Monday, 5 January 2015

Exile Island Unveiled

When I started the campaign map mot of the island was unexplored and a mystery but after three years of play the unknown lands are a bit more explored. The elves are at peace with humans, the dwarfs are coming down from the mountains (mostly to get revenge). While hobbits and humanoids are everywhere near humans.

Plan to start next band further north in barbarian country surrounded by monsters.

Lots of potential for my Abhuman class which can include beast men, elemental men, orcs or barbarians. Possibility of seeing the western lands.

Some thoughts of a bigger epic fantasy world with lots of kingdoms each persecuted by a different evil god or demon. I did this onec with RQ and have all the maps from that (three nice old maps i could use - will scan and post later).

As for expanding the Island setting this is a much needed project and will let me be fairly creative.

As far as a setting for epic campaign I could use one of my old RQ settings and even use RQ as everything ready to use. Or I could expand the Exile Island setting and explore rest of the world. Reasons I got into oldshcool DnD again is that it is easy to play with system, add content and lots of fan made free content out there. Old DnD has very simple record keeping and lots of shorthand in the form of monsters and items people know.

Outside other Island I have mentioned a great southern continent ruled by a mad young emperor. A great eastern land currently overwhelmed by a drug cult. And thats about it. I have been using Babylonian cults but will change as im also running a babylon game. They made a good short stop for a generic fantasy but something more specifically tailored to setting or recycle one of my old campagn pantheons. My taste in mythology is a lot more complex than it was ten or twenty years ago.

The Empire follow a heavenly pantheon of sun star and sky gods. The Barony is more open but with devil and some demon and elemental worship being pretty common. Beast, plant and nature spirits are popular too. Ancestor worship is very common too.


  1. "Reptillin Lads"...probably a typo but it has a certain something to it.

    1. Reptilian Lads sounds like a gang in the city

    2. i had a cockney friend who's mistakes were poetic genius at times and he had no idea


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