Saturday, 16 April 2016

Magic and mods for boots

Cyberdruidry, magic farm beasts and more on hell this coming week

So like i did for weapons im doing for boots
d10 skilled craftsmen made items
d10 common enchantments (3rd lv spells in my game)
d10 greater enchantments (6rth lv spells in my game)

Creators level - plus or power uses per day/week

1-4 +1
5-8 +2
9-12 +3
13-16 +4
17-18 +5

d10 Common Boot Mods
1 hobnail soles non slip on mud or grass, 1/2 DEX on hard smooth surfaces
2 soft soles +1 on sneak rolls
3 waterproof +1 save
4 reinforced +1AC +1 save vs some threats
5 Steel cap +1 kick damage
6 knee high
7 thigh high +1AC if no other armour
8 heels +1 Mv
9 points +1 kick hit
10 spurs for riding
gators - can attach to make footwear act as higher boots and increase water or grass resistance

d10 Common Magic Boots
1 Stealth - makes all sneak skills easier and removes dificulty penalties on surfaces like gravel
2 False Trail - leaves false track d4 1=backwards 2=small beast 3=humanoid 4=monster
3 Jumping - can jump as if had a run up from a standing position height up or double height across
4 Climbing - improves climbing skills and removes dificulty penalties on surfaces like glass
5 Riding - makes beas calm and compliant removing penalties for difficult riding rolls
6 Kicking - extra kick attack d4
7 Dancing - dance as if skilled or removes removes penalties for impressive moves
8 Speed - +25% move rate
9 Levitating boots allow to cast levitation once a day
10 Feather fall boots - once a day can fall one drop unharmed

d10 Rare Magic Boots

1 League leaping - once a day can leap a league in one round of 3.5 miles
2 Haste - once a day caste haste spell
3 Spider Climb at will can walk up 90 degree walls onto ceiling as if on ground
4 Beast boots - put them on animals hind legs, makes bipedal and able to tal
5 Water walking boots can walk on calm water, rough requires dex check or sink
6 Air walk boots - a ten min turn per day
7 Faerie Boots - can plane shift once per week to faerie land
8 Teleporting Boots - once a week to a known location like home, wearer only
9 Fire walking boots - unharmed by normal fire, -1 per dice from magic fire
10 Stone Walking Boots - can walk through stone or earth one round per day

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