Tuesday 3 May 2016

Hell's Infernal Lands 2

As I'm partly basing these on research they are proving a little slower compared to the off the cuff stuff (where i re write something Ive already done by accident). Also running Psychon has me thinking up stuff for that more. Been reading bits of Milton and Dante and looking at art inspired by them.

Infernal hells are full of torture, remnants of war and volcanic geology. Mostly it's denizens are hostile and aggressive. Beings will assess if they are dominant and act accordingly. To their lessors they might ignore mere henchmen who look busy as they might have a mission for your superior. But some might confront, question or shakedown a lesser. Valuable information, fun of bullying or just boredom to blame. If they think you are superior they might avoid your gaze, kiss your feet crawl on bellies or seek your favour.

Buttock kissing is part of hells legal code and devils take seriously oaths of fealty made while kissing their butts. A devil forcing a minion to kiss his but can always make the experience worse if they choose. Demons are not trusted and oath breakers are tormented or banished to the badlands of hell. Devils may release captives who perform this rite or make them swear they are serving who they say they are. Making a oath to a devil is a black mark to your slate to go to heavens. The senior devil oath is the more legally binding of any conflicting.

The damned here are mostly in the form of mercenaries soldiers who killed for money not any cause. Other damned are mostly enslaved, snivelling, irredeemable wretches farmed by hell into larvae through torture. Some may evolve fro larval state or selected to join ranks of devils (mostly the weakest, worst or most unintelligent kind).

The devils are mostly red, orange, copper, bronze, brown, tan, yellow, magenta, violet and live in a terrain akin to their colour. They are scaly, horned 
and winged. Many have ears like animals or shell like . Long forked tongue and pointy chins are common. Some have masterful beards and moustaches. Many belch fire or surfer or flaming pitch. Those of rank carry regalia like banners, relics, weapons, instruments, sceptres, crowns

Orcs and adventurers might be brought to hell as mercenaries and yes they are all damned already and think they can leave, Orcs are rapidly promoted in the diabolic hierarchy. Orcs from hell sometimes travel to earth and do things devils cannot. Many orcs pilgrimage to hell where they get appreciated. Dying for hell is the best way to be recruited to the infernal regions and bypass being a tormented maggot.

Devils banished are forlorn and desperate, most form bandit gangs attacking former enemies in hopes of getting their status and rank restored.

Must see hellscapades
and here

Typical Hostile troops in hell
1 Local devil lords 
militia on patrol, lesser devils and a scout
2 Important duke of hell's lesser devils with a mid rank leader
3 Devils on some job with tools see opportunity (probably larvae farmers)
4 Devil slave drivers herding the damned to some place for fresh torment
5 Demon mercenaries hunting for someone
6 Damned human mercenaries doomed to die repeatably for hell's drama
7 Orcs on pilgrimage or recruits for some evil lord's campaign
8 Swarm of scouts like imps looking for something for the lords of hell
9 Evil adventurers recruited from the mortal world on a contract
10 Rogue devils acting on behalf of some boss who is a wanted criminal in hell

1in10 chance that any devil is a spy for someone

d10 Agent of hellish faction

1 Agent of a local agitator devil
2 Agent of ambitious non noble devil, probably servant of noble
3 Agent of a lord of hell who has a common domain
4 Agent of a duke or baron of hell, ruler of many domains
5 Agent of a arch devil, lord of a diabolic realm
6 Agent of a diabolic order who strive to control hell
7 Agent of a diabolic cult who work with witches and sorcerers
8 Agent of rebel or outlaw devil (hope to return lost title)
9 Agent of a evil god
10 Agent reports to daemons , demons, rakasha, or old ones

d100 Hells Infernal Lands Hazards
01 Fire rains from sky
02 Fireball falls from sky exploding
03 Hot coals rain from sky
04 Black choking smoke covers the field 
05 Hot ash rains from sky
06 Black ash and rain fall from sky with flashing lightning
07 Crack opens in ground and lava flows out
08 Crack opens in path forming a deep dark pit
09 Quake makes gravel and rocks roll in path
10 Quake unsettles boulders that roll in your path

11 Bubbling boiling springs block path
12 Boiling mud blocks path

13 Geyser on path erupts regularly
14 Geyser fills area with sulphurous  steam
15 Liquid sulphur blocks path
16 Pools of acidic liquid blocks path
17 Smoking craters difficult to cross
18 Craters of boiling lava block path
19 Traps hidden in gravel
20 Sharpened stakes thick like a forest
21 Trenches with orc or damned mercenaries or lesser devil soldiers
22 Watch tower with signalman will alert far of enemies you are here
23 Guard tower with squad of devils and some lesser scouts 
24 Fortified trenches with traps, steaks, earthworks with guardians
25 Battle ravaged town with diabolic troops a enraged damned defenders 
26 Cliffs or hills on either side of path, archers in ambush
27 Devil troops and demon bounty hunters ahead fighting over some damned victims
28 A nighthag on her nightmare flies down and asks questions about her agents or property
29 Devilish tax inspectors want your tithe and your papers, can be bribed
30 A line of torture victims and apparatus ahead, guards suspicious of you
31 Gang of rogue devils charging a toll 
32 Water with silent daemon ferryman requesting safe crossing
33 Larvae spilling out onto path from sack or broken pot or pit, devils scurry to fetch them
34 A ruined church tower with one of hells bells starts to ring, calls devils from miles around
35 A wall of jagged bone blocks your path
36 A wall of fire blocks your path
37 A wall of animated snapping skulls blocks your path
38 A military gate house with archers in the battlements blocks the path
39 A infernal devilish lawyer and vassals in his wagon comes this way
40 A devilish hermit guards a bridge over a cavern of boiling surfer
41 Stampede of hell's herd beast pours this way
42 Ground collapses, you fall into mines of hell
43 A angry huge devil is napping ahead
44 Imps in flaming crater ahead flick fire at any who try to pass
45 A huge flaming bonfire maze
46 Open cut mine full of torture pits full of damned and larvae, guarded by devils
47 Demons dragging chained prisoners off, they beg for innocence
48 A dragon in a crater ahead being fed the damned by devils and shitting out larvae
49 A group of giant devils ignore little folk but start a fart lighting contest
50 Caught between lines of two devil legions about to begin a war
51 Road collapses and slides down hill into flaming creek
52 Hungry dragons fly overhead
53 Smoking gorge where lesser fat stupid hairy devils gather for a wallow in the mud
54 Mercenaries looting grave goods of damned, invite you to join them
55 A great brazen bull transporting crack squad of devils to a battle somewhere 
56 A great bronze bull golem roams the trail goring anything in path
57 Several giant devils enjoying squishing little guys in hooves, need fresh victims
58 Devils with small bronze cannon on rock outcrop can see whole area
59 Swarm of imps hurling burning bottles of high octane alcoholic spirits
60 Devils everywhere holding gladiator bout for damned
61 Straggling line of damned in battered wagons beg for your help to escape
62 Giant devil bathing in crater of lava likes to throw red hot boulders at passers by
63 Burning Forrest of hellish flame trees, creatures and worse things flee
64 Angel archer in sky here to snipe the wicked and impure
65 Gouts of flaming gas erupts over area
66 Swarming horde of escaped hungry damned looking for food and help
67 Mercenaries meeting on how to escape hell and who to blame
68 Giant burning devil eating one in ten of the damned who pass
69 Huge fire newt camp ahead on the road
70 Fire worms nesting in sand around path up ahead
71 Great pit of fire snakes tended by imps or salamanders
72 Stone column or ruined tower with catapult that hurls incendiary bombs over plain
73 Sphinxs guarding pass demand information
74 Sleeping dragon on inaccessible cliff
75 Whirlwind or fire storm rushing down gully towards  adventurers
76 Devils out hunting riding horned devil horses with ape demon scouts
77 Volcano erupts ahead spewing out ash clods, burning brimstone and lightning
78 Boiling mud flows down hillside over path
79 Battered old bridge over lava with devil guards and tormented damned chained to bricks
80 Rope or chain over lava allowing travelers to climb over
81 Devils invite you to judge which imp is ugliest 
82 Devils bbq body parts of nearby moaning damned, short a few sausages
83 Wagon train of human faced devil donkeys transporting larva in baskets with devil guards
84 Giant devil ahead catching damned and shoving in flaming butt hole for fun
85 Dozens of devils preparing and eating a feast of butchered and still living damned ahead 
86 Witches cavorting with devils and salamanders
87 Giant devil seated on tower of rock like a throne likes to practice long range fireballs
88 River of lava near path ahead, salamanders curious about any who approach
89 Devils watching a fire toad battle a giant scorpion and placing bets
90 Devil knight on mount with low rank followers looking for who stole a dozen larva
91 Devils drinking from a bar with drinks distilled from damned souls, some a bit rowdy
92 Gang of rebel devils hanging by blood fountain, abuse passers by with terrible language  
93 Devils burning away flesh of damned away revealing larva within by road
94 Fragile stone forming natural bridge over lava flows
95 Devils kayaking down lava river in basalt canoes offer a race down rapid for gold
96 Devils flinging damned into pit with giant stone devil inside with open mouth
97 Fire crabs tearing up damned captives, imps try to grab scraps
98 Hell checkpoint where officious devils act as customs agents, with armed guards
99 Devil driving basalt boat pulled by salamanders wading through lava river
100 Hundreds of damned tied to flogging posts receiving daily beatings from devils

d100 Hells Infernal Lands Encounters
01 Imp scouts fly overhead, quickly flee to get help
02 Imp scouts attempt a skirmish action but flee if losing
03 Imps try to infiltrate and ruin equipment and supplies while invisible
04 Damned mercenaries have been told the reward for killing party is freedom
05 Damned mercenaries are living as bandits and looking for a easy score
06 Damned archers know party coming and establish a well defended place to attack
07 Orc pilgrims looking to impress devils are delighted to attack party
08 Orc retainers of a lord of hell with coat of arms seek to hunt party
09 Evil adventurers have been sent to kill party
10 Lesser demon mercenaries hunting for easy prey attack
11 Succubi and inccubi pretend to be innocents and try to join party in disguise
12 Demon bounty hunters with chains looking for escaped enemies of hell
13 A greater demon looking for rabble to torment
14 A band of exiled devil bandits looking for prey
15 A band of outcast devils led by hideous ex nobles hope to earn merit from nobility 
16 A band of outcast devils of mixed types desperate and hungry
17 Devil militia on patrol will question authority of intruders
18 Wild pack of hell hounds baying for blood
19 A hell cat offers to assist party will tr to make self indefensible 
20 Brazen bull of burning bronze will try to crush any weak mortals
21 Brazen bull ridden by devil, hell knight or champion demands mortals yield
22 Devils on burning devil horses charge to attack
23 Mounted archers on hell steed peruse, skirmish and harass intruders
24 Automated siege juggernaut weapon on wheels trundles after trespassers
25 A angry lesser angel with a bow shoots at those unlawful in hell from up high
26 Giant devil snaking on damned sees your delicious band
27 Fire snakes burst from ground and swarm angrily
28 Salamanders jump from lava pools and hungrily approach
29 A red dragon thinks you might have treasure he needs to sit on
30 Devils have prepared ambush ahead with 4 barrelled small cannon on waggon
31 Devil noble in palanquin or coach sets retinue on party for a laugh
32 Devil noble with servants on flaming devil horses are hunting with hell hounds
33 Unit of smaller devils with pole arms and shield walls on manoeuvres
34 Burning screaming zombies looking to share their suffering
35 Pack of many headed devil dogs led by devil huntsman
36 Flaming giant bats looking for food
37 Devil swine try to charm and enslave or eat mortals
38 Pheonix sees tasty mortals with edible magic items as delightful surprise
39 Insane burning treeman giant looking to spread pain it feels
40 Flaming hell crabs burst from magma pits
41 Giant scorpions hiding under dust and ash
42 Fire elemental on guard will attack till destroyed
43 Fire toads bathing in gouts of burning gas feeling hungry
44 Swarm of wretched damned beggars starving charge to attack
45 Fire newt men soldiers on foot seek to earn merit with lords of hell
46 Fire newt men on their riding striders out hunting
47 Fire newt men on riding pterodactyls patrolling for some devil noble
48 Swarm of flaming skulls see you, scream and spit fire
49 Fire giant with sack and axe hungry for a snack
50 Several fire giants in bronze hopilite armour and spears looking for victims
51 Hell knight with skeleton militia on patrol
52 Great flaming demon looking for mortals to torment, smelled you from miles away
53 Goatmen militia hunting for enemies to prove worth
54 Pigmen greedy for loot and food
55 Catmen aroused by chance to torment and kill
56 Dogmen led by a devil have been tracking you for some time
57 Wizard and his damned mercenary guards try to take you prisoner
58 Pyrohydra comes from his smoking cave furious at mortals
59 Magmamen servants of devils hope to placate masters with sacrifice
60 Magma pudding rolls from a lava crater and oozes towards mortals
61 Smoke elemental pours from a hole and attacks with choking fumes
62 Animated funeral pyre with corpses and coffins within rises from a pit to attack
63 Giant burning cave lobsters crawl from boiling pools
64 Burning giant spiders crawl from ruby crystalline webs
65 Flaming spectre arises from ground, will be satisfied to scare victims to a hazard
66 Band of grizzled murder hobos on looting spree, happy to kill anyone in path
67 Giant bombardier beetles spitting napalm
68 Giant burning worm bursts fro m earth
69 Giant fire lizards basking on rocks exited to see tasty mortals
70 Velocer raptors out hunting with devil master
71 Red skinned tyrannosaurus rex lumbers out of cave and roars furiously craving meat
72 Flaming constrictor snakes spring out from holes to bite and grab passers by 
73 Pyrotrice or pyrolisk, victims explode instead of turn to stone
74 Orcs riding fire lizards on long recon patrol with devil coat of arms
75 War waggons of lesser devils with pitchforks pulled by devil oxen
76 Lesser devils with cage waggons full of damned assume you are escapees
77 Efreeti with lesser devil minions demand magic items or souls to pass
78 Lesser devils playing leapfrog with fire toads are upset by intruders and attack
79 Rat men warriors with priest flinging incendiaries with a staff sling
80 Toad men in a chariot pulled by fire lizards, enraged by mammals
81 Devil knight in chariot pulled by burning horses looking for thrills
82 Lady devil noble with devil minions demands sex for passage 
83 Hidden catapult operated by devils fires load of flame snakes
84 Devil spy shapeshifters disguised as damned question party and will ambush
85 Burning screaming hell pigs herd charge party in panic
86 Lesser devils riding billygoats, local cavalry scouts make a charge
87 Travelling devil torturers attack with chains, tongs, pincers and tools of torment 
88 Lesser devils hurling screaming cats at party, flee when out of ammo
89 Mid rank devil with horn calls local devil rabble to swarm on party
90 Devil archers from cover of lava pits shoot at party
91 Fire Newts herding hungry bonecrunchers (mini t-rex) at party
92 Flame drakes fly overhead pooping burning sulphur for fun at party
93 Orc experimental unit with muskets led by mid rank devil
94 Imps turn incendiaries and iron grenades with fuses then turn invisible and flee
95 Damned mercenaries developing devil features from exposure to hell like scales or horns
96 Damned mercenaries riding skeleton horses charge
97 Fire giant with cannon tries to hold up party for loot
98 Damned mercenaries fused into a single horrid creature with many arms, legs and heads
99 Hole in ground opens and angry lesser devils with mining tools pour out
100 Lazy devil giant reclining on rocks sends his lesser devil tenders to fetch party to eat 

phew more parts to come
i have 8-10 more hell types to do
will include
a swamp
a glacier
a urban hell
a bosh/brugel hell full of metaphores
a gloomy ancient classical underworld
a ancient desert hell of forgotten evils
a horrible tropical hell full of evil dinosaurs

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