Saturday 1 December 2012

Cards and Hero points in FRP

The amazing Jeff Dee on old school gamers FB group,  proclaimed his dislike for point systems to help survive (to be fair he said it made senses in starwars).

I used a booster card set - which is funny because i hate what some card games have done to industry, Games with actual speculative trading and gambling for profit pisses me off too (one of my buddies lived off magic). But my welsh-estonian-adelaidian upbringing probably made me that way or something.

TORG was inspirational and probably being a dr Dr Who fan as well. TORG was to me unplayable but had some of the last rpg books i kept for a while - tharkoldu and space gods, all the realm books were great. My RQ game had only divine magic for about 4 years probably my best game. I used this card system to help players pull a few heroic miracles. My BRP game in space did this too. Some of most memorable moments. Marvel had karma too but that's another story.

I normally dont like cards. casinos, either but for my deck i used a standard deck of playing cards cos they are cheap and so am i. And some odd notes for my old RQ world.

RPG Booster Cards  Christopher Tamm (1996)
CARD       Clubs                 Hearts            Spades           Diamonds
10 - 7        Fleshwound      Parley             Second Try    Treasure  
                  1d4 dam only    Talk                Re-roll            Cash bonus  
 6 - 4         Mighty Blow     Friend             Success           Equipment
                  +6 dam mod      Ally                Auto                Useful find
 3 - 2         Surprise!            Monologue     Special            Transport
                   0 Strike Rank    Speech           Auto                Travel opportunity  
 ACE          Trick Shot         Rally             Critical            Passage
                   Perfect shot      Call Ally         Auto                 Move freely  
                   special move     followers                                 without obstacle
JACK         Nemesis            Intrigue           Support            Card Theif
                   Foil an enemy   Aids plots       Give  ally         Swap cards with others
                   escape               and schemes   auto success     hands or discard deck
Queen         Champion         Romance         Rescue            Artifact
                    Ignore one        Overcomes      Help arrives    Obtain a valuable
                    attack                with love         help problem   or unique object
King            Martyr               Glory              Mastery            Illumination
                    Defeat foe        Gain glory      Gives bonus to  Find an answer
                    die in attempt   for a deed       improvements   to a mystery

Joker- Saved From Death Miraculously avoid death from any source by an amazing feat. Goes great with king of clubs.

heroes and villains can hold up to 3 cards and may draw one per session to replace a spent card or swap with your least favorite in hand

important flunkies and npcs can hold up to one card

an arch villain may lend his cards to important subordinates

I would consider doing a DnD version and make cards held = Wis Bonus

DnD has different issues - but this could be better than healing and huge HP scores

Some other fragments

Spoken Languages                  Written Languages
Dutanian (Low Common)       Dutanian  (Common)
Volnir (North)                          Runes (Used by Vikings)
Thulian (Lost land)                  Agonian (Used by East Church)
Agonian (East)                         Lamnutainian (Used by West Church)
Permian (Far north)                  Kurtian (Used by Infidel)

1RQ penny = 1 piece of silver = 10 pieces of copper =1/40th a piece of gold
1gp=40sp=400cp    500 coins = 1kg mass

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