Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A few more maps...

So a blogosphere scandal of stolen blog content has begun raging. I can understand posting contents and tables but campaign reports? Im hoping they are just naive and not trying to acquire content for some strange purpose like getting a job in the industry. Really all you need to do is put a name and a link. On the other hand here is someone using my maps in a way i find flattering and they attribute me. Also they have gloranthanized it which is awesome.

I will produce a Exile Island Book and a City book one day.

I made some really good progress on two indesign projects for RED BRICK BOOK and my EMO house rules

So as ppl using these maps here are some more a bit naked for you to play with and a revised one with reptilian lands instead of reptilian lads which will be a streetgang in shadelport.

Also more of my art game maps and stuff here


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