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d100 Janitor Store Room & Locker content table guest starring Chad

So my Planet Psychon party have been playing ASE anomalous subsurface environment for 7 weeks now and finally went into mega dungeon.

Mostly they have killed one wizard, lots of morlock and motkar lairs, have occupied two towers and a med station, rented several town houses and three brothels, sold lots of slaves, built guilds, gone to parties and other stuff. They keep looking at outdoor maps and getting exited by ruins and wizard towers and mystery locations.

So finally went into megadungeon quite tougher than they ought to be and went through about 1 third of Lv1. On one hand they went further without running off to re spell and heal and sell slaves than they did in years. First three rooms they considered going home with screechmen in sacks to work in arty brothel and collecting some interesting tech garbage.

Their ACs are pretty damn good and they just got a bunch of 24hr powers so hopefully they will stay longer. Most challenging time was invisible eldren trapped with morlock shamen and crickets while party morlock fighter was busy evaluating the shamens concubines. The freaked out about empty janitor cupboards and asked if i could do a d100 janitor closet supplies to spice things up

Island of purple putrescence will be interesting with lot

ive been recommended to try dnd5 to get more players again

LOTFP only "modern" rule set that interests me really

Swapping goblins with halflings is more and more appealing in my game

Janitor Stuff
My players in ASE kept freaking out about the empty store rooms feeling like janitor rooms and I realized janitors cover a pretty huge range of possible modern and near futuristic play so I joked about doing a table. Chad on my post about it started off a list of twenty which was the germ of this. Now im thinking of a secret society of janitors and their dungeons. Janitor quest? A dungeon janitor class who at 9th level gets a creepy boiler room and can invade your dreams?

Most are locked

Small locker has one common object (odd might be 50% or 1in6 in looted areas)
large locker has d3 common objects and a d4-1 from janitor supply table
Store cupboard has d4 items from janitor supply table
Store room has d3 common and d6 items from janitor supply table
Janitor station - central; supply and meeting area has a d3 store rooms and 2d6 lockers

d12 common locker items
1 d4 pens
2 a magazine or newspaper
3 1d6 forms, filders and clipboards
5 4d6 rolls of toilet paper
6 A personal music device
7 Cigarettes 1=one 2=d6 3=pack 4=carton and a lighter
8 Hygiene items, male or female
9 Phone, camera or electronic game
10 Longlife snack 1=softdrink 2=gum 3=doughnut 4=chips
11 Uniform or a set of casual clothes
12 Backpack or handbag or purse or wallet

d10 quick supply item class
1 Cleaning Supplies - basic items
2 Cleaning chemicals - poison and or flamable
3 Tools - common items
4 Powered appliances - require batterey or plug
5 Gardening stuff - for outdoors or indoor plants
6 Packing and sending - for moving stuff
7 Emergency stores - crisis supply
8 Clothing and protective wear
9 Personal stash - janitors stuff
10 Vice - bad janitor stuff

d100 Janitor Supply table
Thanks for starting me off with 20 entries Chad! Actually Chad wrote interesting deadly horrible mechanics for some. Perhaps could later do magic or ultra tech versions or strange things complex store room.
1. Mop and bucket
2. Broom
3 Sponges of assorted colors, cleanliness and sizes
5 Rags for washing, cleaning and emergency plumbing
6 Feather duster
7 Box of rubber gloves
8 Scrub brush
9 Roll of cleaning towels
10. Brush and dustpan
11 Bottle of floor cleaner
12 Box of 1d12 bars of Soap
13 Bottle of Solvent for cleaning off graffiti
14 Grease (for creaking hinges and wheels) 1in6 spray on lube
15 Wood finish for vip desks and furniture
16 Rat Poison and traps
17 Cockroach baits and poison spray
18 Spray cleaner (often specialized to a surface like glass, plastic, vynal)
19 Hand wash refill bottle
20 Spray sanitizer
21 Hammer and nails
22 wrench, nuts and some old pipes
23 Plumbers helper
24 Screwdriver set and box of screws
25 Tool belt or tool kit
26 Carpet or lino cutting knife
27 Box cutter
28 Cable ties
29 Tape d4 1=masking tape 2=plumbers tape 3=non slip tape 4=warning tape
30 Tape measure
31 Vacuum cleaner
32 Floor polisher
33 Steam cleaner
34 Electric drill
35 Circular saw
35 Jigsaw cutter
36 Broken hand dryer
37 Paint spray gun
38 Poison gas spray gun (for bugs)
39  Light bulbs
40 Broken switches, printers, fittings, odd cables
41 Gardening trowel
41 Pots for plants
42 Potting mix
43 Plant grow formula
44 Spade or Rake, tiny if indoors
45 Pruning shears
46 Insect and snail bait
47 Fungicide 1in6 spray
48 Watering can
49  Fake pot plants or flowers
50 Aquarium ph test kit with fish food
51 Flat packed boxes or 1in6 paintings and block mounted motivational posters
52 Ladder 1in6 or multi shapable scffold system
53 Wheelbarrow or cart or trolley
54 Tea trolley with tea and snacks
55 Coils of 10ft of rope 1in6 chains
56 Vending machine for d4 1=beverage 2=snacks 3=hot meals 4=ammo
57 Micro buggy 1=hauler 2=floor cleaner 3=graffiti removal 4=micro recycler bin
58 Sacks or stacks of 1=garbage 2=recycled pellets of stuff 3=clothing 4=papers
59 Crowbar or 1in6 bolt cutters
60 Robot d4 1=cleaner drone 2=courier drone 3=maintinance drone 4=sexbot
58 Small fridge or 1in6 a combination lock safe
59 Stacks of drums or polygon cargo pods
60 Stacks of plastic cargo tubs on wheeled pallets
61 First aid kit
62 Bullhorn cap and fire warden cap and 1in6 of fire axe
63 Weapon d4 1=flaregun 2=light carbine 3=bat 4=truncheon
64 Emergency radio
65 Fire extinguisher
66 Flash light (also a good batton)
67 Fire or high pressure hose
68 Eyewash station
69 Fire blanket 1in6 a bomb blanket
70 Emergency Defibrillator 1in6 work
71 Dust masks
72 Safety goggles
73 Gas mask
74 Industrial thick elbow length gloves
75 Thick rubber boots
76 Emergency air mask
77 Rubber apron
78 ABC suit atomic-biological-chemical proof
79 Radiation badges in lead foil bags
80 Saftey, political and motivational posters or stickers
81 Lunchbox
82 Photos of family
83 Pinups of celebrities
84 Patriotic shrine
85 Religious shrine
86 Saucy trucker hat, apron or coffee cup
87 Beverage 1=thermos of coffee 2=soda can 3=instant soup 4=beer can
88 Huge tub of past use by body builder supplement 1in6 with steroids
89 Comic book
90 Snackfood item and lots of empty packets
91 Lockpick set (in the event of lost keys)
92 Porno mags
93 Bottle of spirits
94 Creepy vids or photos taken by peeping tom
95 Black book of phone numbers rated by love hearts
96 Huge collection of stolen underwear
97 Narcotics d4 1=heroin kit 2=bong 3=crack pipe 4=speed kit
98 Envelope containing cash and blackmail photos
99 Locked box of smelly old sex toys
100 Carefully wrapped up human body parts


  1. I'm surprised you didn't put an ASE tag on this

    1. i wish blogger has better tag editor - i have too many tags going and could spend hours cleaning up mine

      ASE makes makes my top 10 products and will inspire more stuff in play


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