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EMO DnD Classes pt 6: Druid

Druids have a fun spell list and I probably changed them more than any list. I allow evil druids and have mentioned I have some funny alignments. Probably a fairly heavy alterations the class. Possibly add a sea druid and a cave druid but need to think more about them.

Priests of nature, elemental powers and the cosmic balance

HD: 1d8
Prime Stat: Wis
WP: 2 (+1/3rd Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/Lv)
No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 2d6 (+1/lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: Druid
NWP: Warrior, Priest
Shield: Buckler or small or medium wooden
Armour: Light
Staff, Sling, Dart, Dagger, Club, Knife, Hatchet, Hand axe, Any Spear, Short Sword, Javelin, Bolo, Net, Trident, Khopesh, Sabre, Whip, Sabre, Rock, Sickle, Scythe, Lasso, Blowpipe
Fight as: Priest
Save as: Priest

Druids are related to priests but have their own spells and some differences with amour and weapons. Druids deal with nature and the common folk who follow the old religion of megalith builders and beast cults. most follow the middle way and serving the balance or are just neutral. Druids use warrior and priest proficiencies, often specializing in a terrain type or beast species. Druids frequently have maximum animal followers with charisma or spells. Druids of separate sects or with disputes often battle ritual duels. Druids have different weapons and their spells are more useful for attacking.
 -Spell casting from druid spells, must prey for 8 hrs to recover, learn prayers from knotted cords, marks on bones, tree bark books
-Many druid spells reversible* but you must learn separately, tend to be more for evil and invent an evil name for them.
-At 4th a 1st lv warrior, druid or bard or animal is sent to serve you, animals may have HD up to Druids
-Build a shrine at 5th +1d6 followers, a temple at 10th +2d6 followers and a monument at 20th +4d6 followers
-At 6th lv you attract another follower and each lv after

 Specialist Druid Schools

The Old Way Druids (Priests of nature) Green Robes any balanced or nuetral
Preservers of nature and the balance of living harmony between alignments and the elements in peace
Follow gods of nature, elementals, spirits and sylvan entities
Short Spear, Sickle
Plant Lore, Animal lore, Nature Lore, Herbalist
3rd Lv no terrain penalties
6th Lv Tree form one change per lv per day
9th Lv Treant form one change per lv per day
14th Lv may hibernate at will for years in form of an ancient oak tree
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to the wood between worlds

The servants of the balance (Priests of the balance) Piebald Robes BM BN
Actively intervene with natural powers in any swerving of alignment forces, all must be kept in the balance or else
Wear patchwork, shabby robes and clothing, prefer piebald and brindle beasts as friends
Staff, Sling
Balance Lore, Chaos Lore, Law Lore, Legal Lore
3rd Lv Immune to curses
6th Lv Alignment detection always detects as own kind or detect nothing - druids choice
9th Lv calm 1d6 HD/Lv as priest power vs angry or violent people
14th Lv may call a hero from another world of equal Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to parallel universe

Blood Druids (frenzied killers) Red Robes CE, BE, NE, NN, NM
These Druids practice blood magic, collect severed heads, ritualize cannibalism and bring slaughter to outsiders
The earth needs blood, blood is power, avenge nature – use blood as holy symbol
Sickle, Dart
Sacrifice, Ritual, Torture, First Aid
3rd Lv drink blood to heal self 1d3+1/lv once per battle
6th Lv Blood charm - can track anyone whose blood you have tasted across the world
9th Lv Sacrificial HD in ritual to call a blood elemental 1HD/lv daily, lasts 1T/lv
14th Lv may become living pool of animated blood
18th Lv may cast a Slay spell which explodes a foes heart and causes fear in all who see

Black Druids (Chthonic Necromancers) Black Robes BN BE, NN, NM, NE Serve Crom Cruach the twisted lord of death
These cultists dwell in sour lands and grave sites surrounding themselves with trappings of the underworld. They proliferate undead monsters and tend black haunted forests. They guard the underworlds from mortals and breed monsters.
Scythe, sling
Monster Lore, Undead Lore, Trap Lore,
3rd Lv Immune to leval drain powers
6th Lv Immune to death and paralysis
9th Lv undead command 1d6 HD/Lv as evil priest holy power
14th Lv may feign death at will
18th Lv may plane shift to underworld per Lv per day

White Druids (Sylvan) White Robes BN NG NN NM BG CG CN
These druids aid the faerie world and the good spirits of nature to develop harmony and serve the principles of life. Keeping humans and fey at a proper distance they interact with non human intelligent beings.
Staff, sickle
Herbalist, Sylvan Lore, Healing, First Aid
3rd Lv Immune to Sylvan charm powers
6th Lv Faerie food - elven life span gained
9th Lv Sylvan turning 1d6 HD/Lv as priest power vs elves, unicorns, treeants, etc
14th Lv Sylvan summoning 1 HD/Lv elves, unicorns, treeants, etc
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to faerie worlds

Elemental Druid Any (Air-Yellow, Earth-brown, Fire-orange or Water-Blue) NN BN NM BN NG NE LN CN LN
Serve elemental lords either singly or dedicate yourself to keeping the elemental balance
Keep elemental beings and humans in their place.
Staff, Sling
Elemental lore, (earth, air, fire or water) Lore,
3rd Lv +1 all saves
6th Lv +2 all saves
9th Lv elemental turning 1d6 HD/Lv as priest power
14th Lv elemental summoning 1HD/Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to elemental planes

Plague Lords (Famine and disease spreaders) Grey Robes BN BE, NN, NM, NE, CE, CN Balor

Man must be punished and culled by disease and pestilence, priests develop mutations
Suffering is natures punishment for resisting natural way, teach the world this truth.
Flail, Sling
Herbalist, Torture, Intimidate, Plague Lore
3rd Lv Immune to disease
6th Lv Carry disease - one touch per day per Lv
9th Lv plague lord - gain 1d4 mutations and 1d4 cosmetic mutations
14th Lv release a great contagion 100 people per Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to demiplanes of slime and disease

Beast Cults (Various species) Beast Mask Cults NN BN NM BN NG NE LN CN LN
Choose a sacred beast to emulate, often use un armed combat
Each beast ancestor has different skills to teach
Brawling, Sabre
Animal Lore, Animal Training, Animal Mimic, Hunting
3rd Lv beast head, +1 1d6 bite att, one change per lv per day
6th Lv beast form one change per lv per day 1d8/1d6/1d6 attack
9th Lv beast form change also heals as cure light wounds.
14th Lv call beast lord 1HD/Lv
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to beast realms

+1 per 1gp spent on cult enhancing symbols, monuments, natural relics, attracting new species, ritual implements, restoring wild areas, huge ritual processions, sacrifices to elements, defending common and wild folk, feasts
+100/lv casting spells to win
+100 XP for visiting Places of holy to the faith.
Double XP for destroying enemies of nature or principle foes of the cult or another Druid

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