Friday 28 December 2012

The Long Stairs – tools and weapons

sorry not getting up but no net where Im staying
have written descriptions of dungeon zones for next few posts in a day or two

uploading this one for players in game now

More Long Stairs – Underneath Down Under. Went quite well 3 of my longest gaming companions Richard, John and Michael. Each made a specialist and a soldier for the first game. 0 level DnD with automatic weapons, grenades and gun Drones.

After training party went through various landings before reaching 3rd landing and their first cakewalk. Sent to repair some cables and see an operational forward guard post they camped with 2 other squads at a Junction near a cyclopean zone and a redbrick dungeon complex. They watched a squad enter the red brick and relaxed to clean equipment and talk to the dungeon vets. Orcs attacked and killed their guards, and grenaides killed 3 men and injured 2 more in the machine gun nest. While 20 orcs charged with melee weapons, a hundred and twenty bullets cleaned them up. The re secured the perimeter with claymores and cleaned up the wounded - one just saved needing evac and another battered but walking. Michael's Iman and medic patched them up. A drone detected a growing band of 40 more orcs chanting and calling more of their foul kind.

A bomb heli drone killed many orc working themselves into a frenzy and 30 more charged the camp. Mostly mowed down in 2 rounds of heavy fire. Zulu dawn came to mind.

The redbrick dungeon door bell sounded and a battered lone trooper came out. Men questioned him and the Iman-medic was suspicious of the wounds. Chandra the drone pilot started asking the man personal questions. He flipped and turned to his true doppelganger form and attacked to be shot unconscious and locked in a trunk. Support was coming in but the two sergeants agreed a search for the missing squad was needed.

They found the remains of a Russian gangster treasure hunter booby-trapped with a grenade and hand spun hair string trip-line. They took his papers and a few kilos of loot, then began looking for the missing men. They met 4 hobbit who traded sandwiches for gold coins but couldn't really speak English. Every door was feindishly trapped and they found two more bodies, one hanging from ceiling in a bear trap. They recovered what they could and had a rush of kobolds. The tracker tried to drop a grenade ahead of them and got knocked out by a club as he pulled the pin. The blast killed him and most of the kobolds and the others were met by shotgun blasts.

They found some gold, and a magic salt and pepper shaker and a magic paint set. The tracker found what he thought was a pendant from a long lost auntie but he only lived five minutes after. Three troops were found in a room with an idol and a building up supply of flamable gas. As they carried out the men the last was singed by a trap activated singe but survived. They made it back with the three unconscious men and were praised for surviving, rescuing men and quick thinking. Aproval from the sarge got them friendlier treatment at the base.

So the Iman-medic became a Cleric, the drone operator a sorcerer, the trap finding soldier became a rogue and the rest were warriors. Next they went exploring a Cyclopean zone, prehistoric ruins with forest, various reptilians and alien ruins. They encountered various ruin and avoided crocodiles, piranha, some kobolds. A great white carnivorous ape tried to grab Chandra and got sliced in half buy gun fire but it was pretty close. They awoke a hibernating yithian who advised the to leave the basalt plugs in the earth alone and requested he get back to his nap with another 2 million years to go. They found a mummified sleestack, some purple worm eggs, a deranged senile Nazi in the wreck of a flying saucer, saw a raptor and several shambling flesh horrors get eaten by crocodiles. Turns out they were coming through a broken teleporter. They avoided a shambling horror and saved two stupid mute eloi from some morlocks and found some broken technology and took some gold polyhedrons from a sleestack ruined lab. Overburdened with additional persons they returned to base. Th nazi didn't exist on any paper no surprise but the eloi were basically slightly modified humans and have been housed at second landing and now help the menagerie staff. Care is taken to protect them from exploitation which they seem vulnerable too.

Basicly a fun new start to a DnD game with outrageous fire power. I look forward to them taking a longer trek and possibly running out of ammo and drones. There was a good sense that the orcs and kobolds only were just stopped so it remained exiting. Once they reached 1st level they chilled a bit and were a little more confidant. One specialized in machete. The rogue under my version of the class benefited with abilities the most which worked well. Another game next saturday.

Operation Rainbow Serpent
The entire “downstairs” theatre of operations and it’s control apparatus and military and administrative personnel are included in this project. Including Lucas Heights (Back up entry and labs), Maralinga (the Botany Bay gate), Woomera (Quarantine, R&D and Labs) with some links to the US Pine Gap Bases (personnel will travel through here to US gate operations).

Opened in the 50s with Maralinga Tests, there is a long history of cooperating with UK and USA. The surface is a secluded military airbase. The subterranean hanger enters into a first stage base which includes fake downstairs simulation arena for training and testing. Many personal here never go deeper. A train line connects all stations. Each is fortified with remote activated minefields, electric razor wire and drone weapons. There are two lines for personal and one heavy freight line. Up to 400 personnel are based here.

Second stage is technically down stairs and is a site for storage and study of xeno fauna, xeno artifacts and xeno methodology. It includes what is basically a motel complex with swimming pool, gymnasium, and recreational facilities for personal needing R&R from the third stage. There is also a hospital with facilities for front line combat injury, mental health treatment and a long term recovery section for classified ailments. Up to 600 personnel are based here.
The third stage is front line and combat ready. It has a secure vault style door with a secure kill zone surrounding it. From here troops are stationed on rotation and go on missions into the zones. An armoury, field hospital, basic labs and xenofauna containment building are the main feature. Up to 300 personnel are based here.

Teams From 3rd Stage
Recon Teams – Explore new territories and perimeter or downstairs territory
Forward Patrols – Patrol territories, especially near mining and survey zones
Survey Teams – Make accurate maps, document interesting locations
Science Teams – Teams of scientists study biological and geological sites
Contact Teams – Study and contact non-human species

Combat Team

Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal
6 infantrymen
one specialist (sniper, demolitions, hand to hand, medic)
Exploration Team
Sergeant, 4 infantrymen
4 mission specialists (biologist, archaeologist)
1 Lead Mission Specialist

4kg 4 days food
4kg 2 weeks preserved rations
4kg Water canteen, plus filter and water purity tabs
8kg Sleeping bag, groundsheet and tent
1kg First Aid Kit
1kg Long life flash light/lamp – can be used as baton
.5 Long life flash light weapon mount
10 glow sticks
4 Flares
Hand cuffs and 10 cable ties
1kg 3m Rope
.5kg Survival knife with compass, saw, fish line and hook
.5 Maps and signals book
1kg Machete
.5kg PDA – personal data accessory – military iphone
1.5 Helmet, radio Headset, helmet cam
9mm 20 shot automatic pistol
2kg Combat Helm with camera and headset jacks +1AC
Holy water and silver dagger often issued)

Other Stuff often supplied
12kg 18m rope, grappling hook, pitons, hammer, loops, climbing stuff in bag
5kg Grappling line gun
4kg Camp Stove
4kg Trade kit – beads, razors, candy, shiny things
1kg Low light goggles
6kg Field Surgeon Bag
1kg Gas mask
12kg Inflatable raft, 4 man tight fit with 2 paddles
1kg Digital SLR optional _1kg lens kit
12kg Battering ram for 2 or 3 users
4kg Breaching tool or fire axe
1kg Hatchet
2kg Crash suit
4kg Armoured Vest (arrow and knife resistant) AC+2
6kg Chain Shirt AC+3
8kg Breaching Armour +4 - bullet resistant Move -25%
12kg Chain Suit AC+5 Move -25%
14kg Polycarbonate partial plate +6 Move -25%
17kg Reinforced Breaching armour AC+7 Move -50%
20kg Polycarbonate plate armour AC+8 Move -50%

Weapons (most fire 2 per round or 2 bursts of 3 pistol 10 Rifle or 20 SMG)
most fire 2 per round or 2 bursts of 3 or 10 or 20
Many pistols have 3 shot bursts
Most combat rifles and shotguns can fire 3 or 10 shot bursts
All SMGs and some pistols may select 3 or 20 shot bursts

Flamers can effect most targets in range in a cone of effect, more than 4 or more points of damage you are on fire in one location for 1d4 damage for 1d6 rounds (one limb or body part), 10 or more damage 1d6 extra fire damage for 1d10 rounds (whole body). Hand or personnel flamers have a 20 degree cone, flame thrower has 30 degree cone, one shot lasts one round. Flammables in area of effect combust and its possible to consume oxygen in a bunker. Once on target on fire you can shoot gel without igniting into fire for +2 if just a limb zize fire and +4 if whole body on fire.  Smoke will reduce visibility. Enemies recognizing a flamer will target the user.
Short range – hit one target, standard hit
Medium range – hit 1d3 targets, +1 to hit one target, +2 if on fire
Long range – hit 1d6 targets, +2 to hit one target, +4 if on fire

2kg 9mm Pistol 20 shots 2d4 20Y (3 shot burst and non-burst models)
2kg .45 Magnum 6 shots revolver 7 shots automatic 3d4 20Y no burst
4kg 5.56 SMG 100 shot drum 1d6 40Y (uses rifle round)
3kg 9mm SMG 40 shots 2d4 30Y
3kg .45 SMG SMG 40 shots 3d4 20Y
4kg 5.56 Assault Rifle 40 shots 1d6 100Y
4kg 7.62mm Assault Rifle 40 shots 2d6 120Y
8kg 5.56mm Light Machine Gun 120 round drum 1d6 100Y
12kg 7.62 Machine gun 120 round drum or belt fed 2d6 150Y
20kg 5.56mm Minigun backpack 6 bursts of 10 per round 1000 shot drum 1d6 75Y
4kg 12 Gauge pump action shotgun 5 shots 3d6/2d6/1d6 10Y
5kg 12 Gauge assault shotgun 20 shots 3d6/2d6/1d6 10Y
1kg Grenade Launcher rifle Accessory 50Y
6kg Grenade Launcher 6 shots, lowlite scope, airburst 100Y
4kg 4.5mm caseless Sniper Rifle, lowlite scope, 50 shots, burst mode, 1d6, 150Y
4kg 303 Sniper Rifle, lowlite scope, 10 shots, no burst, 2d6, 200Y
12kg .50 Sniper Rifle, lowlite scope, 6 shots, no burst 3d6, 500Y
4kg X-Bow – with sight and 10 shot magazine and , lowlite scope 1d8+1 60Y
2kg 30mm Flare Pistol one shot, some use shotgun ammo 10Y
.5kg Dagger 1d4
1kg Machete 1d6
1kg Baton 1d6
2kg Hand Flamer 2d6 I shot or 5 shot 5kg belt pack  10Y
6kg Personal Flamer 2d6 6 shots or +5 shots with 5kg belt pack or +20 shot 20kg backpack 20Y
20kg Flame Thrower 3d6 cone fx, 7 shots backpack, 30Y

Ammo (issued and explained on need to know basis)
Silver – harm were beast, some undead, devils, also in daggers, knives and knuckle dusters
Cold Iron – harm some undead, demons, elves, also in daggers, knives and knuckle dusters
AP armour Piercing - +4 vs armour, ½ damage
API – armour piercing incendiary +4 vs armour, ½ damage and ignite flammables
Hollow point - +1 damage -1 hit vs armour
Explosive - +2 damage -2 hit vs armour
HEAP - +2 hit vs armour
Blessed Rounds – xeno methodology enhanced
Holy Water gel rounds
Wooden rounds – harm some beings like vampires, rowan or oak
Orichalcum – Double max damage, ruins gun with one shot, 1 round per recon patrol

.5kg Fragmentation Grenade - 5d6, 3m radius
.5kg Silver Fragmentation Grenade
.5kg Smoke Grenade 5m radius
.5kg Holy Water Gel Grenade 3m radius
.5kg Incendiary Grenade - 3d6 +1d6 for next 1d6 rounds, 3m radius
.5kg Stun Grenades 3m radius Con Save, success within 2 pts makes you deaf 1d6hrs
.5kg UV Flash Grenades 3m radius Dex Save or blinded, success within 2 pts -2 to hit 1d6hrs
.5kg Tear Gas 5m radius Con save or wretching in area +1 round, blinded and need to escape radius
2kg Claymore charges (Directional blast, trip line) 5d6
1kg Door Breach Charges 3d6
4kg Satchel Pack A (Small stone bridge or shack) 6d6
12kg Satchel Pack B (Small tower, castle wall) 12d6
40kg Satchel Pack C (Medium building, small keep) 20d6
2kg Thermite Charge 4d6 burn damages armour + 1d6 for 1d6 rounds
4kg LAW 6d6 one shot rocket or 12kg for a 4 shot or 6kg for reloadable shoulder version
8kg High Explosive Rocket 12d6 shoulder fired, laser guided electronic thermal targeting +4

4kg Remote Control Kit with repair kit
6kg Remote spy blimp can remain aloft 24 hours or longer
2 or 4kg Drone plane kit small good for big caverns 1hr, larger can fly 2 hours
1kg Remote spy copter
1kg Remote Spy car
.2kg Remote sensor, programmable, thermal detection, alarm setting, recorder
4kg Remote wheeled mine drone 6d6
2kg Remote copter grenadier drone 5d6
16kg Remote Gun drone – Light MG  120 round drum and 6shot grenade launcher
30kg Remote Minigun drone – 6 bursts or 10 per round 1000 shot drum light rifle round

Unauthorized goods
Personal ID or effects like photographs of loved ones
Computer games, mobile phones, personal camera
Unauthorized weapons
Tobacco products, recreational drugs, alcohol, pornography or sexual devices
Making personal caches of xeno relics or items of value will be charged
Personnel are provided birth control implants while in service
Some personal property is acceptable in camp

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