby, carnelian, vermillion) fiery scarlet heat ray ignites target for extra d3 damage
2 Magenta (rose, pink, bubblegum, orchid, fuchsia, coral) pulsating rose love ray renders target calm and unafraid
3 Cyan (sky, cerillion, aqua) searing cerulean freeze ray covers target in ice
4 Turquoise (turquoise, azure, teal) shimmering turquoise aero beam makes target breathe water
5 Yellow (amber, honey, gold, lemon) glowing amber healing ray cures wounds
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze, saffron, mandarin) luminous orange hallucination ray makes subjects see mirages
7 Emerald (pine, jade, veridiant) brilliant jade life ray makes vegetation sprout
8 Green (lime, verdant, olive, chartreuse) throbbing verdant liquification ray disolves like acid
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender, plum, grape) searing lavender sterilising ray kills disease and undead
10 Lapis (royal, midnight, navy, cobolt, ultramarine) oscillating cobolt dream ray makes target sleep
11 Ivory (bone, pearl, silver, almond) scintillating pearl stasis ray causes paralasys
12 Jet (grey, slate, steel) nightmare black death ray drains life sand energy, blocks light

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