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Common magic and mortal mods for weapons

So ive been commuting interstate for work, working 13-16 hour days sometimes 3 diferentt employers and ive just finished painting a private studio for well to do kids. Possibly will have money for my own home again soon. Been doing graphic design for accommodation too including a medical marijuana org, a game con and a game web tv series and was interviewed for a art doco. I hope to get time to look for work in my new home state instead of being their only one and a half days a week. Comuting getting me a bit dark and have been mis charged 3 tickets for a hundred extra this week which makes it tough to get ahead.

Planet Psychon getting attention again and inspiring me again. Committed to running for about 6 more weeks. Will have online game running and hopefully get into Canberra club scene - three clubs and 2 cons to get in on.All night club with breakfast cook sounds good.

Mo Magic Stuff
Rather than have just a skill or spell to make items, I have lots of spell to be cast with a ritual or a specific spell for every enchantment is interesting and keeps wizards on top of enchanting tree. Could be broad like enchant armor, enchant shield, enchant boots. Or specific like enchant bracers of defense.

But i'll run out of spell slots or max out my posible spelld known from INT!
How bout you can read from book or scroll and not fill slot in your head if used as a ritual from a written source. Or treat all enchant spells as one for these mechanic barriers. Each has diferent components.

Im gonna make lists like these for lots of items. Im enjoying these and will do more

These d10s will be mos common magic and mods but might do as d12 later or next book

Caster plus effect based on level
1-4 +1
5-8 +2
9-12 +3
13-16 +4
17-18 +5

d10 Common Weapon Modifications
1 Reinforced +2 saves from damage
2 Quality - (roll o1 craft) +1 hit
3 Light - weighs lightermoves easier than normal
4 Hook - can entangle person or weapon
5 Spike  -1 to oponants AC
6 Throwing - no penalty to throw yards in STR
7 Heavy - 2 minimum damage dice instead of 1
8 Hand guard - weapon can be used as a buckler instead of weapon
9 Silvered or cold iron weapon harm some foes
10 Poison Well - keep a charge of venom in handle

d10 Common Minor Weapon Enchantments 3rd level version of enchant

1 Weapon Enchantment can harm creatures immune to non magic weapons
2 Reducing enchantment double normal plus but loses a plus each use till non magical
3 +hit as per superior enchantment +1 better not cumulative  with superior weapon
4 +damage only as per superior enchantment, not cumulative with superior weapon
5 Light gets 1' of light per makers lv, 9th can grow and shrink light or turn on off
6 Nemesis vs specific species or race doubles + from other enchantments vs target species
7 cursed will curse user or make them have penalty or other strange effect if not permitted user
8 Conditional only certain type or alignment or race can use as a security device
9 Superior weapon +1-5 hit and damage
10 One use only but can make multiple weapons 1/lv and used for making ammo mostly

If you don't have enchant weapon but a enchant for a plus of some kind only the plus harms the being not the basic metal or wood of item. Weapon Enchant also increases material strength to that of quality steel and can injure beings immune to non magical weapons or normally vulnerable to silver or iron

d10 Rare Major Weapon Enchantments 6th level version of enchant
1 Detect item/substance/species/enemies pick one per plus
2 Sentient weapon has a d6 of INT WIS CHA per + on level chart
3 Slayer on a +1= on hit roll 20 victim loses limb, increase dice range with +, by +3 is vorpral head cutter
4 Wounding +1 = point of blood loss per round for 10 minutes
5 Vampire half inflicted damage heals weilder and makes them crave life force
6 Elemental  +d3 damage - venom, spark, acid, ignite, chill or elemental fx
7 Spell charges each plus is a number of spell levels and charges per day. Eg +3 = 3x3rd lv spell if had or 3x3 different 1st level spells per day
8 Alignment bound makes advanced powers work only for set alignment and is monitored by planar powers who will send advice and missions, can detect opposite alignment if you are the right one for weapon
9 Absorb levels of incoming spell per day equal to plus
10 Can detect weak planar barriers and cut through them one per month per +

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